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Whatever You Say, Munchkin

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The My Chem. boys take the new kid in school under their wing. They have no idea what they're in for.

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The school bell rung.

“Thank fuck,” he whispered to himself. It had been an extremely long day for Gerard. He only just got through the last lesson of the day. History. The class he hated most of all.

As all the kids in the class rushed out the door as fast as they could, Gerard slowly trailed behind them. He wasn’t the only outcast in the school. There were others who were his best friends.

Gerard was putting all his books away in his locker, preparing to go home when he felt someone jump on his back screaming ‘SURPRISE!’

Gee rolled his eyes and smiled. “Get off me, short stuff.”

“Gerard, you break my heart more and more, everyday."

“Whatever you say, munchkin. Don‘t you have a lollipop guild to represent?”

“Alright, asshole. Your time has come,” Frank said, darkly, as he made a bad karate pose.

Gerard just laughed at him. It wasn’t until Frank had jumped at him again that Gerard was begging him to let him out of the headlock Frank had trapped him in.

Gerard had to admit, he was pretty fucking strong for someone so small.

Frank finally released him with an evil smirk on his face, “Well, that’s what you get for being a dick, Gee.”

Gerard rolled his eyes, again, picked up his bag and started walking with Frank the front of the school where they met up with the rest of their friends. Well, one of them was Gerard’s brother, Mikey, but Gerard had a great relationship with him and so they hung out together like friends too.

Frank and Gerard had just walked out to the front gate when they were greeted by Mikey, Ray and Bob.

“Excellent news, everyone. Excellent news,” Mikey said, walking over to them.

“What?” Gee replied.

“There’s gonna be a new girl here tomorrow.”

“Okay…What’s so excellent about that?” Frank replied in a monotone.

“Mikey thinks he finally won’t be classified as some freaky nerd to a girl.” Ray laughed.

“In other words, he wants to look cool, so he can fuck her.” Bob finished.

“Shut up, Bob!” Mikey hissed, shoving him a little.

The rest of them just kept laughing.

“Oh, Mikey.” Gerard said, patronizing him “Poor, innocent Mikey. So much to learn about life.”

Mikey responded by pulling a funny face at Gerard, "Fuck you."

“Shit!” Ray exclaimed. “Guys, I gotta go. I’m gonna be late for soccer practice.”

Bob scoffed. “I still can’t believe you actually play soccer.”

“Wasn’t my choice, dude. My mom is hating on the not normal amount of how much guitar I play. Apparently, soccer will help me ‘socialize’ and ‘make friends’. It’s stupid.” he replied, beginning to speed walk down the street. “I’ll see you guys, later!”

“Bye!” Frank called and the rest of them began walking the opposite way to get home.

“I seriously don’t get his mom. How is playing guitar not normal?” Mikey wondered out loud.

Bob shrugged in response. “She's a bit of a warped person when it comes to judging normal people.”

“The term 'normal' is bullshit. Let's drop it,” Gerard interrupted.

Bob, Frank and Mikey all decided to do what Gerard said. He always got called a freak because he wasn’t apparently ‘normal’ either. He hated the term. He didn’t even get what it meant. What the fuck was normal, anyway? There’s no such thing.

“So, Mikey,” Frank begun, changing the topic. “Care to tell us of any kind of plan in that strange head of yours as to how you’re going to even get the attention of the new girl tomorrow?”

“Dude, you always get your hopes up way too high,” Bob laughed at Mikey.

Mikey blushed in return, “I don’t know. It’s not like you guys are gonna try anything better. At least I'm giving it a shot.”

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I don’t want to. She’s probably gonna be just another little blonde bitch whose convinced herself she’s ten billion times better than everyone else because she opens her legs up to anyone who’ll have her, drinks until she passes out and smokes just so people will think she’s queen of the fucking world!”

The rest of them were a bit taken back at Gerard’s little outburst.

“Woah, Gee. Take a chill pill, much?” Bob remarked with sarcasm heavy in his tone.

“Sorry. It just pisses me off.” Gerard mumbled. “I can’t wait to graduate. I’m so glad this is our last year.”

“Me too!” Frank sighed. Bob and Mikey gave similar responses.

They all copped shit at school. They were the freaks, of course, and as much as they hated the whole cliché label thing, they dealt with it. It was something they were far too used to. They didn’t go to parties. They preferred to stay at home and play music or draw or desperately try and get tickets to the next concert they wanted to see.

They just didn’t fit in with the rest of the social groups that their school had, but they were happy to have each other. Even if they were bullied, at least none of them had to go through it alone.

The four of them were discussing what they were planning to do after they left school when they came to Mikey and Gerard’s house.

“I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow, then,” Gerard said and waved as he walked up inside the house.

“Dude, call me later once you’ve finished using your guitar to imitate sex,” Mikey said to Frank.

“Very well, then.” Frank replied, "You're a dick, by the way."

The three of them said their goodbyes and Mikey walked into his house.


Later that night, Gerard was sitting alone in his room. He was drawing, as usual and thinking a lot. He didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation he and his friends were having earlier about what they were going to do with their lives. It was only then that it hit him; he had no fucking clue what he wanted to do.

He sighed and put down his pencil. He lazily walked over to his bed and flopped onto it, his mind flooded with thoughts. He wanted to do something special. Like, he didn’t want to be just another person who just worked to make money to get by. He wanted to make a difference to people. Somehow. He didn’t know how just yet, but he felt as thought he needed to do something.

He sighed once more as he decided to forgot it for now. Rest was definitely the main priority, right now. He was fucking beat. So, he closed his eyes and almost immediately fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

A/N: Hello to anyone who may read this story. I swear, it gets more interesting than this. I know exactly where I want this story to go. This was simply an introduction-esque type thing that I felt I needed to write before diving into the main plot. It gets better, I promise! n__n

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