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How Do I Turn This Off?

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Get to know a little more about Eve.

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'Hey, you’ve reached my phone. Uh, Eve’s phone, I guess. Uh, so you may have already noticed that I can’t take your call, but just, like, leave your information and stuff and I’ll get back to you, if I can…Err, how do I turn this off?' And the phone beeped again.

“Fuck,” Frank cursed. He swore it was the ten billionth time he’d heard that message from calling her and she still wasn’t picking up.

He left another message, “Hey, Eve. It’s Frankie…again. Look, uh, I haven’t heard from you for a few days. Me and the guys…well, we’re worried about you. Just please, call me or them or just…any form of contact is good. I just,” he sighed, “I just want to make sure you’re okay. Bye,” and he hung up.

She was called out of school early on Friday and he and the guys hadn’t heard from her all weekend or on Monday or on Tuesday. He was freaking out. All of them were.

Wednesday afternoon came and they were all walking home.

“Let’s go to her house,” Frank said.

“What? Dude, no,” Mikey replied.

“Why not?” Frank whined.

“Because,” Ray answered. “It’s not really our business, is it?”

“Ray! She’s one of our best friends! Of course it’s our fucking business if she disappears off the face of the Earth without a trace!” Frank snapped back at him.

“Okay, Frankie. Calm down,” Gerard soothed.

“Sorry. I’m just…fucking worried, man.”

“We all are,” Gerard replied. “Guys? You in?”

“Sure,” Bob agreed. Mikey and Ray reluctantly agreed as well. And with that, they made their way to Eve’s house.


“Dad?” Eve called. “Dad, where’d you go?”

She quickly walked around her house checking through the rooms. This wasn’t unusual. She heard a slam in the bathroom and a shatter. Eve ran as fast as she could down the hall to where the sounds had come from only to find that her father had punched their bathroom mirror in a fit of rage. Again.

“Shit, Dad!” she cried as she rushed over to take care of his bleeding hand. He had leant against the wall and sunk to the floor.

“Eve...Eve?” he asked, looking into her eyes.

“Yeah, Dad. It’s me,” she smiled back at him. Eve took her fathers hand and grabbed some tissues from beside the sink to wipe away the blood that was covering his hand. He flinched and she hushed him gently, “I’m sorry. I know it hurts, but I’ll make it better, okay?”

“Eve, where’s Carla?” he asked.

Eve bit her lip, “She’s not here, Dad.”

“Where’d she go?”

“I’m sure wherever she is, she’s happy and always thinking of us.” she forced a happy smile for her father’s sake, but it didn’t seem to work. His eyes started filling with tears.

“It’s all my fault!” he sobbed.

“No, Dad! It isn’t. Please don’t cry. Come on, please?” she tried desperately to help him.

“She’s gone and it’s my fault! We’re in a completely different country, everything’s different and it’s my fault!”

Eve let a few tears fall before pulling herself together. Even though what he was saying was true, she didn’t want him to feel guilty over it anymore. She started bandage his hand. “Dad, look at me, okay? It’s not your fault. Remember? This is our fresh start, right?” she smiled through the tears that were falling down her face. She finished cleaning up and bandaging his hands and he stared at them before looking at her again.

“Eve, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Her father pulled her into a warm embrace.

“Shh. Don’t be. It’s okay. Everything’s okay,” she hugged him back.

“You look just like her. So beautiful.”

“Dad…” Eve couldn’t finish her sentence. She rarely could when it came to Carla.

The two of them remained that way on the bathroom floor, surrounded by shattered glass for a few minutes before Eve took a deep breath and suggested they get out of there before one of them got cut. Her father looked tired and so she led him to his room and made sure he fell asleep without any problems before walking back to the bathroom to clean up the glass and blood left in there.


“Well, who’s going to knock?” Mikey asked.

They shared nervous glances as they stood on the pathway in front of Eve’s house.

“…Fuck it. I’ll do it.” Bob announced. “Frankie, hold my shit.”

