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The harsh truth

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thats it. Wee Gees had enough and hes outta there...

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"Mikey, Ray please just stop"
"NO FUCK OFF!" Mikey screamed and it nearly made me cry

Ray turned around and gave me a shrug of the shoulders. I could just faintly hear Mikey rustling about in the bus.
"I'll go see what hes on about" Gee said as he let go of my hand.
I just stood by the bus with Ray felling like a complete and utter idiot
"MIKEY STOP BEING A FUCKING CUNT" I could hear Gerard scream at his baby brother

Mikey walked off our bus with his bag in his hands and began to walk off.

"Mike, Where are you going?" Ray asked him
"Away Ray. I'm going away"
"Mikey please where are you going. you can't go anywhere."
"you know what Frank, FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING GAY. I HATE YOU" I felt tears roll down my face and found my self hypervenolating
Then the tears where just constaint. I couldn't stop them and believe me I was trying.

I turned to the bus and ran onto it. I got to my bunk and buried my face into my pillows crying and sobbing away.
It was all my fault. I had RUIENED and KILLED My Chemical Romance.
The thing that Gerard held onto when I wasn't there with him.

I heard someone open the bus door.
I shot up wiped my eyes and sat with my head on my knees and my arms wraped around my legs as if they were Gerard
Someone pulled the curtain back

"Ohh Frankie"
"Im s-s-ssorryyy Geee" I finialy got out.
"No. What for, Honey dont be sorry, Its ok"

He moved his body so I could lean up against him. I placed my head on his shoulder. He had his arm around my waist and his other one on the other side of my head patting down my hair

"But Gee its my fault Mikey left and My fault our band broke up." I said again starting to cry again
"Frank!" Gee said as he took my face in both his hands.
"No, No way" I gazzed into his green eyes. I could feel his thumb tracing my cheek bone From just by my noes all the way to the bottom of my eye
His red hot lips conected with mine again when I kissed him back he slid his tounge into my mouth so I did the same to him. Massaging my tounge with his.

Gerard began to lean forwards so I put my arms around his hips.
He was directly above me right now and he just keept kissing me
Gee pushed my top up so my stomach was showing. I took his hand and locked our fingers together.
Gee kissed my stomach.

"Gee stop, This isn't right"
"What, you love my blow jobs though"
"I know Gee, I love you as well and I don't want Mikey hating you so please we just can't do it."

Gerard let go of my hand and was cuddling up next to me. He put his arm over my waist and looked into my eyes.

"Frankie" he said as he moved my fringe out of my face
"If Mikey can't accept the fact that im in love with this sexy little boy infront of me then I don't want him around us. Because hes stopping us Honey. Not you, Its not your fault"
I beamed at him. "You really mean it?"

I went in and pecked Gerards lips but it wasn't enough. He forced my jaw open with his lips and put his tounge in my mouth.
Gerard had me pulled on top of him
my fringe was on his face but he had his hands tightened around the back of my head so I wasn't going any where.

"uhh guys?" I recognised the voice, It was Ray
"Yea Ray?" I stoped kissing Gerard and reasted my head on his chest

"Mikeys gone home, Back to Jersey"
"WHAT" Gerard screamed so loud I physicly jumped
"Sorry baby" he wispered in my ear I just kissed his cheek

"Brian took him just before, He said bye to us. I don't know what were ment to do tour wise"
"Were gonna have to call it off" I wimpered

"No.. We-we-we cant"
"I know it sucks Gee, But its all we possiably can do I'm really sorry guys"
I looked down to Gerard because I was still lying on him and a tear trickled down my cheek and before it fell off my cheek Gerard wiped it away
I Burried my head in between his neck and his shoulders,
I felt Gerards hand quickly ZOOM up to the back of my head as if I were a little baby and he didn't want to drop me.

"Its Ok Frankie, Please dont cry"

Dam he was good, How did he know?

"But Honey, Every thing we've ever worked for"
"But look what we got out of it"
"The fans? Our ARMY Gerard how do you think they're gonna feel? Hurt, Pain and Maybe even death Gee i couldn't handle that" before long last I was in tears

"Ohh Frankie honey your so cute. We havn't broken up were just on a break right now.
Our Army Frank will march on and the fans will too because thats just the way it has to be"

"Ok honey. I'm so sorry about the stuff I've caused you and Mikey. If I had of knowen thats how it would turn out then I would never have started-"
"Frankie, Don't say stuff like that. I Love you!" He said grabbing hold of my face
"I Love you too my Gee."
"Good" He placed another kiss upon my Lips but nothing as passionate as what it was before.

"So when are we going home Gee?"
"Maybe tonight, Maybe Tomorrow Night"
"and your going home to Mikey?"
"Yea we might sort things out"
"Are you sure? because I mean you can come home with me for a while if you want.
Its just gonna be me and my guitars at home and we would love your company"
"I'll think about it"
"Ok Hon." He pecked my lips just one last time and I layed there in his pure porcelain white arms thinking about what would have happened if I never joined
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