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Conflicting Corridors

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Words exchanged betweenna girl and a boy aren't always nice and lovely

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2010-05-26 - Updated: 2010-05-26 - 576 words

Sam's POV

"And your homework for next lesson is to learn to answer those questions, I will be testing you next lesson. Alright now you can go!" Mr B is probably one on the coolest teacher's ever, not only did he stick up for me against that Barbie, but he even started playing Black Veil Brides in the middle of our lesson.
"That has probably got to be the best lesson I have had all day!" No lie.
"Yeah, lessons are usually like that with Mr B but we don't usually get insulted as much as we did today" Yeah that is kinda my fault, the preppy lot took the piss out of us for being 'freaks' and me being the new girl didnt help much.
"Yeah I take full blame for that. I'll meet you guys in the lunch hall, just got to go and get some money out my bag" I called back to them vanishing round the corner to my locker.

Where the fuck did I put my wallet! I swear everything that I try to find is not where I put it, typical me. Well at least I managed to get my locker open without any help, one of the few good things about my day so far.
"You, your the new girl right?" Oh great, who wants to have a go at me now?! Shutting my locker and turning round I see a jock; short-ish blond hair, fake tan, too bright white teeth, designer clothes and biggest ego ever. Oh this is gonna be fun!
"You talking to me? Yeah I am, what's it to you?" Did I mention that when I want to be I can be a right moody bitch, it comes in handy in situations like these.

"Yeah I am talking to you! You look like a girl who could give a guy a good time, you little slut!" Excuse me WHAT THE HELL!?
"What the fuck! Dude if I was you I would back away now before you leave without any manhood left to use" Definitely not what I was expecting to happen, I thought this guy was gonna come and call me 'Emo' and whatever else people think of me, but I never expected that to happen! A look of anger flashed across his eyes, his hands went either side of my head backing me against the locker with no means of escape.
"Now come on, we both know that you want me you whore!" Ok this guy is seriously starting to annoy me, I think I'm gonna have to do something soon or this is gonna turn ugly.
"I am no whore! Now look here..."

A/N: Just realised I haven't updated in about 18 days! You guys deserve something to keep you interested, so here is a little bit for your viewing. I do realise it is kinda short but I am working on the next chapter in between my revision schedule, so expect the next chapter for this to appear very soon.

Did any of you find the Harry Potter reference in the last chapter? I just couldn't help but put it in, it had been in my head all day and I could think of anything else!

My other stories will be updated soon I promise, as soon as my exams finish in exactly 3 weeks you will see chapters flying up!

Hope you guys enjoy this and R&R as always!

xoxo Sam
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