Bob dumped his backpack into Frank’s arms. He whimpered a little, but Bob just scoffed at him. He turned and walked up the path way to Eve’s font door. The other four were watching him carefully from where they stood. As he stopped at Eve’s door, he was suddenly nervous about knocking. He had no idea what to expect. The smashing they’d heard last time was a little suspicious. Bob shook his head, getting rid of his nerves and knocked on the door.

After a few seconds of silence, he knocked again and then he heard Eve’s voice. “I’m coming!” followed by the sound of her steps coming closer and closer to the door. She swung it open and looked and felt a little shocked to see Bob there.

“Bob?” she questioned. “What are you doing here?”

Eve gestured for Bob to move back a little so she could come out and shut the door behind her.

“Uh, well, you haven’t been at school and you haven’t been answering your phone. We were worried.”


Bob pointed to Mikey, Ray, Frank and Gerard who were awkwardly standing on the pathway. She gave them a smile and waved at them, asking them to come over. All of them walked over quickly.

“Eve, where’ve you been?” Frank asked. “I think I called you, like, a million times.”

Eve blushed at the thought of him actually doing that.

“Eve..?” Ray asked.

“Huh? Oh, right. Well, I’ve been kinda sick and stuff. I’m so sorry if I worried you guys...”

“Don’t be. It’s fine,” Gerard smiled.

“We just thought something bad had happened to you.” said Mikey.

“Oh, really? Well, it was nothing. I’m fine,” she smiled at them all.

“Uh, why weren’t you answering your phone, then?” Frank asked again. Eve looked into his eyes and could tell he was concerned. She felt guilty. Eve hated it when people felt bad, worried or upset because of her.

“Ugh. It broke. I accidentally dropped it down the stairs. I’m sorry if I freaked you out. Really, I am.” her tone was sincere.

Frank put his hand on her shoulder. “Stop saying sorry. It’s fine.” he smiled at her and she returned the favor. After a few seconds, Bob coughed rather loudly, trying to point out that the rest of them were feeling awkward. Frank quickly dropped his hand and Eve blushed and giggled, quietly.

“Uh, look, I’d invite you guys in and all that jazz, but my dad’s sleeping, so I can’t.”

“It’s fine.” Ray replied.

“Yeah, we should probably all get going, anyway.” Gerard suggested.

“Will you be at school tomorrow, Eve?” Mikey asked.

“Yeah, maybe. I shall try my best,” she smiled at him.

“Sweet.” Ray replied. “Seeya later, Eve.”

Everyone except for Frank turned to go and leave.

“I’ll catch up in a second!” he called after them.

Gerard gave him a very suggestive smirk and raised his eyebrows. Frank flipped him off and he turned away laughing. Eve laughed too and Frank starting blushing because he thought she hadn’t been watching. As the others began to walk down the street, Frank turned to Eve. The two of them just stared at each other for a few moments.

“…Hi.” Frank said, awkwardly.

“Hi.” Eve laughed in response. “Why aren’t you going with them?”

“I needed to talk to you about something.”



“Talk away,” she smiled and it calmed his nerves a little bit.

“Uh. Okay. I need tell you that…”


“I’m pretty sure…uh…pretty sure that…uh…you haven’t been sick.” he rushed the last part of the sentence.

He had meant to tell Eve how he felt about her, but Frank simply couldn’t get the guts. He saw Eve's eyes shift quickly, and she hung her head down a little. The same way she had when she was called out of class. Frank looked into her eyes, they showed the same look they had that day as well. He didn’t mean to strike a nerve with his improvised conversation topic, but it was obvious that he had.

Eve quickly tried to cover it up by laughing, but it came out rather nervous. “Huh? What're talking about, kid? What makes you think I’m not sick?”

“You aren’t, are you…” he coated his words with a tone that said ‘Stop lying. I see right through it’ and Eve heard it loud and clear.

“Frank, please don’t. I-I’m sick, okay?”

“No, you’re not. Talk to me. You can trust me. You know that, right?”

“Of course I do, Frankie.”

“Then tell me what’s going on. Please.”

Eve hadn’t noticed how closely they were standing together until she felt his hands grabbing hers and she looked down. Her heart was beating faster. Frank was staring her straight in the eyes, as he leaned in closer to her. Eve's heart was thrashing around in her chest now, and she leant up to meet him halfway. They noses knocked together softly, only inches away from each other’s lips when--

“WHAT THE FUCK!” her father yelled.

