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just read its really long though

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Brendons P.O.V.
when i woke up it was still storming by the time i heard the sound of my phone ringing i reached down in my coat pocket to get it but it wasnt had sounded close until i accidently woke shayla up "hey sleepyhead" i said. "ugh what time is it i feel exhausted"she said rubbing her eyes shes so cute when she gets up really tired."well that my dear is called jetlag" i said kissing the top of her head. I rise up off the couch rushing to the bathroom i felt like i was gonna explode if i hadnt went to the bathroom so i flush and walk out into the bedroom. Shayla was in nothing but boy shorts the best sight of my life except her naked of course."wow what a wonderful present honey all for me how could you" i said putting on my best smirk. "Mr.Urie how could you see me like this i dont know what to do i mean what if the boss finds out?" she says with a pout i must admit when she uses Mr.Urie it really turns me on its taking everything in my power not to jump her.So i kiss her instead i press my lips to hers forcefully pushing her up against a wall sliding my hand down to her breast grabbing on to her left nipple firmly pinching it making her moan.i slide my hands down her body stopping at her hips pulling her into my already hard erection grinding her hips into mine then slowly let her go and walk away.
Shaylas P.O.V.
As soon as he walks out of the room i slide down the wall.He left me in a heap of bundled stress he could of atleast let me kiss him more first.hes such a tease maybe that why i always want more.he slowly walks back into the room kneeling down in front of me taking me in his arms.Picking me up taking me into the kitchen setting me on top of the counter. "baby are you okay i didnt tease you too much did i?"he says putting his hand on my cheek rubbing spreading the blush that had crept up onto my face. It was so hard to stay mad at this man he always looks so adorable and fuckable i could jump him at anytime to anwser his question i grab both of his hands and placed them on my thighs then slid my hands up under his shirt kissing up his chest sliding his shirt off taking it and putting it on "honey im better now thanks." He had a look of shock on his face i totally enjoyed that payback is a bitch! he hadnt closed his mouth yet so i kissed along his jaw up to his mouth with open mouthed kisses until i got to his mouth i give him a peck on the lips "brenny bear what are you feeding me today im starving" i said hopping off the counter hugging him relaxing in the warmth of his body."well i was thinking of making you chocolate chip pancakes"he spoke in a whisper."Honey i would so love for you to make me some."I spoke sliding my arms from around him."can you set the table please"he said kissing me and beginning to cook. I went over to the cabinet and got everything to set the table its funny how its only two of us but we have a kitchen full of dishes. I begin setting the table but the klutz i am i fall on my ass.
Brendons P.O.V.
I rush to her side picking her up bridal style placing her on the table."honey are you okay nothings broken right?" I spoke with panic in my voice."It doesnt feel like anythings broken I really dont wanna go to the ER everyone there knows me by my name thats so embarrassing."she said stepping off the table while i flipped the pancakes."well shayli poo they wouldnt if it wasnt like your second home i feel like your there more than your here"I said taking the pancakes out making two plates for me and shayla."I promise your gonna be missing an apendage if you ever call me that again and if you lose that apendage you'll never have anything for your hand to jack off with"She said kissing me while I sat down the food pulling out her chair so she could sit in it.We both ate in silence except the ever so breif conversation on how the band was going. We finished eating and shayla got up to wash the dishes since I cooked.She was singing and dancing I walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her."ohh my you scared the shit out of me."she said slapping me on the shoulder."im sorry baby is there anyway for you to forgive me and I mean anything."I said sucking on bottom of her ear that I loved so much."oh anything well how bout you take me with you when you go practice with guys today."she said with a shit-eating grin on her face."Of course honey anything for you."I said in between kisses down her neck to her exposed cleavage that was there because the shirt she took was a v-neck.She ran her fingers through her hair making it fall out of its loose ponytail tie falling down her back."As much as I would love to make love to you right now we have to get ready to go"I whispered into her ear letting my lips brush hers before I took a step back."Ok lets go get ready."she spoke underr her breath.I headed off to the bathroom running a cold shower hopping in and washing off taking all of five minutes.I have the towel around my waist on my way to our walk in closet that had this computerized thing that I ould put in what I wear and it brings it to me.I know you must be thinking it cost a lot of money which it did but my girlfriends parents are loaded they tend to spoil us.I pushin that i want my special blue boxers some black pants and a red shirt.It gives me what i want so go to get dressed.When I finsh I lay on the bed I dont even bother to comb my hair it looks fine at least I think