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Fading Away

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"Jamie, be careful" I shouted. "Okay mommy, I promise" my five year old daughter reassured me. "Daddy is coming soon, calm down" I put my hand on her shoulders. I locked my car door and followed my daughter into the airport. The guys are finally coming back from tour. Jamie's really excited to see her dad. She has been since the day after he left. We got to the terminal and waited, looking for familiar faces. "Mommy, when is daddy going to come out?" Jamie asked impatiently. "Soon, honey, soon" I wrap my arms around her.

"I can't see anybody" she complained. "Here" I lifted her up and let her stand on the bar. Life in the last ten years were very eventful. The band me and Brandan formed went on our first official tour with two well known bands. Love was in the air for Brandan and I. And without that tour, I don't know where I'd be right now. I wouldn't know how I would look at life now. I remember when I still look at life as a cold, unwelcoming place. Nobody mattered to me. But Brandan and my husband made me realize that there is more to life than meets the eye.

"Jamie! Jade!" Mike shouted from a distance. "Hey!" I ran over to Mike and hugged him. "How's the tour?" I asked. "Good" he bend down to hug Jamie. "Hey Jade, what's up?" Rob appeared beside me. "Nothing much, stayed at home and had some bonding time with Jamie" I hugged Rob. "How's Brandan and Stephanie?" Joe walked over to us. "I don't know, I think Stephanie is pregant again" I sighed. "Damn, how many kids are they going to have?" Rob rolled his eyes. My brother and Stephanie already had twins. What else are they going to give birth to next?

"Where's the others?" I asked. "Oh, they are behind us somewhere. Some chick spotted them and wanted autographs. We took this time to escape" Joe chuckled. "Where's daddy?" Jamie asked, worried. "Darling, daddy's coming soon with uncle Brad and Phoenix okay?" I said softly to her. "But I miss daddy" she frowned. "Jamie, don't worry" I hugged her. "Hey there's daddy!" Mike pointed to a direction. I turned to that direction. Chester, Brad, and Phoenix came out of the terminals. "Daddy!" Jamie ran as fast as she could to Chester.

"Hey buddy" he dropped all his stuff and hugged our daughter. I couldn't help but smile. "Guys, you need help with any luggage?" I asked the guys. "No we're fine" Brad sighed. "Fan girl attack?" I asked. Phoenix and Brad nodded in sync. I laughed. "Hey, people would be wanting your autograph too if they saw you" Phoenix pointed out. 

"That is why I wear sunglasses to block out my face" I shot back. "But we could easily recognize you" Brad said. "Apparently, no one came up to me and asked for autographs" "... yet" Phoenix added. "Or maybe I'm not famous enough" I laughed. "Come on, how many sold out shows do you guys have?" "Not as much as Linkin Park" I smirked. "What as much as Linkin Park" Chester walked over to our 'circle'. "Hey" I smiled at him. "Hi" he quickly pulled me into a hug. "I missed you. Jamie did too, obviously" I laughed. 

"Aww lovers" Brad cooed behind me. "Argh" I flicked him off. They snickered. "Let's go" I helped Chester carry a luggage as he carried Jamie. We walked to my SUV and threw all the things in there. I'm surprised everything fits. Everybody squeezed into the car as I began driving, dropping each person home. We finally got to our house. "So how's everything?" Chester asked me. "It was great. Jamie is doing very well in school. She made so many new friends, right?" "Yeah!" Jamie smiled at her dad. "That's wonderful Jamie! I'm so sorry I wasn't there to see it"

"Its okay daddy, you have to do what you have to do" she hugged him and they walked into the house together. I took his luggage from the trunk and followed them into the house. "Honey it's almost nine, you have to go to sleep" I told her after we helped Chester unpack. "Mommy" she whined. "Fine, you can watch TV until 9:30 but no later than that okay?" I compromised. "Thanks mommy, I love you" she kissed my cheek before dashing to her room. 

"Tired?" I turned to my husband. "Nope, not at all" "Any jetleg at all?" I asked. "A bit but now I'm not tired" he smiled at me. "Good, we need to spend time together" I said, pulling him to the bed. "What? You guys have another your coming up?" he asked. Sadly, I nodded. He sighed in frustration. "This is hard" he rolled his eyes. "I know, I'm sorry" I apologized. "Its not your fault Jade. I'm just pissed that you are leaving right after I got back" 

"It's okay, I'll tell the guys that I can't go this time" I wanted to make everything better. Chester and I haven't really spend that much time together since we got married. Everything was just a blur after that. "I love you" he said. "I love you too" I pulled him closer to me and pecked his lips.


