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Chapter 14

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(((SATURDAY NOV. 26th 2002)))
“Honey, wake up,” Marshall whispered trying to get me to wake up. I opened my eyes and stared at him sleepily. He smiled. “We gotta get going. Proof is waiting downstairs with your mother,” he told me.
“I need to get dressed,” I yawned.
“Ok, hurry up,” he said giving me a peck on the lips then he quickly left the room. I got out of bed slowly then walked into the bathroom; I stared at myself in the mirror. I got this feeling that I had to barf, I ran over to the toilet…
((LATER 10:00am))
We all crammed into the moving truck, me next to Marshall, then my mom, then Proof. “Yo, how long does it take to get there?” Proof asked trying to look at Marshall, who was concentrated on the road.
“Awhile, we’ll probably be there late, so we’ll get a motel, and then go get Lisa’s things,” Marshall explained. “Is there a motel close by your house?” Marshall asked turning to me for a second.
“Yeah, Motel 8, its downtown,” I said.
“Good, cause Im not sleepin in that fuckin place again,” Marshall said clutching the steering wheel. “I don’t even wanna look at that fucker,” Marshall said though his teeth.
“You know he’s gonna be there,” I said. He nodded slowly.
“I told him this morning,” my mom said. “Fuck head’s been calling me all morning,” she added.
“Did he leave a message?” I asked looking over at her. Proof began to sing along to the song on the radio which happened to be ‘Lose Yourself.’
“Yeah, he said to tell Marshall sorry, and hes sorry he was such an ass,” he mumbled staring at Proof.
“What?” Proof asked.
“Nothing,” my mom said looking away. I giggled. “I like this song,” my mom said. I looked over at Marshall who was smiling at my mom’s comment.
We finally were out of Michigan by 3pm; fuckin lights were so damn long. “Honey, where do you wanna eat dinner?” Marshall asked as we approached a red light.
“Well Im not hungry yet,” I told him.
“So, just pick a place,” he demanded.
“Uh… I like Applebee’s,” I said with a smile. He shook his head with a smile.
“I should have known that,” he smiled while looking at me. I giggled.
“Nigga, turn down the heat!” Proof demanded about 10 minutes later. Marshall reached over and shut off the heat.
“Happy now?” Marshall asked.
“Yeah,” Proof said. “Im bored,” Proof complained.
“Well too damn bad,” my mom joked which was weird, I’ve never really seen my mom act like this around people she don’t really know. I looked at her funny, she smiled.
“Dork,” I laughed.
Finally we got to the motel, we got late because Marshall got pulled over for ‘speeding’ which he wasn’t the stupid officer just wanted his autograph for his teenage daughter. We also stopped and ate twice. We got one room, and ordered an extra bed for Proof. It was about 9pm, and we were all warn out from the long ride over here. “Im going to bed,” my mom mumbled getting into one of the beds. Marshall stood by one the bed as she stripped down into only his boxers. I stood and stared at his sexy self, until I was in a daze.
“Babe?” Marshall said. I still stared at him.
“Fuckin fucker!!” I hear Proof scream, jumped then quickly looked over at him, he was having some troubles with the fold out bed. Marshall cracked up. I gave him an evil glare and he stopped. My mom stared at us annoyed.
“Sorry,” Proof mumbled with a half smile as he fixed the bed and lied down. I walked over to the other bed. Marshall handed me his shirt, he knows I like sleeping in his shirts cause they are big on me. I changed into some PJ pants then took off my bra, and sat it on the floor next to the bed. I got into bed…Marshall just stood there, Proof started snoring quietly, it wasn’t that loud so it didn’t bother me, unlike my friend Zach, fuck he snores loud, but not all the time…anyway, Marshall still stood there.
“Are you gonna stand there or go to sleep?” I questioned.
“Yeah, it’s just a bit awkward,” he mumbled looking at my mom who was already asleep.
“So? Its not like we’re havin sex,” I laughed. He looked at me like that was a rude thing to say. “Just come here,” I whined. He rolled his eye and got into bed, we cuddled up together.
“I love you,” he whispered pulling me closer to him.
“I love you too,” I whispered back, closing my eyes…we fell asleep shortly after.
(((SUNDAY NOV. 27th 2002)))
I woke up to whispers. I looked over to see my mom and Proof talking, Marshall’s arms were still wrapped around me. I rolled over and faced him, he looked so cute sleeping, I smiled. “Honey, we gotta get up,” I whispered poking him. He opened his eyes and smile at me. “Morning,” I said giving him a kiss, he kissed back, we started to make out.
“Ohhhh,” Proof said acting like a child. We pulled away and looked at him and my mom. Then I looked over at Marshall who was giving Proof a death glare.
“Where the fuck have you been?” Bruce yelled as we walked into the house.
“Detroit,” she said like it was nothing as she walked passed him and went into the room. “Need any help?” Marshall asked pushing his way through the doorway past Bruce. Proof stood in the laundry room awkwardly. Bruce’s attitude changed, he stared at Proof for a while.
“What up nigga!” Bruce asked looking at Proof. Oh shit, he just said the wrong thing to the wrong person.
“What the fuck did you call me?” Proof said though his teeth, I didn’t want a part of this so I went to the kitchen and sat at the table.
“Nothing,” Bruce mumbled.
“Yo, ugly fat ass called me a nigga,” Proof yelled. “Don’t you know that, that is racists?” Proof asked. Bruce just stood there like he was gonna start laughing.
“So,” Bruce said shrugging and walking away into the bedroom.
“Where the fuck are you going!?” Bruce yelled at my mom, I stood back.
“Im moving out,” she said trying to be calm.
“What the fuck!?” Bruce yelled his face was very red.
“Nigga shut the fuck up!” Proof yelled he punched Bruce in the face; he fell to the ground holding his face. “Quick get your shit,” Proof demanded. “Meleah, come help,” he add. I walked into my mom’s room stepping over Bruce lying on the floor moaning in pain, I tried not to laugh. Finally someone stood up to his as and punched him right in the face like he deserved.
We just finished putting away all the things that my mom brought from home into her house. We were all warn out yet again. Proof headed home as so did me and Marshall. We said goodbye to my mom then walked across the street to out house. I sat down on the couch in the living room. “Im to tired to sleep,” I mumbled turning on the TV, it was almost midnight. Without saying anything Marshall came over and sat next to me on the couch, he put his arm around me, I rested my head on his shoulder, he rested his head on mine as we watched some movie, I didn’t catch what it was called, I didn’t really care…
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