so.Finally shayla finishes but i dont hear her come out of the bathroom she jumps on top of my laying her head on my chest."honey are you ready to go?"I ask her twirling my keys on my finger."Yes Im ready lets go and I didnt even straighten my hair it just the way you like it wild and curly all naturale."She says getting up and heading for the front door grabbing her jacket."Well I love it."I say running after her putting on my jacket also.We get Into my mercedes and head off to ryans house."Honey are you ready to meet the guys."I said pulling up to ryans house."As ready as ill ever be I know we went to school with them but I never was at lunch to actually meet them."She said with a smirk on her face.While I drifted off to our ever so ofen sexapades at lunch.We got out of the car and rushed to the door since it was still storming outside.I knocked on the door and ryan anwsered the door."Dude are you gonna let us in or just stare at us."I said watching him move aside to let us in.I walked in the house and put my jacket on the coat rack and then I helped shayla with hers then I grabbed her hand and lead her to the couch. I called all the guys into the room. "Do you guys wanna meet my girlfriend?"I said. "Sure why not Bden you wouldnt shut up about her yesterday"Ryan had said.I pull shayla up off the couch and turn her around so all the guys can see her wrapping my arms around her waist."This is shayla my unbelievably sexy girlfirnd shayla say hi to the guys."I said with a lot of confidence."Hello guys."She said with a very shy voice."Hey im spencer and im brent and im ryan welcome to the band."All the guys introducedd themselves spencer and brent shaking her hand while ryan kissed it."Welcome to the band?"She said with alot of curiousity."Yep If your dating one of us your like family and since I dont see you and lover boy over there breaking up anytime soon make yourself at home."Ryan said with a smile on his face the whole time."Guys I dont know if we should practice anytime soon the power might go off"I said.All the guys agreed so I took shayla down the hall into my bedroom that I claimed in ryans house.It had pictures of me and her when we were small to when we were in highschool I sat on the bed when we entered.She picked up one of the picture and showed it to me."Oh my god brendon do you remember that day it was the day you forced me to go to that party when we were like 13 we had to play 7 minutes in heaven and I was so glad it was you that it landed on when I had to spin the bottle If it was anyone else I dont know what I would have done"She said."Of course I remember that day it was the day when I had my first kiss which was you I was glad too because I had no idea on how to kiss but now im extremly good"I said wiggling my eyebrows.We both laughed at the memory it had been so awkward for me to kiss my best friend but I was glad there was no pressure except the kids outside the door yelling urie you better kiss her and prove that your not batting for the other team.Honestly I know im cute but do i look gay I sure as hell act like it sometimes."Do I seem gay to you." I said out loud wih out meaning to. "What are you talking about?"She said laughing put the picture back and sitting on my lap."Do I look like I could be gay?"I said."Well lets see your lips are luscious and amazing your ass is heaven and your hair is amzing but all together you do seem like the person that would be gay I mean in middle school everyone would come up to me and ask if you were I would always say no even though I always though you were alittle wrong sided when you would come to pick out my clothes for me when im capable of dressing myself until the summer of when we were about to be 8th graders I noticed how you started to fill out your body your hair got longer,you were more musculer and you got way taller and then you started making me come to the pool with you which made me nervous because I would sit and watch all these girls hit on you and keep flirting acting like I wasnt there.But when you got with kelly and I stopped talking to you I wouldnt answer your calls,or text and everytime you would come over to see me I was gone well thats what my parents had told you but after that happened I was convinced that you brendon urie was never gay.She said kissing me on my lips then pulling away."After you stopped answering my calls,and text i thought that was because you had a boyfriend but when you were at school you wouldnt talk to me or anyone and when you saw me with kelly you would always be looking at the screen of your phone.then I think you broke one day when I kissed kelly in front of you and you ran home from school and locked yourself in your room.And I would always call and your mom would answer and the response would always be the same no brendon she hasnt came out and when you actually did come back to school you looked completly different your hair was layered and it was brown instead of black on the top and it had blond on the bottom layer I hadnt known it was you until I looked into those big brown chocolate eyes of yours that I love.I was amazed that was the day I realized I was in love with my best friend." I said with a hint of pride in my voice."Aww brendon that is so sweet.She said hoping off my lap walking down the hallway I walked the room and smiled smelling the smell of macoroni my favorite.I walked into the kitchen and saw raina ryans girlfrind sitting at the table I really cant stand her shes a bitch!
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