"Finally" he smiled up at me. "I..." I was speechless. "You what?" he stared at me. "I never knew that it'd be you in a million years" I said nervously. "Now you know it's me" he winked. "And Chester?" I began. "Yeah?" "I'm sorry, I've been such a bitch. I shouldn't have treated you this way" I started. "Didn't you treat everyone this way?" he asked. "Yeah but I have a reason"

"Tell me about it" he smiled, amused. "I was five when everything started to change. In school, I had an innocent crush on this guy and he led me on. And I thought that he was the one for me. We've been through so much secrets and troubles. He turned me into something I'm not. He made me feel that I needed to change into whatever he wanted me to in order for me to be beautiful. Then all of a sudden, he told me he didn't like me anymore. He said he never did. I was so heartbroken that I tried to kill myself"

"And how did you try to kill yourself?" he asked. "I jumped down a bridge and into the ocean. But unfortunately, a fisher guy saw me and brought me to the hospital. And remember I was only five" I flinched at the memory. "Thats the reason why you hate everybody and have trust issues?" he asked. "I do not have trust issues" "Yeah you do" "Really?" "Yeah" he nodded. I laughed. "You're laughing" "Yeah I am" "Continue the story" "Okay fine"

"When I was in the hospital, I was pissed. I wanted to die. I felt unbeautiful and I hated that feeling. I always wanted to be the most beautiful women on this planet" I sighed at my youthful memories. "You know what Jade?" "What?" "To me, you are the most beautiful women on this planet" he said. "Thanks" I smiled weakly at him. "I promise you I mean it. Not all the guys will be like that fucktard. I am not lying to you when I say I love you" "You love me, after all the things I've said to you?"

"I mean it's not your fault some douchbag ruined your life when you were only five" "Thanks for everything" I thanked him. "Stop thanking me and kiss me, would you?" I chuckled, pulling him into a kiss. 

"Jade, wake up!" someone shook me. "Huh?" I moaned. "Wake up" I opened my eyes. "Where am I?" I asked, dumbly. "Uh, here?" he looked at me, confused. "Oh" I rubbed my eyes. What is this? I looked around me. "I dropped Jamie off to school and I didn't want to wake you up but you were muttering my name so I just wanted to wake you up" he said. "Oh what? Jamie?" I realized that I was just dreaming about our past. "I love you so much, do you know that?" "Yes I do. And I love you very much, do you know that?"

"I do indeed" I giggled. "Brandan called before" he held out my cellphone. "Did you know that Stephanie's pregnant again?" I asked. "What? Again? What have those two been doing at night?" we both laughed at the poorly made crude humor. "What did Brandan call for anyways?" I asked, changing the subject. "He called about the tour" I groaned, "Can't we just let the tour go?Bran is going to have another child soon. We hardly have time together. Robbie's mom is in the hospital and Jacob is just I don't know. We all need a break obviously. We can't go on tour now"

"Why don't you call Brandan and tell him about that?" he walked out of the bedroom. I sighed, dialing Brandan's number. He didn't pick up. I yelled in frustration, dialing again. "He still won't pick up!" I shouted. I tried a few more times. "I'm going over there" I grabbed my purse and walked out of the bedroom. "Where you going..." "Brandan's" I muttered, dashing out the door. "See you later!" I yelled. "Yeah see you"

I got in the car and began driving, yelling profanities at myself. Not really focusing on where I'm going.


"Brandan?" I asked. "Oh Jade called me like a million times, I left my phone in my car so I couldn't hear it" "Wait, Jade wasn't at your house?" I asked, somewhat shocked. "No, why?" "She got angry and decided to come to your house" I explained. "She didn't come" he said. "Then where is she?" I asked. "How would I know? I called her back a few times and nobody answered" he said. "Okay, I'm going to go pick up Jamie from school now, I'll try when I get back"

I got in my car and began driving to the school. When I got on the highway, there was a big traffic. I rolled my eyes, waiting impatiently. Maybe that's why Jade didn't make it here yet. The traffic is heavy and it looks like it'll take her about twenty more minutes until she got to Brandan's house. It might take me about fifty minutes to get to the school. Maybe I should call Jade and tell her to go to the school instead. I dialed her number. After a few rings, someone picked up. "Hello? Who is this?" 

"Excuse me, but are you related to Jade Levine?" a man's voice asked. "Yes, I'm her husband, what's wrong?" I asked, anxiety rising. "I'm sorry to say that this young lady here got slammed pretty bad by the truck" "WHAT?" I yelled. "We're on highway 56" "What, that's where I am now!" I shouted. I got out of the car quickly and looked for Jade's smashed SUV. I spotted five police cars and an ambulence surrounding her car.

