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Mikey meets the new girl.

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“Gee! Gee, get your ass up!”

Gerard groaned and sunk lower into his bed, pulling his blanket over his head. Mikey was by far the most annoying alarm clock in the world.

“Don’t make me pour water on you! Come on, get up. You aren’t going to make us late again.”

Gerard groaned once again in defeat. He slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes. Mikey was standing next to Gee’s bed with his hands on his hips. Gerard laughed a little. He looked like such a girl.

“What? What’s funny? What?” Mikey said rather quickly, checking to see if he had anything on his clothes. Then, it clicked in Gerard’s head.

“That’s right.” he yawned. “Trying to look good for the new girl, aye, Mikey?”

“As a matter of fact, I am.” Mikey replied tilting his head upward, slightly. Gerard laughed at him.

“You’re such a dork, Mikey!”

“Yeah, hilarious. Now, get the fuck out of bed before I get a bucket of water and go at it.” Mikey said as he walked out of Gerard’s bedroom, leaving him to get dressed for the day.

The brothers were silent as they walked to school. Both of them seemed to be thinking a lot. Mikey, of course, was wondering what the new girl would be like. Gerard, however, was focusing on something less trivial. He was arguing with himself in his head just trying to figure what he’d do with his life after school.

‘Maybe I should just try and be an artist.’

Yeah, sure. Try that.

‘Do I detect sarcasm?’

You certainly do. Honestly, taking a realistic view on it, you won’t get that far. Besides, most of society today just don’t take an interest in art like they used to.

‘Yes, well, society can blow me.’

Why? ‘Cause no one else will?

‘No! What the fuck? You’re me. Do I subconsciously have a self esteem issue or something?’

I don’t know. I’m you. You’re me. We should know as much as each other.

‘Whatever. We’ll continue this discussion later.’

Gerard and Mikey walked into the school grounds still remaining silent. Mikey looked a little nervous and fidgety. Gee honestly couldn’t believe why he was getting so worked up over it.

“Mikes, it’s just a new girl. Would you relax? Honestly, you’re making a big deal out of nothing.”

Mikey frowned. “I just want one person other than our parents and friends to like me. Not just call me a geek and shove me around.”

“I know, bro. Just relax, okay. Who knows? Maybe she’ll be as awesome as we are.”

“Ha. No one can be as awesome as us.”

Gerard laughed. They were about to walk into the building when they were ambushed by Frank, Bob and Ray. They looked somewhat excited. Especially Frank.

“Dude! Mikey! I saw her.” Frank rushed.

“Yeah, we all did. She’s not a slut.” Bob added.

“She’s so cool! She has, like, black hair with bits of purple and she wears this awesome make-up and her clothes are wicked!” Ray exclaimed.

“Hmm.” Gerard replied. “She does sound kinda rad.”

Before they could discuss it any further, the bell rang and they all walked their separate ways to get to class.


Mikey’s first class was Chemistry. He sighed a frustrated sigh as he walked into his classroom. Sitting in his usual place at the back of the room, he stared at the idiots up front. There were a few jocks making stupid jokes with some blonde cheerleaders beside them laughing like idiots. “That’s not typical at all.” he sarcastically mumbled to himself.

“I know, aye. What fuckwits.”

Mikey jumped at the sudden voice behind him. He turned to see a girl just a little shorted than he was. She laughed a little. He thought it was a pretty sound.

“Sorry if I startled you. I’m new here and, honestly, I don’t want to try and be friends with those people. Is it okay if I sit next to you?” she said, slowly blushing. Mikey nodded sharply. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She’s better than he imagined. Just like Ray said, she had long, layered hair that was black with bits of purple. She had black eye make-up on and was wearing black converse, red skinny jeans and a Nirvana shirt. He decided to say something before he seemed to weird.

“New here? Where did you move from?” he asked in the smoothest voice he could muster up.

“Oh, uh, Australia.” she replied looking down.

“I thought I heard a sort of accent in your voice.” Mikey laughed gently.

“Hehe, yeah. It’s kind of annoying, really. Those stupid stereotypes put on Australian people. Can you believe someone actually asked me if I rode a kangaroo to school?”

Mikey burst out laughing. “You can’t be serious!”

She nodded laughing as well. “I am! I mean, where’s the common sense?”

“So, Australia. Wow. That’s a big move. Why’d you come here?”

“Oh, uh, my…dad got a new job! Yeah, had to move. But I didn’t mind it too much. I wasn’t the most popular person back there.”

Mikey noticed how suddenly uncomfortable she looked so he decided not to go into it any further. So, he just nodded. “Cool. Oh, I’m Mikey, by the way.”

She smiled up at him. “I’m Eve. Nice to meet you.”

The teacher walked in at that point so everyone had to stop talking. Mikey could tell he was going to like Eve a lot, already.

A/N: Ta-da! Here she is. The new girl. Eve! I called her Eve because I drew a cartoon character who looks like the girl I've put in the story and I called her Eve. Stay tuned! For there is more to come!

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