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Double Chemistry... What a fun start to the day!

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I don't think that 2 hours of Chem could be more boring, but what does Sam think? And skittles play an important part...

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Little warning for you guys- there is gonna be some new characters in this and a POV change!

Why can this school be all enclosed, I've gotta walk through the courtyard and the rain is getting heavier, I am so glad I choose to wear a hoodie under my leather jacket! All that stands between me and the students of Belleview are these doors... might as well take the plunge and see what happens!

Damn my questioning mind, as soon as the doors opened in knew I was going to hate it here. Everyone in the courtyard is in their own little groups, the school hierarchy showing without a doubt, I will talk you through it.

So first up there are the popular girls, the people that literally rule the school, a group that you certainly do not want to mess with. The one's you see walking round in either cheerleading gear or skirts that are just way too short. They all look like clones, sat their under cover stopping their precious fake blonde curled hair from getting wet, applying more makeup than necessary and gossiping like theirs no tomorrow, watching their 'Boyfriends' at the same time.

That take us to the next group, I call them cavemen but they are better known as jocks. Standing there in the rain chucking a ball about, eyeing up any pretty girl that walks past and probably trying to pick their next target to beat up, again another group that you do not want to mess with.

Next in line is the 'Normal people' as they are known, those that just accept that they are not cool or popular and get on with what school ahs to throw at them. But they aren't the lowest in the pile, Oh NO, there are people classed lower than them.

Below them are the school nerds, typically seen sitting in groups talking about random equations and so on. Know they sit their going through homework that is due for the day, trying to make sure there is nothing wrong, trying to show off to the teachers that couldn't really care.

After them is a group that everyone tries to avoid, better known as the 'Emo's', often seen walking round in big groups, dressed all in black talking about death and other equally depressing things. Although they look a quiet group sat there talking, if you cross them they will surely old a grudge and their revenge will be gruesome to say the least.

The group that I don't see here is the group that I usually belong to, a group that is given many names; Freaks, Band weirdo's, and Annoying fuckers to name a few, but we are usually known as Misfits. We are usually a small group of people that are the favourite choice of the jock's for people to beat up, but seeing as though they aren’' here that's means I've got a group all of my own (YAY!), and that is New kid. The lowest of the low, not belonging to any group and very liable to bullying and gossip.

I might as well get this awkward moment over with and make my way over to the other side of the courtyard. Not a good idea Sam, a very stupid fucking idea. As soon as I took one step from under cover everyone's eyes fixed on me, they all stopped what they were doing to look at me. Keep you head down and they might ignore me... no not working, I can feel their eyes burning on me, judging me, inspecting me. And there the doors, thank fuck for that! As soon as I'm through the doors I instantly feel better, there eyes are off me but not their minds, through the door I can here them all gossiping about me... Great. Now where the hell is my locker?

"Fucking piece of shit locker! Why. Won't. You. Open... oww!" Why in this school does nothing like me, even my locker hurts me. I've tried opening it like six times and the stupid thing won't open!
"Do you want some help with that?" Who the hell is that being nice to me, turning round I see the kid from yesterday, what was his name...
"I'm Mikey, Mikey Way. You must be the new girl?" Oh shit he remembers me form yesterday, just relax and give him an answer.

"Oh yeah, I'm Sam, Samantha Vendetta. Sorry about staring to you yesterday, I just didn't expect you to look like you do with a name like Michael and you have probably the most awesome car ever!" Wait a go Sam, anther crap introduction!
"Awesome name! And don't worry about it, I'm used to getting stared at. You are probably the only girl I know with any taste in cars that aren't pink!" OK I seriously think Mikey is absolutely cool! "I'm sorry if I freaked you out yesterday by staring back, I was just surprised to see some else my age in the street, apart from my brother" My god he is more shy than me, he just said that whole last part while looking at his shoes.

"No dude it's cool, I embarrassed myself by staring at you and getting caught. Could you help me open my locker? It is being a total bastard and wont open!" As soon as I accepted him a look as happiness spread across his face. Taking a better look at him I can instantly tell what group he belongs to; Misfit. He is again wearing black skinnies and totally stressed converse, with an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Dude he keeps just getting cooler and more awesome!

