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And Libraries Are Suppose To Be Boring!

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Misfits + Skittles + Empty Library = Major fun, wonder what everyone gets up to...

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Gerard's POV

"Mr Way, unless you would like to stay in my class over break I would highly advise that you leave" Huh, oh the lessons ended? And she's gone, great I was gonna talk to her! Might as well go and find Mikey before Miss Haven decides to give me a detention like she usually does. Putting my art book and pencils back in my bag I walk out of her class into the deserted corridors, no one ever stays inside the school during break they all go and sit outside. Even on a day like this when it is cold as fuck and tipping it down they would still rather sit outside than inside in the warm but fine be me, less people in the library.

Ah the sweet sounds of Misfits, the guys are definitely in the library probably arguing over something that happened during lessons, seeing as though they are lucky enough not to have a double lesson first thing! Walking through the doors I can still hear the music but I can't hear the usual arguing that they usually have... oh please say they aren't actually doing homework again?

I better go and check before they desert me for the nerds!

Now that is something that I didn't expect to see! The girl from Chem (I really should now her name!) is literally sat on Frankie pinning his arms by his sides as he squirms underneath her. She has got to be stronger than she looks, even though our Frankie is little he puts up one heck of a fight, he could easily teach the jocks a lesson or 3. Mikey and Ray are sat in their normal bean chairs cheering and taking the piss out of Frankie for getting beaten by a girl, but what the hell started this?!

"Hey Mikey, dare I ask what is going on?" taking my usual seat I can get a better view of the fight but not only that the girl I spent nearly 2 hours thinking about. Usually I'm the one being pinned by Frankie so this makes a change.
"OH hey Gee, have you met Sam yet, she is uberly cool as you can see, I told you she would hang out with us!" If Mikey smile gets any bigger I think it is going to swallow his own face.
"Yeah I'm sat next to her in Chem, she seems pretty cool but we didn't speak, too much work! I will ask again, why is Frankie being pinned to the floor?"
"Sam opened a bag of skittles, and she still has them!" Ok if she managed to keep skittles away from the sugar gremlin she just has to join our group!

Sam's POV

"For the last time Frankie, NO you can not have any skittles!" "BUT WHY!?" God damn it, does he ever give up. "Well to start with you chased me round the library, you tried to grab my hair, No one touches my hair! And finally you gave me bite marks! So no you are not getting any skittles" Yes I am being deadly serious during our little fight on the floor he tried to pull on my hair (NOT COOL) and he actually bite my wrist, he is a crafty little thing!

"I'm sorry Sam, if I promise not to do it again and ask nicely, will you get off me and give me skittles?" Oh No, not the puppy eyes, anything but the puppy eyes!
"Fine, Fine! Just stop with the puppy eyes, there too powerful! Just go and sit down and I will get them, ok?" After some very eager nodding I think it is safe to get off Frankie. To my bag and one handful of skittles for Frankie. "And that's all your getting!" Ah, he looks like a little kid on Christmas. I'm never bringing skittles into school again; I do not want to have another fight on my hands. Might as well go and sit by Frankie and tease him with my monster bag of skittles, Ray is there so there is no worry on Frankie attacking me this time. Sitting in front of Frankie I had the best view of Mikey and his brother talking, who might I just say is absolutely gorgeous!

Definitely another misfit- his black skinnies show off how strong his legs are teamed with what I can guess as black army boots, different. From what I can see his white tee hugs his chest in all the right places, his arms are covered by an awesome leather jacket that I just might have to 'borrow'.

His pale skin looks so smooth, I just want to reach out and touch his strong face. His features are like Mikey's but his are more rounded, less angular but still as beautiful. His lips look so soft, and oh who knows what they could do. Inky black hair frames his face wonderfully, it looks a total mess but it suits him.

And oh my god, those eyes! They are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, swirling orbs of the richest Hazel flecked with the darkest Emerald. I could easy get lost in those eyes...

"SAM! What you looking at?" who the hell is that shouting in me ear?!
"Mikey, why the hell did you shout so close? Sorry I was in my own world, I tend to do that a lot" Oh why do I end up saying things like that around these guys, I'm surprised they haven't run off screaming yet.
"Sorry, don't worry about it Gee's always doing that. Oh you haven't spoken to him yet have you? Come and chat with me and the guys!" I swear that this kid has more enthusiasm than anyone I have ever met, before I even get a chance to answer him I'm sat next to him, pulled into their little circle of friends. Who is that taping on my shoulder now?

"Hey, we didn't get a chance to speak in chemistry, I'm Gerard, much better bigger brother to Mikey" His voice is even the most beautiful that I have ever heard, why is he just so perfect?!
"Hey, I'm Sam! New girl and I think Mikey is better" lets see what that creates!
"Oh come on Gee, stop being so big headed! Your only 1 year older than me and I did get moved up into your year! And ha, suck on that!" Definitely brother's, at least they get on.
"Anyway, back to Sam!" Why does everything have to come back to me! "Are you out of your mind? What you did in Chem was not a good idea!" Ok what did I do wrong?
"Gee leave her alone, you've only known Sam for, what 2 minutes and your calling her crazy! What did Sam do anyway?" Thank you Frankie, at least I know someone is on my side.
"Oh she only stood up to Miss H and corrected her in class!" Ah now I see what I did, I remember what Mikey said before class.
"How are you still here? Miss H gives out detentions for just dropping a pen and you managed to stand up to her! Way to set up a good reputation for yourself!" Another thanks but for Ray, at least I've managed to gain some good reputation in 2 hours.

"Sam, we've only got 5 minutes till the end of break, what have you got next?" Actually what have I got next?
"Umm, I have... English and French?" Why does this timetable have to be so confusing!
"Your with Frankie and Toro, come on lets go get your stuff before we get crushed out there" At least Mikey knows what going on, lets go see if my locker is anymore co-operative than this morning!

A/N: As I promised last night, here is the next chapter! I had this written ages ago but my stupid computer did not save it, stupid computer!!! This is the re-written version I don't think it is as good as the original but I hope you guys enjoy it!

I should be putting up the next chapter in the next day or to, thanks to anyone that has read my new story but I need more characters, so audition if you want, there's more info about it on the other story :)

Will update ASAP!

xoxo Sam
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