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And I'll have you know I'm scared to death

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I'm scared to close my eyes because I'm scared to lose Gerard

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I could hear a rustling and it reminded me of Mikey packing his bag to leave.
"Gee a-are you still here?"
"Yeah Hun I'm here"

The rustling stoped and Gee put his arm on my hip but his hand in between my legs.
I Pushed my back up against his stomach. Gee removed his hand from where it was and moved my hair away from my neck.
He kissed my neck all the way untill he got to my mouth.
I knew even if I fought with all my will and power Gerard would still manage to get his tounge in my mouth.
Gee rubbed his Package up my leg as he came closer and closer to my face with a huge smile on his

"look up"
I had no idea what he was on but I looked up. Again he dragged his stone cold lips across my face and down my neck it made me shiver with excitement.
He was at my neck when he moved my black hair from my neck and just held it there. And with Gees other hand he took hold of the other side of my neck
Just next to my Scorpio Gerard started sucking on my flesh like a hungry Vampire

I brung my hand up so it was over the back of his head so he didn't go any where.
He sucked almost as if it were my cock.

"And how do you feel now?"
"I feel like you sucked the fuck out of my neck"
Gee giggled and by god did it turn me on
"Babe, Just for the heads up maybe you should wear a scarf"
"No I wanna show it off, Let the whole world know I'm gay"

Gerard looked deep into my eyes, Like he was searching for my soul.
I could see my reflection in his eyes. I ran my fingers threw Gees fringe
I noticed Gees eyes getting closer and closer to mine and I thought I was on drugs but then he locked his lips in with mine
His legs straddled my waist and his cold hands on eather side of my face.

Gerards tounge ran across my bottom lip before he pushed it a little further into my mouth and as he did that I put my tounge straight over his and into his mouth.
I pulled Gee into a giant beer hug and wraped my little bony arms around Gerards waist.
I have wanted to be with Gerard Way for the last 10 years and I've never wanted to part from him.
But we both know it can't happen

When Gee took his mouth away from mine (I know very sad) He kissed me right by my ear
"Frankie, What are we?"
"I'm un sure baby"
"I want to be with you My Frankie. To hold you on cold winter nights, To cook for you when your sick, To sing to you when your scared"
"I wanna be with you too Gee"
"Whats stopping us then honey?" Gee said as he traced the out line of my ribs on my chest

"Everything Gee, The fans, Your Family, My family"
"Honey like I say, Mikey is not controling our lifes and I wanna be with you and if people don't like it My Frankie then... Well fuck them"

I sat up and smiled at him.
"Are you sure Gee? because, I don't want this ruining our friendship"
"Babe, we both knew this is what it would lead upto"

He gave me that Sexy smile that showed all his perfect teeth and gave me a little peck on the lips

Gerard went to the bottom of the bed and ran his cold hands up the inner of my legs untill he got to my thighs. He kissed them.
I must admit I found that completetly weird but oh well.
His hands grassped the elastic of my boxers and pulled them down.

I arched my back just a little bit and put my hands on locked together at the back of his head.
His perfect mouth fitted just over my dick and Gee began to suck in it.
I let out a moan while still holding onto Gerards head
I could feel my self tensing up
Ohh Gee.

Gerards tounge moved around my dick but at the same time he was still blowing me off
I was finialy stiff and i came in Gees mouth. I heard him swollow and he unwrapped his lips from my dick and I unwrapped my hands from his head
His Head was planted on my thigh and he ran his hand over my beginning to sweat stomach. I pushed down the blankets so Gee could have fresh air

"And How was that Frankie?"
"it was absolutely fucking amazing, Thank you sexy"
"your welcome baby"
I smiled at him and pulled him up by me.
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