I ran to the officer. "Is she okay?" I asked. "She's still breathing, they're loading her into the ambulence now" "Can I come?" I asked. "Are you related to her?" he asked. "I'm her husband, please let me" "Okay, sir" he led me to the back of the truck. Paramedics surrounded my wife. "Can I see her?" I asked. No one seems to hear me. "I need to fucking see my wife if you don't mind" I yelled. "This is an emergency here, you'll have time later" one of the female paramedics yelled back to me. I huffed in frustration.

What happened exactly? Will she survive? What am I going to do without her? She's my only one and I can never find anyone like her. These so called "doctors" better do their jobs correctly. The truck stopped at the hospital and everyone brought Jade out and I followed them to the emergency room. "Sorry sir, you'll have to wait outside" the nurse said to me. "Fine" I grumbled. I dialed Brandan's number. "Dude, did you find Jade yet?"

"Brandan, Jade got hit by a truck and she's in the emergency room right now. Can you do me a favor and get Jamie from school?" "Holy shit, is Jade alright?" he asked. "Just go pick Jamie up" I said calmly. "No, I'm coming, I'll tell Steph to pick her up and bring her here" he hung up the phone. I began crossing my fingers. What will I do without her? Please let her live. She deserves to. She's a mom, and a wonderful one too. Please let Jamie have her mama. Please god! 

"Where is she?" Brandan huffed, rushing towards me. "In there" I pointed. "Damn" he yelled. We both waited in silence for about fifty minutes when Stephanie came with Jamie. "Daddy!" she yelled. I faked a smile and wrapped my arms around her. "What happened? Why are we in the hospital? Where's mommy?" she asked. Tears began forming in my eyes. I looked away from her. I didn't want my little girl to handle this. I didn't want her to see me sad.

"Mr. Bennington?" a nurse came out. "Yes?" I quickly got up. "She wants to see you" the nurse said. I let out a deep breath before walking in. Jade smiled at me. She looked so weak. There were bandages everywhere wrapped around her body. I almost wanted to cry, seeing her like this. She's always been a very strong woman and she's amazing for that. "Jade, are you alright?" I asked. "I am now" she smiled. I gently place my hand on her's. "I love you" I said to her. "Can you do me a favor?" she asked. "Yes Jade, anything" "Tell Jamie that I love her and I always will even if I'm not with her. Tell Brandan that he's the best brother ever. He's my biggest inspiration for music and for everything around me. Tell Stephanie and Bran to take good care of their child and live a good life. Robbie and Jacob are the best friends I could ever ask for. And tell your guys to rock on" she flashed a weak smile, "And lastly, you. I want you to live freely. You should never feel guilty for moving on. I will love you, forever and always but you have to move on without me. Take good care of Jamie and let her grow up as a fine young woman. I love you all" she let the tears fall freely.

"Jade, you are not going to die" my lips quivered. I couldn't hold the tears anymore. "Are you sure?" she sobbed. "I will make sure you don't" I said bravely. "Ok, I just want you to hold on" she said weakly. I hate how she sounds so weak. She is a very strong person. I hope it remains that way. "Please don't let go" she mumbled, voice fading. "Jade? Please, you can make it through" I said. "Yes I can" she smiled at me. "Sir, we are starting an operation in five minutes, would anyone else like to talk to her?"

"Jade? Anyone else you want to talk to?" I asked. "Bring Jamie and Brandan in" she said. "Okay" I walked out of her hospital room. "Daddy!" Jamie yelled. "Jamie, momma's in there and she wants to talk to you and uncle Brandan okay?" I asked softly. She smiled and nodded. 

I sat back down as Brandan brought Jamie into the room. I sobbed lightly. "Dude, I'm sorry" Stephanie mumbled beside me. I burried my face in my hands. The pressure is too much. I want to see her strong and smiling with excitement in her eyes. Brandan and Jamie came out. Jamie had a frown on her face when she saw me. Brandan was on a verge of tears. Stephanie wrapped her arms around her husband. "Daddy? Is mommy dying?" Jamie asked. "I... Don't know..." I choked. After all the crying, I eventually fell into sleep.

"Daddy wake up!" Jamie yelled. I rubbed my eyes, hoping everything I just experienced was just a dream. It has to be. I opened my eyes. I was still in the hospital. "Fuck" I muttered. "Daddy?" Jamie began crying, hugging me tightly. "Yes honey?" I asked. She burried her face in my chest. "Mama, she's..." my eyes widened. "Where's Brandan?" I asked. "Uncle Bran's in the room" she pointed. "Okay, I'll be right back" I walked into the room and saw Brandan crying on Steph'a shoulder. "Chester, she's gone" he said between sobs. I fell down to my knees and literally broke down. 

I feel a pair of tiny arms around me. But I still got Jamie. 
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