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Chapter 15

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A few hours passed and it about 3IS in the morning. “When do you plan on sleeping?” Marshall yawned staring at me. I stared at him a blank look on my face.
“When I feel like it,” I said poking him in the arm, and smiling like a child.
“Someone needs sleep,” he said irritated with my poking, he stared at my finger. “Could you quit?” he questioned irritated.
“I sorry sexy!” I giggled stopping and placing my hands in my lap. He shook his head. “I want a sugar!” I yelled as the man in the movie poured sugar into a bowl.
“Excuse me? I think you need to go to bed,” he said.
“NO!” I screamed standing up and running around the room.
“Honey, you need to sleep,” Marshall said calmly as he grabbed onto my arm.
“You ruined my fun,” I whined like a child. As he held onto my arm like he was a cop.
“I don’t care, I wanna sleep,” he said firmly. I pulled my arm away and stared at him.
“You go sleep, and I’ll come up when this movie is over,” I explained pointing to the TV with all four of my fingers.
“Fine,” he yawed walking away towards the stairs, I sat down on the couch…
I woke up, Meleah wasn’t there, and she must have fallen asleep on the couch. I got up yawning, took a piss then went downstairs. I was right she was asleep on the couch curled up in a ball. I looked at the TV it was till on, I pressed guide to check the time, it was 5am, I shut the TV off and set the remote on the coffee table. “Babe,” I said shaking Meleah. He whined and faced the other why. I sighed and picked her up; I carried her to the bedroom. “Are you gonna sleep in these clothes?” I whispered
“No,” she moaned truing away. I let out a sigh and undressed her myself, putting my shirt and her PJ pants on her, I pulled her to the top of the bed and tucked her in.
“Goodnight,” I whispered and kissed her on the forehead. I turned off the light, got into bed and held on to her, I fell asleep soon after.
(((MELEAHS POV>>>)))(((1PM)))(((NOV. 28th 2002)))
I woke up, Marshall was still sleeping, I stared at him for a while till he open his eyes. “Go back to sleep,” Marshall muttered. I stared at him for a little while longer. “Come here,” he mumbled pulling me closer to him. “Sleep more, I don’t have anything to do today,” he yawned…shortly after we fell back asleep.
“I can’t sleep anymore,” I whispered, it was about 2:30pm. I knew Marshall was awake and he was just laying there.
“Im lazy,” he mumbled facing me now, we stared at each other. He leaned towards me, kissing me, I kissed back…
“Well Im hungry,” I said standing up.
“Warm up pizza,” he said as I was leaving the room.
“Pick out a movie then!” I yelled back. He didn’t say anything back…
I came back with two slices of pizza. “This is all that was left,” I told him.
“Ok,” he said as I sat down next to him handing him his slice.
“What movie did you pick?” I asked.
“Hannibal,” he said with an evil grin.
“Creepy! Don’t do that!!” I yelled shoving him. He just laughed; I shook my head and ate my pizza as he pressed play…

(((NOV. 29th 2002)))
It was about 7pm, we just finished picking out furniture for my Mom’s new house. We were on our way home to drop her off. “You seem happier,” I said tuning back to my Mom.
“That’s because theres no more Bruce,” she said with a smile. I smiled. “I don’t know how to thank you,” she said looking over at Marshall.
“You don’t have to,” Marshall said keeping his eyes on the road.
“Yeah I do,” she said.
“You’ve done so much stuff for me, and everyone else. You deserve this without having to say thank you,” I explained looking back at my Mom.
“Yeah,” Marshall agreed.
“Fine, be that way,” my Mom said acting childish. I shook my head while yawing.
We dropped off my Mom then went across the street to our house. “Imma go to the studio for a while,” Marshall said as he sat in front of the house with the car running. “You gonna stay home or come with me?” he questioned.
“I think I’ll stay home and rest,” I said. He nodded.
“Ok, I’ll see you in a few hours…probably around 9ish,” he explained.
“Ok bye bye,” I said leaning in for a kiss, he kissed me back for a bit.
“Bye,” he said as I opened the car door, I got out then went into the house.