"Yeah sure, what's your combination?" Where did I put that piece of paper? Oh it's in my hand, stupid me. Within 5 seconds of him seeing my combination, he has my locker door swinging open.
"Dude, how the... I'm not even gonna ask! You are always gonna have to help me open my locker from now on you know that right?" After putting away the books I don't need, I turn to him to see him smiling at me; I think I have actually made a friend, awesome! And all the other students are starting to fill the corridors, I'm never gonna be able to find my lesson!

"That's fine by me! So I'm guessing we are friends?" "Definitely" Dude I was right, awesome!
"This school is like a fucking maze and you can easily get lost, what's your first lesson? I'll walk you there" I don't think I could have made a better first friend.
"Umm... I have Double Chemistry with a teacher called Miss Haven?" "Oh your in the same class as my brother! Unlucky pick of teacher though, she is a right bitch and gives out detentions like they are candy. Try and stay on here good side" Well that should be easy seeing as though it is one of my best subjects, and within no time at all we are outside if what I'm guessing to be my first class.

"Seeing as though you lesson finishes at break why don't you come and hang with me and my mates in the library?" That doesn't sound like such a bad idea, if his friends are as accepting as him I could soon have more new friends.
"Yeah sure why not, you'd better go I don't want you being late because of me" Yay! Having friends is fun. After saying bye he leaves to go to his lesson and leaves me at the mercy of Miss Haven.

Walking into class I can feel everyone staring at me but I'll try and ignore it, where is my teacher? There she is sat at her desk, I can instantly see what Mikey was on about. She is probably one of the older teachers in the school, her greying hair tied up in a bun on top of her head, she looks like that cartoon teacher off the TV, oh this lesson is gonna be so hard not to laugh in! By now the whole class I watching me and sat their in silence, I walk over to her and give her one of pieces of paper the lady from the office gave me. She looks me up and down before talking to me.

"Ah Miss Vendetta, you are the new student that I was informed of. I hope that you can keep up in my class and stay out of trouble. Please go and sit next to Mr Way at the back of class."

Gerard's POV

"Ah Miss Vendetta... go and sit by Mr Way at the back of class." Oh great, why did that bitch have to sit the new girl by me! I was quite happy sat here in my own drawing but no, Miss H has other ideas. She must be the new girl that Mikey was on about yesterday, he said that 'she looks like she could be one of our friends', yeah right! The last person we though that about is now a cheerleader with a Jock for a so-called boyfriend.

"Hey, sorry for taking up your drawing space. I'll try and keep my stuff as tidy as possible" Well she seems nicer than I thought she would be, maybe I was wrong only time will tell. Now all I have to do I survive 2 hours of Chem then I can go and hang with the guys.

Ok that was the most boring hour of my life, 1 hour to go and I've nearly finished my drawing, new record for me!

"... and that class is the balanced equation, write it down in your books" No its not balanced at all, no wonder why so many people in this class are failing but not one is going to...
"Umm Miss it isn't balanced" What the hell is this chick doing, no one stands up to Miss Haven, well not if they wont to have a life after school "There is not enough Sodium on the second half of the equation, you need to put a 2 in front of it"

"I think Miss Vendetta that you are... Right? Thank you for pointing out my obvious mistake" Ok this new girl has got to have guts to stand up to one of the strictest teachers in school, I may have mistaken Mikey's judgement, only way to tell I to actually look at her.

Oh wow...

Beautiful cannot even start to describe this girl, she is just... Wow! She has got to have the best dress sense out all the girls I know, her ripped black skinnies teamed with a silver studded belt show off the curves of her legs wonderfully and show how skinny her waist is. Her tight fitting Green Day t-shirt is just visible under the hoodie and leather jacket that she is also wearing, none of it hiding her obvious curves.

Her raven hair is straightened to perfection, flicking out in all the right places framing her angelic pale face. Her full lips contrast her face perfectly, showing up a brilliant crimson. And I don't think I have ever seen eyes as blue as hers they are framed perfectly with black eyeliner! They are like sparkling blue diamonds!

If I didn't look at her before I can't help but look at her now, she is just so amazing! I just hope she really is like my friends and me; I would really love to get to know her better. Ah, this is gonna be so hard to concentrate having her sitting next me!

Sam's POV

"Right I want all of you to read and make notes on pages 130 to 132 for next lesson" Ok that had to me the most boring 2 hours of my life and Haley once made me watch HSM so it really was that bad! Right so now it is break... cool that means I get to go and hang with Mikey and his friends!

