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I Am Not A Show-off

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French lessons and cool teachers make the world go round!

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Sam’s POV

"That had to be the most boring lesson EVER! Who needs to know about Shakespeare?" That truly was the most boring lesson I have ever had in my entire life, I do't think I can stand another lesson of 'Romeo and Juliet' and I've only been in one lesson.
"Come on you two, we are going to be late to French! Mr B is only going to give us a detention so hurry your asses up!" Ok note to self; do NOT piss of Ray, it is scary to see a shouting fro!
"Oh come on Ray, he really isn't that bad and he does let us sit and the back and do fuck all!You really can't complain 'cuz your acing French anyway" This sounds like a subject that I am going to enjoy, not only can I speak French but by the sounds I don't have to do any work, bonus!

"Come on class, take your seats! PARKER, put that book down and shut up before I give you detention for a week!" Why is it that all the teacher in this school seem to be really strict? But I must say that Mr B does seem like a cool teacher, he must be one of the younger teachers as he is wearing jeans and a smart top, not like any of the other teachers here.
"Sam there's a spare seat at the back next to me, come sit with us please?" ah Frankie is so cute in a non-over friendly way, if you get what I mean.
"Yeah sure, who else am in gonna sit next to Frankie?" That was kind of obvious, I think all the sugar from the skittles has gone to his brain. While Mr B sorts out all his stuff for the lesson I might as well go and talk to Ray as Frankie is scribbling what I expect to be homework in his book.
"Dude, what are these lessons like? I kind of have an idea from what you said earlier but we look kind of out of place in this class?" It's true, we are surrounded by Barbie's and Neanderthals and the occasional normal student.
"It's alright, Mr B gets on better with us more than he does any other students so he just lets us get on with whatever and sticks up for us if any of that lot decide to start. Good idea if your not gonna be in library is to stay near where he is, stops any of them from trying to rip you to shreds" Oh that's good, at least there is one teacher on our side. But I’m gonna have to avoid mad crazy psycho girls, fun!

"Alright class settle down, I said SETTLE DOWN! Right we have a new student starting with us today" "FREAK!" "Ms. Delacour, unless you want to be taken of the Cheer squad I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. As I was saying we have a new student, Sam why don't you come up and introduce yourself, in French if you can" I really do like this teacher, no one ever stands up for us so this is gonna make a change. And I think he has seen my past grades if he is asking me to speak in French before even teaching me once.

"Bonjour, mon nom est Sam Vendetta. Je suis 17 et ont simplement déplacés ici parce que le travail de ma maman. Umm... Je écouter alot de musique et amour dessiner, faire mon sujet art favoris, mais je suis également très bien au français, c'est, je pense!" And back to my seat before anyone else but the guys starts staring at me.
"Wow, well done Sam! You are the only person that has ever been able to do that, I think you going to do just fine in this class" Did I just get a well done off a teacher? Well that's got to be a first. I can feel the guys staring at me and I know that we are starting to work so I think I might as well talk to them.

"Ok, Frankie why are staring at of me like that? It's kind scary! And Ray shut your mouth before I decide to punch you!" why is I that whenever I do something in front of a class I always manage to freak someone out, and this time I had to be my friends, great! Ray kind of wakes up from his shock and stops looking like a gold fish but Frankie is still staring at me, creepy.
"Sorry but how the hell did you do that?! Even Mikey who is the biggest nerd ever can't speak French and you managed to shock our teacher, no one has ever done that!" Well at least they don't hate me, maybe I shouldn't of shown off but I couldn't help it.

"I couldn't help it, Mr B challenged me to do it! Plus before I moved here is had loads of spare time so I taught myself French, that's all there is to it" Its sounds really stupid but I had that much spare time.

"Frank stop with the interrogation will you! Well at least there is no way you are going to fail this class. Sir might even ask you to tutor someone else" well that could be interesting as long as it isn't a Barbie I'll be fine.

"Yeah maybe you could even tutor Gee, he is worse at French than me and that's saying something!" Maybe that would work, it would be interesting none the less and I could get to know him better.

Gerard’s POV

"Mikes what are you doing with that piece of paper?" I swear he is not 16 or even my brother for that matter with how nerdy he is. We are currently sat in English doing nothing as our teacher ill and we have a supply, meaning that no one is going to do anything but mess about.
"Frankie said earlier that you can not fold a piece of paper more than 5 times, so I'm trying to prove him wrong." Definitely a strange kid, after getting to 5 folds he gives up and turns to talk to me.

"Gee, what do you think of Sam?" "What do you mean Mikes?" I swear that he can reads minds, I was just thinking about her and he brings it up more than creepy.
"What I mean is do you think she is going to stick around with us, and not go off like Sara did?" Why does that always have to be brought up in conversation, everyone knows that it's a bad subject to bring up but its been a year I should be over what she did but its hard.
"Yeah I think she is gonna stick with us, she became friends with you didn't she? Don't worry about it, does she really seem like the secret cheerleader type to you?" It is true, if people become friends with Mikey they are usually our friend for life.

"You've got a point there, you always make sense. Do you like Sam? And you know what I mean" I seriously think he is a mind reader!
"She's nice, if that is what you meant" lets hope that puts him off the subject for a while.
"You know that's no-" Ah saved by the bell, to lunch we go! But first to Sam's locker, see if I can catch her alone.

A/N: This is all I seem to be saying to you guys lately but again I must say sorry! I have not updated in over 2 weeks and that is just not good. My updating might be a bit wacky for a while as my final GCSE exams are starting and my mind needs to be focused on that.

BUT if I do by any chance get any time to myself then I will update you guys, you shall become my second priority!

I have been working on 'One Image Tells All...' in school (luckily without getting caught) so there should be an update on that within the next week!

I hope this keeps all you creative minds happy, oh and the French in this should translate as;
"Hi, my name is Sam Vendetta. I am 17 and have just moved here because as my mum's work. Umm... I listen to a lot of music and love to draw, making my favourite art subject, but I am also very good at French, that is, I think."
I was too tired to do it myself so I googled it, so if it's wrong feel free to correct me :)

Will update ASAP!

xoxo Sam
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