As I walked further into the house, in the living room I saw someone sitting on the couch. He looks familiar, I stood there quiet as possible as I remembered who it was. My crazy ex Jordan. I stood there in fear not knowing what to do. What the hell is he doing here, how’d he find me, and how the fuck did he get in this house? I was so scared, I knew if I said the wrong thing I would get beat. I tried to move quietly away but I couldn’t move I was frozen in fear. Then he turned around, my heart sank into my stomach and I felt sick. “Finally!” he yelled jumping up from the couch. I didn’t say a word I was too scared. “I found you! And now you’re mine again, Im gonna take you home,” he said.
“Excuse me?” I muttered.
“Why did you leave me? Why did you fuckin leave me for that fuckin cock sucker!?” he screamed loudly while pointing to a picture of me and Marshall on the wall.
“You’re crazy,” I mumbled taking a step back, he came closer. “Don’t touch me,” I cried.
“I love you!” he insisted.
“Fuck you!” I yelled at him managing to work up some courage.
“Fuck me?” he asked. I didn’t say a word, cause I knew he was pissed and at any moment he would try to hurt me. “Why the fuck did you leave me!?” he asked. I jumped without answering his question; I took a step back as he came closer. “Answer my question!” he demanded loudly stomping his foot as he came closer to me. I began to cry, I was scared to death. “Don’t you start that shit!” he yelled smacking me across the face, causing me to cry more. He had an angry look in his eyes, I tried to run, I was by the couch when he hit me, and I fell to the ground. I only got one punch in as I almost blacked out. He pushed me on the ground and started hitting me continuously. I just laid there crying.
I got home earlier than I thought I would, something in my mind told me that something at home was not right. I walked into the house…Meleah was lying on the floor in a small puddle of blood crying. What the fuck, I ran up to her and touched her arm lightly she jumped in fear gasping as well. “It’s me,” I said softly. She had bruises and cuts all over her body.
“Marshall?” she moaned in pain softly.
“Baby are you ok,” I whispered. She shook her head.
“He’s still here,” she mumbled pointing towards the kitchen. Whoever he is, is going to die.
“Don’t move,” I whispered kissing her on the forehead, “Everything is gonna be alright,” I added as I slowly stood up and walked towards the kitchen. I opened the door slightly, there was a man making food. Who the fuck is this guy, and how the fuck did he get in my house. Then it hit me, he looked like a guy Meleah told me about…I think his name is Jordan. I swung the door open like a mad man and went straight towards the guy, hitting him square in the face; he fell back on the counter.
“What the fuck?” he yelled holding his face where I hit him.
“No, that’s my question!” I screamed punching him again, this time he fell to the ground. I began to beat the shit outta him, till he almost passed out, I didn’t want to kill him, that would not be a good thing to get myself into. He lied on the floor groaning in pain. I grabbed my cell then went into the living room. Meleah was still on the floor crying. I touched her slightly and she jumped again. “It’s me,” I said softly. “Can you stand?” I asked. She seemed so weak, what a stupid question to ask, of course she can’t stand.
(((MELEAH’S POV>>)))
I heard Marshall talking on the phone, to the cops; he said something about the ambulance he hung up soon after. “Marshall,” I whispered. He rushed over and knelt down by me.
“Yeah?” he asked.
“I just wanted you closer to me,” I told him still trembling in fear, my arm hurt, my stomach hurt, he punched me in the stomach. Marshall ran his fingers through my hair.
“They will be here soon,” he whispered kissing me on the forehead. Not long after they arrived, the paramedics came strait over to me. While a few cops went into the kitchen. “Is she gonna be ok?” Marshall asked in concern as they rushed me out of the house; Marshall was running along side holing my hand lightly.
“Yes, but her right arm is broken, and I have some bad news,” one of the paramedics said. Marshall looked at him frightened. “She may have lost her baby,” he said. “She was bleeding down there,” he said as they lifted me up into the ambulance, Marshall climbed inside and sat on the bench.
“No,” Marshall whispered.
“Well we’re not sure yet, we have to do some tests back at the hospital,” the man explained…..
I paced around the waiting room for hours wondering what was happening in there, waiting for an answer was killing me. I looked over at Lisa who was sitting in a chair looking down at the floor. “She’ll be ok,” I said sitting next to her. She nodded while yawing. I let out a sigh as the doctor came out of Meleah’s room… I stared at her as she walked towards us…
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