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Cheer Up, Buttercup

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Debates over The White Stripes and Black Flag, odd behaviour and some attractions become evident.

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By the end of art class, Gerard had managed to draw some type of woman.

“Woah, that's so cool," Eve breathed as she grabbed his paper and held it out in front of her. “Like, really, really cool. I envy your skill, boy.”

Gerard couldn’t help but giggle. With her accent, the way she said everything made it a bit more amusing. He wasn’t used to an Australian accent.

“Well, thanks,” he replied, modestly.

“Is it anyone in particular?” she asked without tearing her eyes from scanning his drawing.

“Um. No. Just a random person, I suppose.”

“Oh, well, she’s really cool. I like her,” she giggled. This time it was Gerard who was blushing, but Eve didn’t really notice as she handed him his drawing back. She sighed. “I love art. Best subject besides music.”

“Ha, well, best subject for me. Music is my second favourite.”

“Holy crap. Opposite buddies,” Eve announced as she raised her hand for a high-five. Gerard took a moment to stare at her, then he started laughing and gave her the high-five she’d be waiting for. She started to blush again.

“I know, I know. I’m an epic dork. Shut up,” she smirked.

“No, you’re not. It’s just the fact that no one’s ever been my opposite buddy and decided to high-five me for it,” he replied still trying to stop laughing.

Eve rolled her eyes at him and laughed a bit too. The bell rung to let the students know that they were free to go home. Gerard felt a little disappointed. He wanted to keep talking to Eve, but he reluctantly walked to his locker then to the front gate to wait for the rest of the guys.


The five of them had begun their walk home that afternoon, excitedly discussing music, once again. Mikey and Frank got into a debate as to whether The White Stripes or Black Flag were better with lyrics. It’d been going on for about five minutes when they heard their names being called. They all turned around to see Eve running after them.

“Guys! Wait up!” When she finally caught up to them, she was catching her breath and managed to say, “This is so cool. Pretty sure I walk the same way as you guys do to get home.”

“Sweet!” Frank yelled, seeming a little too excited. Everyone shot him a weird look while Eve blushed, as usual. Once Eve had caught her breath, they all started walking again being sure to inform Eve of the argument Frank and Mikey were having before she caught up.

“Ha!,” she laughed. “Frank, Jack White is by far more genius than Black Flag. White Stripes own, I’m sorry to break it to you.”

“Yes! Thank you!” Mikey cried as he high-fived Eve. Frank faked a heart-broken look on his face and Eve laughed at him.

“Naww. Cheer up, buttercup,” she giggled, smushing his cheeks with her hand. Frank playfully pushed her hand away and laughed.

Before too long, they came past a house that looked sort of run down and old. The house had always creeped them out just a little bit. When a sudden smashing noise was heard from the house all of them jumped from shock. The smashing continued and while the boys ignored it, Eve cringed.

Frank turned around. “You okay?”

The rest of them stopped and turned as well.

“Huh? Yeah. Just, um, this is my house.”

“Oh, um, okay then,” Frank replied trying to act as though the smashing wasn’t happening.

“Yeah. But, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye!” she forced a cheerful smile and wave and ran up the pathway that led to the front door. She gave them one last smile and slammed the door behind her.

“Well, that was…” Bob started.

“Weird.” Ray finished.

“Yeah…” Frank agreed. He was staring at where Eve had run off to, both curious and concerned.

All of them walked home with the sense that something wasn't right in that house.


Bob, Ray, Frank, Mikey and Gerard all met up at school the next day, waiting for Eve who was still yet to show. They were concerned. Especially Frank.

When the bell rung for them to go to class, they become even more worried because Eve wasn’t there yet. Frank’s first class was a class that he and Eve had together. About five minutes into the lesson, Eve walked in. Frank’s head shot up and he eyed her carefully as she handed the teacher a note excusing her from being late. When the teacher nodded and told her to sit down, she quickly walked to the back of the room and sat in the seat next to Frank. He nodded at her with a smile, but his eyes were worried. She gave him a happy smile and turned to try and take notes on whatever the teacher was writing on the board.

Frank saw his turned back as an opportunity.

“Psst…Eve,” he whispered.

“Yeah?” she answered.

“Uh, if you don’t mind me asking, why were you late?”

“Oh! Um. I just overslept. Haha, I can be really lazy, sometimes.”

“Ah…” Frank replied. He was hoping for something more informative.

“Yeah,” she laughed quietly back.

“Also, if you don’t mind me asking this either…” he decided to push further.


“Um. What was the smashing noise that was coming from your house yesterday?”

Eve flinched and dropped the pen she was holding. She blushed furiously as she leant down and picked it up again, “That was, uh, just my dad. He’s a clumsy bastard. He tripped and knocked over the shelf where we kept all these weird vase things.”

“Huh. Okay.” Frank decided to stop there, although he didn’t believe her story.

She just gave him a quick smile and made no more eye contact for the remainder of the lesson.

The rest of the day seemed mostly normal with her. Except, when the rest of the guys asked her about her absence, she gave them the same reaction she gave Frank. They were all worried and although they acted as though nothing was out of the norm, they all looked over Eve with cautious eyes.


Over the next few weeks, things seem to be perfectly fine. Nothing more was said about the day of weirdness with Eve. Things seemed to be looking up quite a lot.

It didn't take a genius to pick up on the fact that Frank was slightly head over heels for Eve, or that Eve was totally oblivious, but felt the exact same way.

The rest of the guys didn’t seem to care about it too much. They thought of Eve as a sister more than anything else. Lunch times were spent with Ray 'subtly' dropping hints about Frank's crush on Eve. It always ended in her laughing and blushing and Frank kicking Ray under the table. Then Bob kicked Frank. Mikey and Gerard just laughed because it never ceased to amuse them.

After about a month of this behavior, Eve and Frank were sitting in English together. Frank was acting a little nervous and Eve could notice it.

“You alright?” she asked.

“Yeah. Why?”

“I dunno. You seem kinda," She gestured with her hands, "Out of it.”

“Oh, really? Well, don’t worry I’m fine,” he smiled.

She just smiled and nodded, returning to her work. What she didn’t know was that Frank was trying to get the guts to tell her how he felt about her. He took a deep breath and went to tap her on the shoulder when there was knock at the classroom door that distracted him.

God fucking damnit!, he thought to himself.

It was the lady from the school’s front desk. She walked over to their teacher and whispered something inaudible. The teacher just nodded. “Uh, Eve?”

Eve’s head shot up. “Yes, sir?”

“Your father is here to pick you up.”

Frank saw Eve’s face drop, and then go disturbingly blank.

"Um, y-yeah. Okay," She said quietly, gathering her things, and standing up, "Seeya later, Frankie."

Eve hurried out of the room without turning around.

“Bye, Eve…” Frank whispered long after she’d left. The same worry he’d felt a month ago when they first dropped her at her house had now returned, but this time it was worse. Something was clearly wrong. He went through all the possibilities and couldn’t come up with a conclusion.

Okay, he thought to himself again, Call her after school. At least try and get some answers.

He made that plan and tried to focus on his work which he found almost impossible, at that point.

Frank just hoped to god the she was alright.
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