She quickly pulled away from Frank and he dropped her hands. He didn’t even try to hide the concern and utter disappointment etched on his face. Eve felt like she was about to cry and she wouldn’t be surprised if she had, but she didn’t. She knew she had to get Frank away and get herself inside that very second.

“Frank, I’m sorry. Please. You need to get out of here, right now,” Eve whispered with immense pain in her voice.

He shook his head. “No. What’s going on, Eve? Please tell me! Please.”

“No, Frank. Just go away.”

Frank was slightly hurt by how forward she had just been. He stared into her eyes one last time before walking away from her house as quickly as he could. Eve wanted to cry so badly at that moment, but she didn’t have time. She hurriedly opened her door, let herself in and slammed it behind her.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” she cried rushing towards him.

“Who the fuck are you?!” he yelled as the back of his hand collided with her face. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

“Dad…Dad, calm down. It’s me. It’s Eve,” she replied in a calm tone, hoping that her father would calm down as well.

“I don’t fucking know you! Where am I?!” he yelled once more. This time he grabbed the neck line of her shirt and was almost lifting her off the ground.

“Please, Dad…” her voice became raspy from the pressure on her neck. “Remember. It’s me. Your daughter. You need to calm down,” she coughed “Please!”

Her father’s eyes were suddenly filled with an emptiness she knew too well. He let go of Eve’s shirt, letting her smash into the floor where she was breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. He then turned and slowly walked out of the room, up the stairs and into his bedroom. Eve knew that he would be asleep again in a matter of minutes.

She collected herself and limped over to the couch in the living room where her father’s outburst had taken place. Eve sat there, hugged her knees to her chest and sobbed quietly.

Eve was far too used to this, but it still hurt. What she wasn’t used to was pushing away the one person she cared for the most. The thought made her sob a little harder. She needed to tell Frank something and she knew that, but had no idea how to even begin to explain or how to get through the past stories that make her insides shred.


Meanwhile, Frank was at his house, sitting in his room trying to play guitar. This was failing.

“So fucking close,” he whispered to himself, angrily. Frank put his guitar down and lay down on his bed staring at the ceiling.

He just couldn’t believe it. He’d taken a risk and it was going to be so worth it until some maniac started yelling. He wondered who the hell that was. All Frank could this of was her dad.

All those thoughts were running through his head. Frank’s chest felt cold when he came across one conclusion. Was she getting hurt? Was her dad hurting her? He sat up immediately and grabbed his phone. Frank dialed Gerard’s number as quickly as he could. He knew his best friend would listen.

It took three rings before he picked up. “Hey, Frankie. What’s up?”

“Something’s totally not right.”

“What do you mean? You okay, dude?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. It’s Eve I’m worried about.”

“Yeah, that’s kinda obvious.” Gerard's tone changed “So, pray tell, young Frankie. Whatever happened on the porch after the rest of us left?”

Frank could practically hear him smirking on the other side of the phone.

“Gee, not now! This is important.”

“Well, what happened?”

“Look, she’s not sick. She lied. I was this close to kissing her and then there was some fucking angry yelling from her house. Then she told me to go.”

“You almost kissed her?!”

“Yes, but that’s not the point, man! She could be in trouble. I’m scared.”

“Okay, just calm down, alright?”

“I’m calm. I’m calm. I don’t know what to do, though.”

Gerard sighed. “Uh, try calling her again? Or was her phone being broken the truth?”

“Yeah. She wasn’t lying about that…I don’t know.”

“Me neither, man…Ah, shit. I gotta go. Mikey’s a walking accident zone, I swear. He stuck a fucking fork in the toaster this morning.”

Frank laughed a little. “Well, okay. Go make sure he isn’t dead. I’ll talk to you, later.”

“Ta-ta,” Gerard said and he hung up.

Frank dropped his phone on his bed and lay down again. He desperately tried to think of ways he could talk to Eve about it, but couldn’t come up with anything worthwhile. Frank stared at his clock. It was already 7pm and he was feeling abnormally tired. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep, thinking only of Eve, as always.
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