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Fabulously crap!

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Why can't all guys acts as well as Gerard?

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Gerard's POV

Where did Mikey say her locker was? I've got the worst memory ever, I don't even know the way around my school how stupid is that?
" little slut!" What the hell was that? Hardly anyone in the school talks like that but the jocks, who ever that is on the end of that doesn't deserve it! Walking round the corner I saw something I never thought I would see, Shaun Parker talking to Sam up by the lockers, so what that means he called here a slut?!

"What the fuck! Dude if I was you I would back away now before you leave without any manhood left to use" My god that girl has got have a death wish standing up against him, last person who did that ended up in hospital, it was not a pretty sight.
"Now come on, we both know that you want me you whore!" That just goes way out of line, he is literally pining her against the lockers, why has this guy not got punched. Oh this is gonna end bad, I can see that Sam is getting set to have a right go at him piece of her mind!
"I am no whore, Now look here! You might have fucked every girl on the cheer squad and probably most girls in the year but that does not mean that every girl on the planet wants to have sex with you! Your witty jokes and big ego might fool some girl but I does nothing for me" Why is it that no one but me is here to hear this, and what is he doing?! He is literally shoving his tongue her throat, Gerard right now would be a great time to do something!

"Shaun I don't think it's right to literally throat rape a girl you are notgoing out with, don't you think?" as soon as I made myself known he backed off and stood on the other side of the corridor, I might look like a scrawny band weirdo but when I'm angry I can throw one hell of a punch. As I walked over to Sam she shot me a 'thank you' look, she stood behind me while I stood up against Shaun.
"What's it to you anyway? I was just having a quiet word with new girl here" I could so easily punch him right now but I wont.
"Oh so calling Sam a 'Whore' and a 'Slag' is a quiet word? I don't think so, why don't you just go back to your friends and slag of a girlfriend." Ok I don't know where that came from but it seemed to do the trick, Shaun gave me one last death glare before going off in the direction of the lunch hall.

"THANK YOU!" Ok, defiantly was not expecting that! Literally just got hugged to death by Sam, after letting me go she stood back and looked at her feet in what I'm guessing to be embarrassment, does that mean that she likes me? No, let's not think about that now, I better find out what that thing with Shaun was about.

"Don't worry about it. What was that with Shaun any way? I heard what he said to you I'm pretty sure that none of it was true!" Oh that smile could melt anyone's heart, she doesn't seem like the sort of person Shaun was accusing her of being, and she looks the total opposite in my opinion.
"No one has ever stood up for me so it is something for me to thank you about. I don't have a fucking clue what that was about! It thought that he was just going to have a go at me for being the new girl or whatever and well you heard what he said, none of it true by the way!" That guy deserves to be punched or worse, we have to tell the guys about this, no one deserves to have to put up with him.
"It's what friends do, and just ignore him. I know that none of what he said is true, you're not a cheerleader!" Ok, that last bit was a slight generalisation but it is kinda true.
"Still thanks, and yeah definitely not the cheerleading type! Umm... can we walk and talk? I'm kinda hungry" "Yeah sure" Why did't I think of that, we have been standing here for ages!

Sam's POV-

Fucking hell, why does everything have to go wrong in my life!? Why is it that I get chosen to be the next target for what I'm guessing to be the head jock? But there is a plus side to this little incident, Gerard came and rescued me. No one has ever stood up for me in a fight and oh my god did he look hot being all manly and brave, it made my heart melt!

"Here we are, the fabulous lunch hall! Ok it's not that fabulous but it does it's job" Gerard could make anything sound better than it actually is with his voice, but he is right, it is kinda rundown. A room of greying walls and graffiti covered tables that seat 6 people fill the room.
"Yeah your right it looks fabulously crap! Can you queue with me? I don't have a clue where you guys sit." That last part is true but any excuse to spend time with him I will use.
"Of course, I got to buy lunch today anyway and I wouldn't let you buy lunch without knowing what it actually edible" So I guess something are the same in all schools, the cooks can't make a decent meal. Does that mean that he cares? Of course not, no ever likes me that way, he is probably just helping me because I'm new.
"My advice is go for the pizza or salad, can't go wrong with either of those. And it's pretty much the same everyday" Ok got to remember that for the future, and I think it is going to be pizza today.

"We usually sit near the back, no one comes to annoy us there" Following Gerard to their table I can't help but notice how nice his ass looks in those tight skinnies! Oh I really hope he isn't taken or gay!

"What took you guys so long? Class finished 10 minutes ago and we have been waiting for you" Frankie questioned as me and Gerard took seats at the table.
"That is kinda my fault, we had a slight run in with one of the jocks" Well technically Gerard save me from a jock but I'm not going to explain that.
"That was more than a 'run in' Sam, Shaun deserves a punch after what he said and especially what he did!" Thank you Gerard, now I have to explain what happened. Which I do not want to do!
"Shaun, as in Shaun Parker? What did he do now?!" Mikey finally looked up from his comic at the mention of Shaun's name, by the way these guys talk about him makes me think that he has done some pretty bad stuff. I really do not want to explain what happened by the lockers, it is way to embarrassing, hopefully if I keep looking at my feet Gerard might get the hint and make them drop the subject. Either that or he will explain, which I hope he doesn't.

"Seeing as though Sam won't explain, I will" Great he is going to explain! "Shaun was basically is stupid and cocky self, he had a go at Sam calling her a 'Slut' and a 'Whore', and then thought it was to try and throat rape her" If I didn't feel embarrassed when Gerard rescued me, I defiantly do now. All the guys that weren't there are sat opened mouthed, eyes fixed on me.
"OH MY GOD, I can not believe that he did that to you!" Before I knew what was happening Frankie appeared right next to me and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.
"Thanks Frankie you can let go now, your crushing my ribs. Can we not talk about, I do not want to think about my attempted throat rape if you don't mind." That is definitely not a phrase I thought I would ever have to use.
"Of course Sam, what were your lessons like Mikey and Gerard?" Oh thank you Ray for a distraction, now this is something that I do not mind talking about.

Gerard's POV

"Health class was as boring as ever, and our English teacher is ill so no-one did anything. Big bro here decided to daydream rather than doing anything better." Thank you Mikes for making me sound like an absolute idiot in front of Sam, what a good first impression I am making.

"Anyway how did your lessons go?"

"Same as any other day, more insults but still as boring as ever!" Thank you Frank for that incredibly unhelpful description, "But we do a genius in the group now, and Mikey before you complain it is true!" Oh so Sam is smart and super hot, just keeps getting better.

"I am no genius! Just because Sir said I did well in French doesn't make me a genius!" Ok definitely keeps getting better, I really need help in French class. I actually do, if I fail French then I can't carry on with art next year.

"I was not going to complain! I was going to ask Sam if she wanted come round after school, seeing as though all you guys are!" Oh I could just hug my brother sometimes, why didn't I think of inviting Sam round?!

"Oh, I would love to hang out with you guys! I need to text my mum but I should be allowed." And this day just keeps getting better and better!

A/N: I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY! I haven't updated in over a month!!! But I do have a valid reason, my shity laptop decided it was not going to let me get on the internet in any way, so I've only been able to get on the Wii and you have no idea how hard it is to type on those things!

Also I nearly lost all my stories because I had to have to have my laptop restored so I only have this new chapter and something new written at the moment but seeing as I have now officially finished school I will try and write something every other day to make up for my absence :)

I would love if my readers who aren't commenting would, I want to know what you all think and if you have any ideas :)

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