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Home sweet Home?

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We got driven Home and the driver dude took all our stuff inside my home.
I heard his engine roar to life as he drove out the drive way. As soon as I was positive he had left I grabbed Gees hand
"Frankie, Where are we going?"
I shot a smile at him and praticly ran down the hall way
"Oh. I- I see"

Next thing I knew I was being pushed down The hall way. I opened my door.
Gee ramed me threw and shoved me down on the bed.
I was lying on the bed and Gee walked around the side slowly unzipping his jacket. He took it off and dropped it on the floor and then climbed into my

Gerard was ontop of me. Kissing me
"Mmmm Lets go make a smoothy." I smiled
Gee giggled.
"Honey are you serious?"
"What yea"
"I'm tyring to fuck you and in your hot little head your thinking about smoothies?"
"Well yea apparently"
"ok then honey lets go make a smoothy"

Gee got off me and helped me off my bed which was severly weird to lie on compaired to the bunks
He walked infront of me and i put my hands up the back of his top

"Jesus Christ honey even with your gloves on your hands are freezing"
"Oh well then maybe your hot body could warm them up"
"I was about to but you started thinking about food"

I giggled

"I'm sorry honey"
Gee walked towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist

"its ok Frankie" he said giving me a little kiss on the lips
"we still have forever to do it"
"Well when we've made these we can get physical"

Gee giggled.
"your Cute my Frankie"
"And your beautiful MY Gee."

We had put everything in the blender and had it up as high as it would go.
I went and turned on the heater because it was so fucking cold.
I could feel Gerards hands in my back pockets. He pulled me backwards into him.

"Come here"

His head went down the left side of mine and I could feel him smelling my hair then I felt the tip of his noes run down the side of my neck
It gave me goosebumps but worst of all it turned me on.
when his noes got to my shoulder he ran it back up my neck untill he got just under my ear he kissed my neck so softly.
If his hands wernt around my waist holding me still I would have fucked him.

The blender was starting to go a bit out of control but it really didn't bother me
"honey the blender"
"I don't mind my food purade. Do you?"
"No but I wana make them so I can fuck you"
"Well then lets go"

I tipped the mixed fruit into 2 glasses and put bright pink straws in both of them
"thank you good sir"
"Your more than welcome"

We sat there drinking in silence.
I looked to Gees glass to see he had only drunk half and I couldn't take waiting anymore
I stood up took Gees wrist and dragged him to my bedroom
I Turned around and pushed him against the wall and put my icy lips onto his burning hot ones.
Gees tounge entered my mouth and I felt like I was somewhere not on this earth

Gerards hands were locked on my waist and I was fidling with his belt trying to undo it
I finialy felt the bat on his buckle come off and his belt went with it.
I went down on my knees and pulled Gees pants down with me
I took hold of Gees Batman boxers and pulled them down so they were just over his jeans

I put my index finger over my lips
he gave me a smile then I went back to focusing on what I was about to do

I ran my hands over the top of his thigh untill I got to his hips.
My hands took grip of Gerards hips and my mouth took grip of Gees dick

I felt like I was bobbing for apples.
I felt Gees head get throwen backwards and I could slightly hear him let out a few moans and groans
My jaw was starting to get saw then Gerard came in my mouth

"oh god" Gee said sounding tired.
I looked up at him and smiled, Gerards hand came down to meet me so I took it
I turned around to walk out when Gerards arms wraped around my waist, picked me up and kissed my cheek

"God fuck it I love you Frankie"
"I love you too Gee"

He put me down. I turned around to face him Gerards hands meet behind my back and I locked my fingers in together behind his neck
Me and Gee were lost in each others eyes.
He gave me the tiniest kiss on the lips

I knew it was serious because he use my whole name
"Yea Babe?"
"I'm gonna stay with you forever, I promise"
Those words sunk into my head because it ment more then anything to have him promise that to me
"I promise Frank, Even though we can't get married because of Obama I still swear to spend the rest of my life alive and dead with you, if you'll let me that is"
"Fuck yes Gerard, I couldn't wish to have it anyother way"

he giggled I didn't get it
"You couldn't have it any other WAY"
I laughed to.. "Ohh I get it. I wouldn't want Mikey"

"Good cause your not getting him"
"Why would I want him I have the other Way" I said with a smirk on my face
"Yip and you will always have this Way"

Gerards lips collided with mine again and the feeling gets better and better every time
I had to physicly pull my lips from Gerards

"where are you going Hun?"
"To get ready for bed, Is ok I'll be back"

Gerard smiled then collapsed onto my bed
"I miss you already"
"I miss you already too"

I Took my tooth brush and tooth paste, Put a little bit of paste on my brush and started to Brush my teeth
I just couldn't get the perfection of Gerard out of my head, I mean hes drop dead gorgeous in every single way possiable
No words can or could ever describe my love for him or even begin to state how I feel about him. I would gladly take a bullet to any part of me to even
keep Gee from getting hurt

Thats when his beautiful face appeared next to me with his tooth brush in his hands.
He was wearing his bat pajama bottoms and a black t-shirt his hair sat just on his shoulders and was black and red
I looked him up and down then at his ass

"mmm I do like what im seeing"
"oh is that so?"
"Yip it is, God damnit you look fucking sexy"
"thank you"
"Your welcome". I said as I kissed him on his cheek.
Yeah I did have to go on my tippy toes its not my damn fault im a shorty

I walked back to my room and got into bed where I layed on my side stearing at the door waiting for Gee to walk through the doors
My eyes began to slowly shut

"I hope your not going to sleep with out me"
"I'm not, I was just waiting for you"
"well wait no longer, I'm here"
"Good I need your arms to sleep in"
"Aww ok then Baby"

Gerard got into bed and shuffled as close to me as he could.
I Put my head on his Chest like it were a pillow and my arm around him
Gees arms held me very tightly just to make sure I wasn't going anywhere

"I love you Babe"
"I Love you too my Frankie, Go to sleep we've had a long year of none"
"Ok Gee Night I love you"
"I love you too"

I felt Gees lips kiss my head and I wasn't satisfied so I lifted my head and found his lips in the dark.
I planted mine on his.
Then put my head back onto his chest. I think it was the sound of his heart beat that put me to sleep.
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