Packing my stuff away I quickly look at the boy that I am going to be sat by for the rest of the year, OH its Mikey's brother! I have a slow brain, deal with it! He still sat there staring into space, ah well might as well leave him and go and find his younger brother.

At least this school is sign posted or else I'll never find my way around. After about 2 minutes after leaving class I find the library and take my first step inside, Wow this is empty, I can see why Mikey hangs out in here, I can't even see any teacher's in here!

I can hear talking so that must the group I'm looking for, moving closer I can suddenly hear music playing although it isn't loud enough for me to make out the tune, turning a corner all I see is a flash of colour before I am nearly hugged to death!

"SAM!" "Mikey- let go- can't breathe!" For a skinny kid he is incredibly strong!
"Sorry, sometimes I don't know my own strength! Come on, I'll introduce you to the others" I don't see how he can be so excited we are in school for the love of god, and if he pulls me any faster I think my arm is gonna fall off! Please say his friends except me or I am royally screwed!

We finally stop at a circle of beanbag chairs where 2 other guys are sitting listening to what I can now recognise as Misfits... appropriate! "Guys this is Sam, the girl I told you about. Sam this is Ray Toro, guitar Genius. And Frank Iero, resident hobbit of the group and sugar junkie!"
"Mikey I don't know how many times I have told you I am fun-sized and my name is Frankie. Frank makes me sound like an adult..." I think I'm going to like these guys! Seeing as though Frankie and Mikey are now fighting I might as well go and talk to Ray.

"Hey, sorry about them you get used to it after a while" Are all these guys this nice?
"Hey, no it's cool, me and my best friend fight like this all the time... Oh this is my favourite song ever!"
"Misfits fan I'm guessing. You'll fit in with us just fine!"

After about 5 minutes of fighting Mikey gets pinned and surrenders before coming and sitting next me on a bean chair, while Frankie sits opposite. Now that my attention is off the fight I can get a better look at my 2 new friends! Ray is probably the tallest person that I have ever met in my whole life, his amazingly curly Afro only adding to his height. He is wearing a plain black t-shirt, black jacket, faded grey jeans and converse. Frankie on the other hand is the shortest person I have ever met apart from myself. He probably dresses the best out of all the guys, His ripped black skinnies team up perfectly with his near-enough shredded converse, and with a studded belt it just all goes. His white shirt and tie stand out but they draw your attention to his arms that are absolutely plastered in tattoos, his nose and lip are pierced which just looks absolutely awesome! But I must say his hair is the coolest thing about him, the sides are cut short and dyed blonde, while the top is still long and black, it kinda looks like a Mohawk!

"Mikey are we allowed to eat in here?" I didn't see any signs saying we could, but I didn't see any signs saying we couldn't. I didn't want to ask the other guys as they are having an in depth conversation about guitars. "Yeah, no teachers ever come in here so we basically do what ever we want!" Awesome! I can already see where I am going to be spending break for the rest of the year. Now, where did I put those sweets this morning? Ah there they are!
"DUDE! I really wouldn't open those now I you want to eat them, Frankie has a major thing for those. He will them out of your hands in no time." "I'd like to see him try!" Without anytime for Mikey to argue I rip open the packet and take in the sweet smell of sugar.

"OH MY GOD, who has skittles!?" Frankie practically shouted turning to look at Mikey and me. Frankie's eyes instantly zoom in on my skittles and an evil smirk spreads across his face.
"SAM RUN!" Mikey and Ray shout at the same time, just before I see Frankie launch himself at me. Without a second thought I zoom out of my chair still clutching the skittles and run around the nearest bookshelf closely followed by Frankie.

I make it back to my bag, put the skittles safely inside before I turn round and tackle Frankie to the ground, sitting on top of him pinning his hands by his side. With my most evil smile I look at him, "If you ask nicely I might just give you some skittles!"

A/N: See! I told you guys it would get better as time went on! And the guys are finally in it; from here it can only get more interesting!

In future chapters there will be more written from Gerard's POV and possibly from other people's as well! I hope you guys like this, I think that it is quite funny but only your reviews can show what you think of it :)

I dedicate the part about Skittles to AlexisSCREAM, yet again having an influence on my writing and making me have a bag of skittles by my side the whole way through writing this!

I will be uploading more in the next 2 weeks as we are going on Easter Holiday! YAY!

xoxo Sam
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