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It will get better

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What happen's when the girl from the small village moves into the big city? Only time will tell...

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A/N: Hey guys, sorry for keeping you all in the dark about what I've been writing. I promised I would be posting on here when I had the time and now I have found the time, so here it is! The first and third chapter I wrote in English as 2 separate stories that got me a C+ and a B, but I think and my friends also think that they should of got higher!

"There's not going to be any arguing about it Samantha" My mother said from her place in the kitchen, "and that's final!" She explained to me for about the hundredth time today.
"But Why?" I questioned back from the confines of my box- covered room, "Why do we have to go?" I questioned again!

"You know perfectly well why we have to go, you know this is hard for me to leave as well but this new job is better" I heard her sigh in annoyance as the old stairs creaked, 'Great another lecture from my mother, oh the joys of being a teenager!' "I know its going to be hard leaving here and leaving Haley behind. Moving to a new school might be hard but trust me it will get better" My mother tried to comfort me although we both it was doing no good.

I think i'd better explain what's going on before this continues, my name is Samantha Anne Vendetta, I am currently 17 and live with my mother in a small town in the middle of no where. I have only one friend, Haley, we've known each other since... well forever, I can and do tell her everything.

Where were we... oh yeah! I know mum is right but it is just hard to admit, we have been stuck in this town since dad left when I was six, we have managed to survive, just the two of use but in know that mum isn't happy, that's the only reason that I agreed to move.

Mum left collage with lots of qualifications to marry my dad, the 'Man of her dreams' as she thought then, and to get married and raise a family, what every woman wants to do in her life. They got married, had me and moved to this small town where my dad was boss of a small company, a town that I still call home. To everyone they seemed like the perfect couple and to my mum they were, but not long after my 6th birthday my dad announced that he wanted a divorce and was moving away. I didn't find out till 2 years later that he left with the company secretary, a friend of my mum's and what can only be described as a living Barbie! When dad left mum fell apart, she got fired from her well-paid job at the local hospital and has been working in the diner ever since, supporting her and me on such low wages. Even though dad sends me money each month we still struggle but we manage.

I know that this job means the world to my mum and the pay is way better than what she gets at the moment so that is why I am willing to move to a place that I've never been to before, away from everything I know to start a new life, so that my mum doesn't have to be unhappy any longer.

"FINE, I'll finish packing" I shouted down at my mum who had by now had made it back down into the kitchen, putting more plates in boxes, seriously we have enough plates in this house for an army! I swear I could hear her smiling or doing her little, very embarrassing celebration dance, "Under one condition mum, I can come and visit Haley whenever I want!"

"Of course you can Sam, you can come back here anytime you want!" she exclaimed taping up yet another box from the kitchen, "I knew you would come round to the idea eventually" she revealed carrying on packing yet another cupboards worth of contents into a box.

Yes, that was definitely what I wanted to hear from mum, ah well back to packing boxes, oh fun! Looking round my room I realise it is a mess of boxes, junk and black bin liners. I have more left to do than I thought, might as well get started on my wardrobe. After hat felt like hours, 3 boxes and 5 black bags later I finally managed to reach the last of my crap. Only looking closer did I realise what was left, things that I held with great value that hold a lot of memories from many years ago.

I found a card given to me at the end of my first year of school, by my teacher who was moving on to 'New and more exciting things' as she put it. A script from a winter performance many years previous and a picture from elementary school signed reluctantly by everyone in my class.

I didn't know I was crying until I felt the tears running down my cheeks, leaving glitter paths on my pale skin. Wiping away my tears I continue to sort through what is left of my stuff, seeing what actually needs to be taken and what can be left behind. Finally the last box is packed, all I have to do know is de-clutter my walls. The walls in my room are decorated with many things, 2 walls and my ceiling are covered in band posters, the wall my bed was up against is covered in pictures of me and Haley, acting like the stupid fouls we are. But the most important wall in my room is the one behind my desk, right nest to my window. A whole wall just plastered in my artwork, not people know how much I draw, not even my art teacher has seen half of the work that is do, but I like it that way it keeps everything I draw personal. I think that's the wall I'm going to start on, now where did I put my art folder...

2 hours later...

Finally my walls are clear of everything and I filled all 3 of my big art folders, looking round my room now it feels alien to me, it no longer looks like I was ever in this room. All the boxes have been put out in the van by those mover men, I don't like them that much they keep staring at my and it is more than creepy, the room seems so much bigger than I ever remember it being, it looks at least 2 times bigger. Taking one last look around what used to be my room, I realise how hard it going to be to leave her. I turn out the light and shut the door, not looking back but looking onto a new beginning.

A/N: There you guy, chapter 1 up and ready for reading R&R please, I would love to know what you guys think! It would be really nice and I will try and reply to everything and anything that you say!

xoxo Sam
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