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Ryans Realization

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ryan explodes alittle ryan but mostly brendon in this chapter

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Brendons P.O.V.
god i cant stand her she tried to kiss me the other day and ryan wouldnt believe me when I told him. Sometimes he can be so self centered I dont even know why hes with her shes not even that pretty now my girl is pretty. Raina is not her hair is an ugly dirty blond its really nasty.Im so glad my girls hair is just jet black its so gorgeous.I sat down at the kitchen table pulling shayla to sit on my lap.I placed my head in the crook of her neck and kissed it."So ryan why are you cooking whats the occasion?"I said looking up at him."well you know how i sent our demo into pete wentz he actually listened to it and he loved it he wants us to come and meet with him about getting us signed."He said jumping up and down."Thats great I cant wait im bringing my baby with me ryan are you gonna bring your other half?"I said spinning shayla on my lap kissing her passionately."she probably has better things to do other than just sitting there listening to us talk all day."ryan said kissing her on the top of her head."Ya im way to busy to make it" raina had said with a hint of disgust in her voice.Did I ever mention that her voice was nails on a chalk board."oh thats to bad I wont have anyone to keep me company on the trip."Shayla said."Well that settles it we'll leave tomarrow even so we can be there for atleast a week."ryan said jumping to the other room telling spencer and brent leaving me and shayla in the kitchen with raina.So I kissed shayla passionately adding tongue this time pulling her body firmly to mine."RYAN, brendon and his girlfriend are making out."Raina said.ryan rushs into the kitchen saying "well what do you want me to do about that." "well i would like if you kissed me"raina said."You know I would love to but I dont wanna get you sick." ryan said trying to get out of kissing her."But I thought you loved me and would do anything for me"raina said. "I dont remember ever saying that" ryan said with confusion in his voice."well I guess its obvious that you dont need me around anymore im outta here I cant believe I wasted my time on you."raina said grabbing her coat and keys heading out the door slamming it."Dude im sorry i didnt mean for her to break up with you that was harsh" I said looking at ryan who had a huge smile on his face."You have no idea how long ive been waiting for her to do that so I dont look like the bad guy"ryan said walking out the kitchen.
I rise up out the chair I was sitting in placing shayla back on her feet.I walk back to my room and lay across my bed laying so my body looked like an X.A few minutes later Shayla walks into the room but I also hear a few more feet and not one of those feet sounded like heels so i open up my eyes and see shayla plus all the guys looking at me."What?"I say."Well we came to see if you wanted to go get some food since ry burnt the macaroni"Shayla said walking over to the bed stroking the side of my face."Sure why not can we take the mercedes please"I say sticking my lip out pouting."Yes we can take the mercedes you big baby"She says.So we get in my car and head out to dinner we end up at this expensive italian restraunt."Dude we cant eat here its to expensive i dont have money like that" spencer said."Its okay its on us this time"Both me and shayla say."Wait you guys can afford this how?"spencer says."Lets just say I come from a family with very good assets" Shayla says smilng that smile no guy can resist.we walk into the restraunt and shayla walks up to the hostess and says "table for 5".the host looks at her funny "okay and what name should I put that under"the hostess said."I would like to put it under the name Urie please."Shayla said smiling."Wait did you say Urie is that you shayla"The lady says."Why yes it is" shayla says taking off her hood."Oh my im sorry to keep you waiting please for give me."The lady said while showing us our table.She hands us our menus and say she'll be back.I toss my menu on the table honestly I have only tried the spagetti here so im gonna stick to it.So the waitress came and we order our food but for some odd reason the waitress kept staring at me.Yea she was pretty but did she not see shayla sitting next to me i mean serious im like hugging and kissing her how can you not see her.So we got our food and ate then we paid and left that waitress chick was freaking me out.We made our way back to ryans house but me and shayla only stayed for a little.We made our way to my mercedes and made our way home.We were riding in the car it was a light drizzle by now "Shayla would you want to be a Urie one day?"I said placing one hand on her knee."well I havent really thought about it since I use your name all the time but I wouldnt mind."She said looking at me smiling."Well then its official you'll be a Urie one day then"I said pulling in at the apartment turning the car off.We get out of the car and go in to the house.I go into the bedroom and lay down on my side of the bed wth my clothes still on.Shayla lays down next to me "Maybe we should get ready to go to sleep" she says while yawning."anything for you baby"i said kissing her on her nose while she was walking to the closet."Can you please wear clothes tonight I dont want you to be tempted since were taking it slow"She yells from the closet.I put on my pajama pants hopefully i wont spring out of them laying back on the bed her phone begins to vibarate so i look at it it was from a guy I met like once only because he came to pick up shayla once."Honey jacob sent you a text" I say walking into the closet looking up she just in her bra and panties but not the everyday ones it was more like im gonna fuck you now panties."I thought you said were taking it slow remember"I says turning around trying to corect myself.she takes her phone from me hopping out of the closet "I know were taking it slow I just wanna test if you can actually keep your head in your pants tonight come on lets go to bed."She says waving me over to the bed.I lay down distancing myself from shayla."Do you want to go visit both our parents tomorrow."I say."Sure we havent been there in like weeks I think I can handle it."She says scooting closer to me."Umm baby I dont think we should sleep close tonight its best for both of us."I say getting up heading to the living room to sleep on the couch she doesnt come to get me so I figure shes to upset to thats not good at all.
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