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First Impression’s Aren’t As Important As You Think

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Why is it that when you try to act normal and sane, it turns out that you act the total opposite? rated for language :)

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And that's the last box out of the car, the removal truck left about on hour ago and mum is in the kitchen trying to find a place for all of her cooking stuff, that's just leaves me with the task of unpacking my room and it is only... half 1! I thought it was later than that but at least it gives me time to unpack before school lets out and I can see who else lives in the street.

Right, what is down here already? I have my double bed, which is really comfy with all its red pillows, built in wardrobes that will be full soon, my bedside table and a new desk and chair! Finally, I've needed one for ages; the desk at my old house was literally falling apart and I didn't even have a chair, at least I can sit at my desk and draw now without any interruptions. It is also surprisingly light for a basement room, I thought it would be a heck of a lot darker but I guess I was wrong.

Back to unpacking, what box did I put my ipod speakers in? I think it was in that box, yeah I was right, the box with 'Stuff #2' written on the side in black sharpie. Lets plug this in and gets some tunes playing and we are gonna listen to... Basket Case, Green Day that'll do just fine. Lets start on my mass amount of boxes; I think clothes would be the place to start. I hope I put those scissors in my bag or I'm gonna have to open these boxes with my teeth and luckily I did! First box is... T-shirts and all still on hangers, this is gonna take less time that I thought, what tops are in here? There is a lot of black, loads more band T's and home made tops. And in box 2 we have mass amounts of hoodie's and jacket's, enough to get me nicknamed a 'Jacket Slut', what can I say I do love my jackets! The other boxes get unpacked filling my wardrobes with shirts, skinny jeans, masses of vests, tutu's and lots of other stuff, what can I say, I am a very 'varied person' as mum puts it.

Now that done all I have to do know is sort out all my other random crap and cover the walls with my mass amount of posters and drawings and some of my pictures of Haley and me. They just so happen to be the first thing that comes out of my art folder, when I found out that we were moving I put all the pictures I had onto one massive piece of card, so that makes it easy to put up, all it needs is some blue tac on the back and then I can move on. Right, now onto my posters that vary from Green Day, Panic! At The Disco, Misfits, Iron Maiden and many more. After that I'll sort through all my pictures and then I think I'll be done. What the hell?! Why the heck is their Miley Cyrus on my ipod, god damn mother of mine has been going through my stuff again. Well that's being changed straight away, I think I will listen to a bit of... Black Veil Brides!

"Sam, Samantha, Samantha Anne Vendetta!" Mum called over my music before switching it off, "Hey, I was listening to that!" "Sam I've been calling you for the last 5 minutes, I thought you wanted to come upstairs when school came out" she explained pointing at the clock, on closer look I could see the time was 3 O'clock, I've been tidying my room for an hour and a half, my god that time flew fast! "Yeah I'll be up in a minute I'm just sorting out the last of drawings for my wall" I explained not looking away from my drawing that scattered my desk. I heard mum leave my room and mutter something about me being a 'total scatterbrain'.

About 5 minutes later after putting up my final drawings and putting my best one's back in my art folder I turned back off my ipod, putting it in my pocket and made my way upstairs to look and see if anyone remotely my age lives in the same street as me. Now where to sit, there is no big window to sit in or I can't sit upstairs so I think I'll go and sit outside, at least out there I can see if anyone is gonna turn down the road and can listen to my music in peace.

God this is boring it now half 3 and still no sign of anyone, I think I'm gonna give up and go inside and go crazy, actually scrap that I'm gonna go ring Haley, maybe even do some more draw- What the hell was that?
"Gerard Arthur Way, how dare you slam that door in your brother's face!" a woman yelled at someone who had obviously vanished into the house, and by my guesses it was one of her 2 sons. I think I might sit out here a bit longer; maybe I might even be able to meet some else from school. Taking a good look at the woman who's shouting had drowned out my ipod and could rival my mother's, I can't help but stare at the car- 1979 Trans Am,old, battered and fading black, but could there be a cooler car?!

"Mom honestly I'm fine, it didn't hurt and my glasses are fine. He just had another shit day of school" "Michael James Way, how many times do I have to tell you, do not use that type of language!" the woman I guess to be Mrs Way exclaimed before storming into the house. I thought that having a name like Michael would make you a total nerd but from the looks of what I'm guessing to be the younger brother he is defiantly not a nerd.

He is incredibly tall, well taller than me but who isn't? He looks kinda skinny but not the unhealthy type if you get what I mean, his faded black skinnies are slightly baggy but go well with his incredibly worn out converse that are definitely not their original colour. I wonder what top h- oh that solves that problem, turning round to get something out of the car he gives me a better view of his face and a... Misfits top!

Dude I like this kid already, please god say he is in my year? My eyes travel from his chest to his face, taking in every little detail. His skin is pale, maybe not as pale as mine but still probably enough to get taken the piss out of, caramel brown hair frames his face, his fringe covering part of his face. That in itself is beautiful, no I haven't 'fallen' for him, I can just see the beauty in anything, call it a skill if you will, his face is angular yet still soft, an odd combination but it works well on him.

My eyes travel to catch a glimpse of his only to find that he is staring straight back at me, fuck! How long have I been looking at him for, before I can even answer that question I have to get back inside. Without a second thought I turn on my heels, run up the steps 2 at a time, nearly falling flat on my face and rush back into my room. Right now what was I- oh yeah, I glance at the clock and see that I had been looking at him for over 20 minutes, god sake Sam! He's gonna think I'm crazy or some weird stalker, great way to ruin a first impression!

A/N: See I said that I would be putting in some recognisable characters in this chapter! From here things will get better, I promise it will get more interesting and others will be introduced. This wasn't my original 3rd chapter otherwise I would have updated earlier, I rethought the story and realised it needed more of an intro before delving right into everything!

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