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Internal Battle’s are Fun!

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Car journeys are never fun but where you end up usually is! rated for language :)

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Looking back at the house where so many memories, good and bad stem from, brings me to the edge of tears but I wont let them show, I have to stay strong for mum and for myself. Everything has been packed into the removal truck ready for the drive to our new house; I look back at the house for one last time before mum pulls off the drive behind all that we own and on to the main street. Everything is going to change know, I just know it is but I can only hope that everything change for the better, tree's whiz past the window but I don't notice them, I wonder what school is going to be like... God please say there is no uniform!?

I must have a look of shock on my face because all I can hear over the engine of our old beat up car is mum giggling. "Before you ask because I know you've just had an 'Internal Battle', no you don't have to wear a uniform and before you even think of asking you are gonna have to make you own way to school!" she explained without taking her eyes off the road once. Dude I'm gonna have to get to school by myself that's just great, I know we don't live that far away from the school I'm going to but I have no one to walk with so I'm going to look like an absolute loner! Wait a second... I don't even know where we are moving to!!

"Mum, you've never mentioned where we are moving to! I know your job is in New York but we can't afford to live there so where are we living?" I questioned her trying to find out as much information as possible. On her weekends off mum had been coming up here trying to find somewhere for us to live in when we finally sold our house, but to my memory she had never actually told me anything about where it is, what it's like or anything about it, yet another reason why I was so reluctant to leave.

"Oh I told you where we were moving!" she revealed turning to look at me before looking back at the road, yes before you ask my mum has the worst memory on the plant although I must admit it has come in handy on many occasions. "I looked at flats all through the city but nothing would fit us or the price was just way too high" Yes that sounded right for New York "So instead we are moving to... New Jersey" "DID YOU JUST SAY NEW JERSEY?!" I think my head is going to explode; loads and loads of bands come from where I am going to be living...OMG!

Mum seeming usually un-surprised by my little outburst (yes that was little) went back to keeping her eyes on the road while I routed round in the bag by my feet for my ipod, god damn thing is probably right at the bottom, where the fuck... there it is! No its not as new as I would like it to be but it serves it's purpose and is surviving well seeing as though it is stuck together with band stickers, mental note to self when I have enough money buy myself a new ipod. Putting my battered headphones into my ears I decided I should have a rest, I'm knackered as is it, the sun isn't even up yet, we have to unpack the van and get the house ready, I have school tomorrow and the drive is like what, 2 hours long, it would be a better use of time, then sitting here watching cars go by.


Ok, where are we at know, well I know for sure we are in New Jersey as everything looks so different to the town at home, everything here is bigger, new and terrifying. This is definitely the rougher part of NJ, and I have to walk to school each day without getting hurt, I can tell know that's going to be a challenge all on its own, let alone the fact that I'm starting at a new school. Through my deep train of thought I can here mum say we are about 5 minutes away from the house, so out of curiosity I might as well look at the houses going past the window to see what our house should look like, although I must admit the moving truck is blocking my view of all the house's in front of the car. They look really homely, you know what I mean, they look really cosy and like something that you can put your mark on and make your own. And the truck is slowing down so that means that we must be getting near the house, and it... turning right? I thought mum said earlier that we were going to be living near my school, OH we are going to be living cul-de-sac, could Old people be a more appropriate phrase?! There has go to be at least one kid my age living in this street, if their isn't I think I'm going to go mad, will have to wait and see until school gets out later.

And the truck has stopped so this is where we must be living... it actually looks quite nice but kind of small, you never know it might be like a Tardis inside, yes I like Dr Who! For a house that is white it is actually pretty clean and looks in brilliant condition, I can only hope that it is like this inside. "Here we are" mum practically shouted turning to me, I think she thought I was still asleep, she was wrong! She gave me an apologetic smile before carrying on "I know that it doesn't look that big but trust me it is, and I already know which room you are going to want so you don't even need to ask" I know she's my mum but I bet she doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does, "Lets go have a look around before they start unloading the van... Oh yeah and these are yours!" she explained into her bag obviously looking for something that was meant for me, about 2 minutes later she produced a set of keys, at least I'm being trusted enough know to have a set of keys to my own house! I swiftly exited the car managing to avoid the obvious lecture I was going to get about not losing them and jogged up the wooden steps to the front door, closely followed by mum. I let her get to the door first before following in after her.

WOW, she was right this is bigger on the inside, I know its not got any furniture in it but I expected the house to be smaller than this. Is the other rooms are going to be anywhere near as big as this then I think I am going to love this house, I'd hate to see what this house looked like before seeing as though mum has already come up and decorated the house. She came up on her week off to decorate the whole house while I stayed at Haley's house, much to my major happiness. All the walls in the Lounge/Dining room have been painted a really dark crimson making it feel really welcoming, for a doctor mum is really good at interior design. I've lost mum so she is probably in the kitchen, and I'm right, and I can tell my mum has definitely been the one decorating as the wall in the kitchen are a kind of terracotta colour and she had painted all the cupboard doors a creamy colour. I wonder what the garden is like, peering out of the back door it is like the house, surprisingly better than expected but I will take a better look later... and mum has disappeared again, I swear sometimes she is a ninja in disguise! Oh no, she is in the hallway; she just kicked a radiator I can guess from the load cursing coming from that direction.

And I am right as usual, I peek round the lounge door to see her pointing at the radiator giving it evils, yes me and my mum are both kinda crazy but who isn't? Oh I didn't notice that door when we came in, so that means basement which means I'm gonna have to beg mum to give it to me as a drawing room but it will be worth it. Climbing the stairs I notice that there is only three rooms but I'm sure mum said something about her having enough room for an office but for now I will just shut up and not say anything. Just like our old house, god it feels weird saying that, the bathroom has been painted the normal blue just like every other house on the planet! I'm not even gonna look in mum's room because it is of no interest to me what so ever, so I should go and look at what I presume is my room. And it's... not my room?! This is defiantly not my room, in place of my double bed and all my other stuff there is a huge bookshelf and desk with a new computer on, this is definitely mum's office so where the hell is my room?!

Storming back outside past several movers I start to think my mum might have forgotten about me, "MUM, where the hell is my room!" I know I just got looked at by most of the guys moving stuff into the lounge and kitchen but at this moment in time I don't really care. Turning to look at me, again not surprised she questions me "You did go downstairs did you?" before turning back around to direct the movers on where things needed to go. Wait a second... downstairs? What did she mean by- OH! BASEMENT ROOM!!!!

Turning quicker than I think I ever have before I just about manage to dodge a very burly mover dude before quickly making my way back up to the house, taking the steps 2 at a time. I hope mum hasn't decorated my room like she did when I was 5, I absolutely can NOT stand pink, I thinks that's one of the reasons I have so many posters. Now the door to my room is before me I realise how plain it is, mental note number 2- use spare band stickers to decorate door, pulling open the door I notice a curved set of stairs going down, hopefully my room is going to be big. At the bottom of the stair I am meet yet again by another door, at least some privacy and it will be quiet down here if mum meets someone- I don't think I need to explain anymore about that!

Fuck! This room is absolutely huge, it must be at least about half the size of the house, mum knows me better than I thought she did having painted my walls black, perfect for putting things up on my walls. Wait I see another door... so that must be a bathroom, awesome, at least I don't have to share one with my mum, all I can say is two words- Clean Freak.

Taking yet another look around I can tell that is going to be so much better than I though it was going to be.

A/N: sorry for the lack of characters in this so far but trust me there will be some recognisable in the next chapter, I just need to get the story set up before we dive into everything else, so enjoy!

xoxo Sam
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