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Welcome to Belleview High... Great!

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Don't you just find that alarm clock's are incrediably annoying? Coffee can make it all better! Rated for language

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Shut Up, stupid fucking clock! Why did you have to wake me up at... 7, great that gives me an hour to get ready for school and get there! Might as well get up and get ready, I need to make a better impression than I did yesterday!

Ah that feels so much better having clean hair, oh yeah need to put hair straightners on, there we go, right now what to wear? Well what's it like outside, and it is... grey and pissing it down, Oh Great.

Ok, definitely skinnies, ripped black one's I think with my... long high-tops with the doodles (yes I'm strange). What top to choose, I think I'm gonna wear a green day top, yeah that'll do. Might as well let people know what I like straight away without having to explain myself, just makes it easier for me. Now for my make up, where did I put that yesterday? I think it is in the- found it! Lets do the basics and now for lots of eyeliner and black eye shadow, that looks just about right! Now for my daily battle with the monster that I call my hair!

I think I look pretty awesome today, if I do say so myself! I managed to tame my hair and get it all done to perfection... and just in time to have some breakfast before I leave for school. Mum is awake I can tell from the smell of fresh coffee coming from upstairs, calling to me. Walking into the kitchen she puts a plate of toast and coffee in front of me without having said one word.
"Nice to see that your making an effort on your first day" I can tell she is giving what I'm wearing a once over but she never says anything about what I wear so its cool, "I know I said you'd have to make your own way to school, but I don't start work till later and its raining so I'm giving you a lift, be ready in 3 minutes or you WILL be walking!" Mum explained walking out of the kitchen to go and change. Thank god for that, I was definitely not going to walk to school in this weather; I'll just put my plate and mug in the sink then go and get ready.

That feels better; don't you just hate it having food stuck on your teeth? I need to get ready in 2 minutes, shoes on, studded belt looped on jeans, hoodie, leather jacket and scarf on. Now where the fuck did I put my BFMV bag! Of course on the back of my door?! Lets just add my keys, ipod and beat up phone and then we are ready to go!

"Everything is going to be fine Sam, there's no need to be nervous" Yeah you would say that, your not the one starting at a new school where you know no one!

"I can't help being nervous, I don't know anyone! And it's not like anyone is gonna want to be friends with me!" That should shut mum up; I'm really not in the mood for an argument. We are slowing so that must mean we are at school.

Oh this looks... depressing. I don't think I've ever seen a building this grey and it not the rain making it seem that colour, it really is grey. 'Welcome to Belleview High', well that sign is totally wrong it should read 'Welcome to Hell' but I'm not even gonna start. So at least mum is dropping me off at the office, I can avoid students for a little longer.

"Before you say anything yes I've got the paper work I need, No I don't need any money for lunch and I will walk later, bye!" Thank god I wore my leather jacket, the run from the car to the shelter of the office was longer than I thought. I bet the paperwork I need is right at the bottom of my bag, best to look organised for the first staff member I meet. "Hi, my name is Samantha Vendetta, I'm new here. I need to pick up my class schedule." Well that attempt at politeness was totally wasted! Only one word is needed to describe the woman on reception and that is prehistoric! And there it is- the look that I've been waiting for! That judging look that I get given by nearly every single person I met.

"There's your class schedule, your locker number and combination..." Ok that's too many pieces of paper at once, just nod and agree and this will all be over soon. "Just go though those doors and across the courtyard. Welcome to Belleview High" Is that all I get? Not even a 'Have a good day' or 'Good luck', no she just turns back to her computer and ignores me completely!

Ah well here we go, might as well introduce myself into hell!

A/N: SORRY! I have not updated in about a week but I have been weighed down with coursework and my art exam! Hope all you guys like the new chapter, I have another lined up for you that I just need to finish before I upload it for your viewing pleasure!

Thank you to those of you that have reviewed, all though more would be appreciated :)

Damn You AlexisSCREAM, I had to go and buy some skittles after reading your last review! I had skittles on the brain for days and therefore they are in the next chapter!

And skittles in an MCR story can only mean a certian person is gonna be introduced, i'll leave it to you to guess who I'm on about :D

xoxo Sam
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