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Jersey just got colder

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Franks dreams are starting to scare the shit out of him.. He's losing Gee....

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"Ohh its Gee, 'Heya Gee. I've missed you" I shouted as I approached him
He just gave me a very disturbed look.
"Baby come here" I said to him
"uhhh Can I help you there sir?"
I lauged "Yeah good one sexy" I said when I went onto hug him
"What are you-" I got slammed onto the ground by 2 huge ass security dudes.
"Get off me you fat motherfuckers"
"Stop moving or we will use Pepper spray"
"What are you on about?" I asked with tears falling down my face
I saw Bob walk off the bus
'"Bob, Hey Bob help me out here"
"Fucking physco, I don't know you. Get lossed"
Why were they acting like they didn't know me? and pretending to hate me? I have not even the slightest idea on whats going on
"Hey Gee" well Bob seemed to Know Gerard and I didn't see him get slammed to the ground
Gerard smiled and walked towards him
"Gerard, come back! I love you" He looked at me as if I was the color black in a rainbow
Gerard wrapped his arms around Bob and kissed him
right then it felt like getting bitten by a Rattle snake and Tarantula at the same time and
dying a slow painfulled death

They both looked at me like they didn't even know of my excistance. Then they hurried off into the bus
"Honey, shhh, its ok. Its ok shhhhh" he said as he dragged his lips over my skin
"Yea Frankie, baby its ok I'm here don't worry"
Gerard put his right arm over my waist, and his head so it was on my neck and resting on my shoulder at the same time.

"Go back to sleep my Frankie"
"No Gee I wanna stay with you"
"Honey, I'm not leaving your side I promise"
"You mean it?"
"more than anything"
"ok then but if your not here when I wake up Gee god help me I don't know what I would do."
"Frankie, I promise you my life I will ALWAYS and I mean always be right by your side"
"Ok baby I believe you"
"good, Now go to sleep"
"You heard me didn't you?" I asked Gerard
"I was sleep talking?"
"yeah Honey you were-"
"What did I say?" It was starting to scare me because I can't control it

"You just screamed my name a few times and told me not to leave and that you love me"
I turned around because I was embarrased.
"Well I ment it, I do love you I NEVER want you to leave me Gee, even when I'm a dead vampire I wanna be with you"

"And I wanna be with you too"
My insides began heating up
"I love you Fankie"
"I love you too Gee" I said breifly smiling because im half asleep,
Gee kissed my lips and I tiredly but luckily had enough energy to kiss his lips back
I rolled back over and Gee went back into the excat position to what he was before I rolled over.

"Yes baby?"
"Sing to me?"

"I Dont wanna lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I dont care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree
I Just want you for my own
More then you could ever know
Make my wish come true,
Frankie... All I want for christmas is youuuuuuuu"

"You can have me I promise" I said in a wisper

I could hear him laugh possiably because he was attached to me and I loved it

"I just want you for my own
more then you could ever know
make my wish come true baby all I want for christmas is you" Me and Gerard both sang to each other

"I Dont want alot for Christmas
This is all im asking for
I Just wanna see my Gerard standing right out side my door" i choked out tiredly

"I love you Gee"
"I Love you too my Frankie" He had said so hottly
I leaned in and gave him the tiniest kiss on the lips

"Good night gorgeous" I wispered in my return to sleep land
"night my Baby"

I felt Gerards head go back on my neck and I slowly started drifting to sleep
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