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Please don't tell me that I'm dreaming

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So will you be mine?

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"Yea baby?"
"Will you be with me?.... Like be my Boyfriend?"
We were still lying in the bunk and I rolled over so viciously I'm amazed I didn't smack Gee in the face
"Are you serious?!"
"I wouldn't ask you if I wasn't Frankie"
"Fuck yes I will Gerard"
I cut him off with my lips, Gerards lips moved in time with mine

I stoped kissing him
"Ya know Gee? I've been waiting 10 years for you to ask me that"
"Well I wish I knew that 10 years ago. Because, I've been in love with you for 10 years"
"I know you have Gee and so have I. But you might not have started My Chem if we were together"

He gave me a sudden look of happyness
"C'mon lets go find out where were going and have breakfast"

Gee moved out of my bed and I pulled up my boxers and stood up Bob was sitting in the kitchen and I hoped like fuck he didn't hear us
"We're going back to Jersey today"
"how did you find out?"
"Brian told me"
"Ok then." I said...

I sat next to Bob and Gee went into the kitchen

"Do you wanna coffee Honey?"
"Yes please gorgeous"

I saw Bob give me a tiny look from out the corner of my eyes. Then he went back to watching the tv

Gee made his way back to the Table
He sat down next to me and put my coffee in arms rech

he pushed his lips onto mine and made his tounge feel comfortable in my mouth
"What the fuck! We're not on stage" Bob said sounding shocked
"nah Bob. but we're together"
I turned around to see him in shock
"well uhhh, Well done. I'm-I'm happy for you"
He said it but he didn't sound 100% sure about it

"Thanks Bob but can you not tell Mikey, I wanna tell him"
"Yea dude absolutely"

Bob got up and walked to the bunk area and jumped into his bed
I put my hand on Gees thigh and he put his hand ontop of my hand, But put his fingers threw mine
I looked up at him and smiled

"Your Eye liners rubbed all around your eyes"
I giggled
"no, No I'm serious" he said smiling
"You look like Patient"
"God I must be fucking beautiful then"
"oh Fuck yeah you are"
"And so are you my love."

"Bob wheres Toro?"
"UHH HE FLEW BACK HOME LAST NIGHT" Bob was yelling down the hall
"OH OK THEN" Gerard yelled back
Bobs head poped around the corner as we all laughed

Jerry was all of a sudden behind us
"were an hour away from Jersey"
"oh, Ok then Jer"
I smiled at him and went back to my bunk to get my stuff ready

"uhh where are you going?"
"Just to my bed."
"not without me you dont"

Gee did a little ballarina hop skip and jump to where I was
"Very Sexy honey"
"Thanks. I've been praticing" He said with a smile
I gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

"I'm just gonna take all the stuff down off my wall" I said to him
"ok honey"

Gerard turned and walked away. I looked at my wall in amazment Because those were just things I got on this tour and my picture of us back at the Start
that was the thing I took every where with me. and I mean EVERYWHERE

I had everything packed into my bag. and my bag was on my bed with my pillow, Devil and Skeleton next to them
Which Gerard had gotten me for my Birthday last year.

I took my make up bag and went to the bathroom to find Gee there
"Sorry I'll come back"
"its ok Hun, Im just doing my make up"

I walked back into the bathroom and put my bag on the counter.
Gee kissed my cheek.

"We look cute together"
"No honey we look perfect together"
"We are Perfect together" Gee smiled
"Yea" I had to agree with him because thats all there was to do

Gerard kissed my hair
I Washed my face then dried it, Took out my Eyeliner and eyeshadow.
Gee Had the hair straightner on already so I didn't have to worry about that

"are you sure about me coming back to yours Baby?"
"Fuck yea."
"Unless you dont want to or something?"
"No,No I do, I really do"

I turned to him and took him by his waist
"Good because I mean its not like were rushing into things right Babe?"

He pulled me into a hug.
"Yea honey, this is all I've ever wanted and all I've ever dreamed about and that is being with you Frankie"
I smiled up at him.
"I know excatly how you feel Gee."
His lips colided with mine once again. and theres no greater feeling then making out with MY man Gerard Way

"Guys We've just arrived in Jersey"
"Right thanks Bob"
"I'm gonna really miss hanging out with you guys. I mean after spending a whole year together its just not gonna be the same"
"aww Bob are you going soft on us?"
He laughed
"No dude no Way"

Gee laughed
"Anyway Bob you can come visiting with a red cape on and a basket of Muffins and stuff. Cause I'm gonna be at Frankies for a while"
"I might just do that minus the Cape and Baking"
"Good Bob because I'm gonna miss you." I smiled at him
"ohh Frankie I'm gonna miss your Vegetarian-isim if thats a word"

I giggled so much and went to give Bob a hug and hes really not a hug guy

"And Gee I'm gonna miss you coming to talk to me about Frankie, Telling me how much you want him"
I turned around to see Gerard blushing
"Baby you said that."

He smiled going Reder and Reder
I walked over to him and took his Red hot face in my hands and kissed his lips
I felt his arms wrap around my waist

"I told you Frankie, I fucking love you"
"Awww baby.." I said as I pecked his lips
"I fucking Love you too Gee"

"Guys we're at the depot"
"ok Jer, we'll be out in a few minutes"

I Picked up my Make up bag and turned off the straightner and walked back out to my bunk.
Gee wasn't far behind me except he went to his bunk. (Which is opposite mine)

"c'mon Babe lets go home"
it sounded funny Gee saying Home
"Yip lets do it"

Hope ya all like this chapter.. Few more chapters up soon..
Love, Brit xoxo
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