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Pigeons and Art Class

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The rest of the gang meet Eve. How interesting it may or may not be.

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The bell rang for lunch. Frank was epically relieved when he sat down at the table he and his friends usually sat at. So far, it was just Ray and Gerard there. Bob and Mikey were yet to join.

“Hey, guys,” he sighed.

“Hey,” Gerard and Ray replied. The three of them didn’t talk much for a few minutes. It wasn’t rare. Sometimes, none of them really felt like talking. Things got more exciting, however, when Mikey and Bob arrived with Eve timidly walking beside.

“Hey, guys!” Mikey greeted them, cheerfully.

“Hey, there…and who might this be?” Gerard asked smiling at Eve.

“This is Eve, guys. She’s new. It’s cool if she sits with us, right?” Bob asked. They all nodded and all sat down, making extra space for Eve. She was blushing quite a bit. The boys all thought she seemed a bit shy. Mikey didn’t seem to be the only one who thought she was beautiful. Frank and Gerard seemed somewhat drawn to her as well. Ray and Bob were still making up their minds, kind of.

“So, why’d you come here, Eve?” Gerard asked.

“I moved from Australia. My dad got a new job,” she replied in the same way she had to Mikey earlier that day. Frank and Gerard shared the same look when they noticed her discomfort and shrugged.

“That’s cool. So, what was it like back there?” Frank asked further.

“It was…okay. School was shitty. Everyone was smoking and getting drunk off their faces to be cool, but I kinda just hung back, played guitar, listened to my music and kept drawing random shit. Of course, everyone else decided to despise me for it, so in came the bullying and whatnot. But, whatever. Fuck ‘em, right?”

“Hells yeah.” Frank smiled. “I think you’re gonna fit in with us just fine.”

Eve giggled at him. “That’s a relief. You play?”

“Yeah. I play guitar.” Frank replied.

“Uh, so do I!” Ray shot in.

“I play bass!” Mikey followed.

“I play drums!” Bob, of course.

“I can sing!” Gerard rushed.

Eve giggled, because, seriously, they all looked a litte stupid. Though, she was in no place to judge.

“That's so awesome,” she exclaimed. “What music are you guys into?”

“Misfits,” they all answered simultaneously.

“Okay, so you might just be my music soul mates. They are my religion. I guess you can already tell I like Nirvana.” she replied glancing down at her shirt.

“They’re awesome.” Frank said. “Favourite song?”

“Come As You Are, for sure," Eve said.

"Same!" Frank smiled, and held his hand up for Eve to high-five.

Mikey felt weird, and almost a little jealous. He looked around the table and saw the other guys looking slightly the same way. He quickly shrugged it off. Eve was very pretty, after all. Of course they're going to be jealous if her attention is more drawn to Frank then the rest of them.

They all spent the rest of lunch heavily discussing music and art with the occasional random stuff thrown in. For example, Eve decided to show off her skill of making the sound of a pigeon which made them all laugh harder than they had in a long time. When the bell rung for them to move onto their final classes for the day, all of them groaned in disappointment.

“Anyone have art next with...uh, some guy called Mr. Peterson?” Eve asked.

Gerard’s head shot up and he smiled, “Yeah, I do. Shall we go?”

“Go we shall.” Eve smiled. “Bye, guys. I’ll see you all later.”

The rest of them called goodbye as she walked off with Gerard. All of them looked at each other.

“So, we all agree when I say she is totally awesome?” Bob asked.

Ray, Frank and Mikey nodded enthusiastically. Frank really liked her. Like, really liked her, but he deemed if far too soon to be sharing those kinds of thoughts, so he trailed off to class behind Ray, Mikey, and Bob.


Gerard enjoyed art class a lot more than usual with Eve their to laugh with. He found her fascinating. Like there was so much more to her than anyone first thought.

Their teacher let them do their own random sketches because he had other work to mark that lesson. Everyone saw this as an opportunity to talk the whole lesson, but Eve seemed eager to draw. She didn’t even know what she was going to draw, but she wanted to draw something. After thinking about it, she decided to just start drawing a few lines and see where her mind took her.

Whilst she drew, Gerard stared at her. Noticing the little things she did while she concentrated. She was frowning, but her eyes didn’t contain any frustration. They were relaxed. He noticed how she sometimes tilted her head a little bit and stuck the tip of her tongue out when she was drawing some form of circle. It took him a second to notice she was actually talking to him.

“Gee?…Gerard? Anyone home?” she asked waving her hand in front of his face. He quickly snapped out of his trance. Eve giggled again.

“Sorry, what was that?” he asked, trying to cover up the fact he was staring at her like some kind of freak.

“Ha. Uh, I was just asking when you were going to stop looking at my drawing and start on your own,” she laughed a little nervously, blushing, once again.

Gee was relieved when she thought he was looking at her drawing and not her. Then his curiosity caused him to actually look at her drawing and he didn’t know what to say. It was so good. She was really talented, but the drawing was…well, kind of messed up.

It was an arm, but it had scars, some of them bleeding. Mind you, it wasn’t drawn precisely. It was more abstract, but Gerard could still make out what she had drawn.

“Wow,” he said. “You’re…really good at drawing.”

“Oh,” Eve looked down with a sad smile. “Thanks.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the drawing about?”

“Oh! Uh, this is just, uh, random stuff. I don’t know…first thing that came into my head? I think of violence way too much and I, uh…Forget it. What are you going to draw?” Eve said it far too quickly, and flinched slightly before turning to Gerard. He could see an almost pleading look that suddenly drowned her once happy eyes. He became immediately concerned. Something was clearly…off about it, but he decided to leave her be for now and tried to think of something to draw.


Love for you all.

-- Dr-Giggles.
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