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Chapter 13

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“Oh, my, god,” she was officially start struck. I rolled my eyes.
“Yo, just check out my shit not me,” Marshall muttered. She continued to stare. Marshall sighed.
“Meleah, why is that lady staring at my daddy like that?” Hailie asked confused. I got down at her level.
“She must be a fan,” I said patting her on her head. I stood up and stared at the lady, who was still staring at Marshall.
“Look, we have places to be, could you please stop staring at him, if you ring us up, I’ll make him give you an autograph,” I said irritated. Marshall sighed, she still didn’t move.
“This chick is givin me a fuckin headache,” Marshall said turning to me. I looked around, I happened to find a card sitting on the counter, I grabbed it.
“Sigh this,” I demanded looking at Marshall. He scribbled his name on the card. And slid it over to the girl, she slowly picked up; she stared at it for a bit.
“Ahhhhh!!!” she screamed jumping up and down.
“Oh my gosh,” I sighed.
“Would you just ring up our shit?” Marshall yelled at the girl loosing his temper.
“Im sorry,” she giggled. I glared at her as she checked out Marshall, not the food I mean him. Once she noticed my look she stopped…
“I fuckin hate when people do that,” Marshall said slamming the car door shut. Nobody said anything to him, we all just remained silent, and its best if we don’t piss him off anymore than he is now. Marshall put a CD in the CD player; he put in Dre’s CD ‘The Chronic.’ I knew my mom wouldn’t like it, but I remained silent, Marshall was still pissed. I stared out the window, I let out a sigh.
Finally we arrived at Marshall’s it was 12am, do to stopping for food and shit. The girls were already asleep. I carried Hailie inside while Marshall woke up Alaina; she was old enough to walk in the house without being carried in. Marshall helped carry my mom’s things into the house. “Ok Lisa follow me. I’ll show you the guest room,” Marshall said going over to the elevator with bags, my mom followed. I went out to the car grabbed Coco and a litter box and the litter, I went into the laundry room with the things. I put the box in the corner and filled it with litter. I let Coco out to see the litter box, she went to the bathroom right away then ran off to explore. I went up to the guest room, my mom and Marshall was talking with the door shut. I heard my name but I didn’t stay to listen, he must have some kind of surprise for me. I got excided for a bit. Marshall came into the room. “Go say goodnight to your mother,” Marshall demanded.
“Pushy,” I giggled. He smirked. I walked over to my mom’s room. “Hi,” I said with a smile.
“Hello,” she said as she sat in the bed. I remained in the doorway.
“Umm… goodnight,” I said as if I was guessing on a question.
“Goodnight,” she said with a smile.
“Did Marshall say when we’re gonna go look at the house?” I asked.
“Umm… yeah on Saturday,” she told me.
“Oh ok,” I said shutting off the light and shutting the door.
I went back into Marshall’s room. “Babe, I have to talk to you about something,” Marshall told me. Ohhh here comes my surprise! Yey! I smiled and walked over to him.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“What do you think about moving in with me?” he asked. I thought for a bit, this is my surprise…I like it anyway.
“When?” I asked.
“Well, after your mom moves a cross the street,” he said while brushing his teeth. I went in to brush my teeth as well.
“Ok, I’ll move in with you,” I smiled. He smiled even larger than me. He stopped bushing his teeth and spit into the sink, he turned to me and gave me a kiss, I kissed back, and it turned into a make-out session. (Watching Wrong Turn 2... A lady hit this dude with a car… lol… eww… he spat up blood…. Umm… She stuck her fingers in his mouth… ummm.. He just bit her like a vampire … in the mouth… umm.. Ok then…she just split in half….oh wow….lol)
I finished in the bathroom and went into the room. Marshall was standing by the window looking out. I made a slight noise and he turned to me. I walked over to him and just hugged him, it lasted along time. “What’s this for?” Marshall questioned.
“I don’t know, I just felt like hugging you,” I said with a smile pulling way and looking at him. He smiled.
“I think I needed that hug,” he said. “I guess I was still stressed out from that stupid chick at the fuckin station,” he added. I smiled and walked over to the bed, I got comfortable.
“Coming to bed?” I asked him. He nodded; he got into bed, spooning me. (lol)

(((FRIDAY!!! 25th 2002)))
I woke up, Marshall was already gone…So were the girls off to school, and they would be staying with Kim for the weekend. I got up, got dressed…then went to the guest room where my mom was. She was about to walk out the door. “Good morning,” I mumbled.
“Hi.,” she said. “Did Marshall leave already?” she asks.
“I guess, I woke up and he was gone, so Im assuming he left,” I told her as I walked towards the elevator, I was gonna be lazy today, the girls were gone so it time to be lazy. I still had to go to my house and get Odie and some clothes, Marshall and DeShaun would have to get the heavy shit. My mother followed me.
“Im hungry,” she said.
“Well he has plenty of food,” I assured as we got of the elevator and headed towards the kitchen. “What do you want?” I asked her as I opened the huge as silver fridge. “I like this,” I said like a child pulling out the container.
“What is it?” she asked.
“Chicken Teriyaki,” I answered. So we ate. (yeah all you get)
“I wanna see Odie,” my mom whined as we put our dishes in the sink.
“We’ll we do have to go to my house and get some shit, I was planning on getting Odie,” I told her.
“Ok, let’s go,” she said moving towards the door. Ok then, someone is in a hurry. I followed her to the door; she quickly grabbed her coat and opened the door. I watched her stand in the driveway, she looked confused.
“The blue Mustang,” I said pointing to my car. She went over and tried to open the door; I rolled my eyes and unlocked it with the remote. I locked the house door and turned the security, then went to my car. I got into the car and went to my house.
“Nice house,” my mom said looking up at the house.
“Marshall’s is better,” I giggled. We went in the house, Megan was in her room listening to music, I could hear Lil Wayne playing.
“Is she deaf?” my mom asked.
“No, loud music is fun!” I giggled. “Oie!” I yelled running upstairs after him. He went into my room; I picked him up and handed him to my mom.
“He lost weight,” my mom said.
“Well, he has to walk up stairs so yeah,” I said. I went and packed some extra clothes, then went to Megan’s room. My mom went to go look around….
“Guess what!” I giggled walking into the room.
“What?” she asks.
“Im just like you now!” I said smiling while pointing to her.
“What the fuck?” she said as if I was stupid, while she looked at me funny.
“I have a baby I my tummy,” I said like a child while patting my stomach.
“You’re a fruit cake, but congratulations,” she said.
“Rude,” I said giving her an evil glare. “Oh, and Im moving in with him,” I said with a huge smile.
“Bitch,” Megan said.
“Well Im sorry, but Im having his baby, and he wants me to live with him,” I said defending myself. “Its not like we’ll be living in a different state,” I continued.
“Bitch, you tell everybody else before you tell your best friend, I hate you,” she said.
“Well excuse me, Marshall has the right to know first, it’s his child thank you very much,” I argued. “And my mom is my mom, and yeah,” I said not really knowing what to say.
“You couldn’t have called me after telling Marshall? So I could be the second to know,” she sassed.
“Hey, at least I told you, nigga,” I said.
“Shut up or I’ll punch your stomach!” she yelled.
“Fuck you! I’ll punch your’s back!” I yelled.
“Bitch, I’ll kill you!” she said.
“No, I’ll kill you first,” I said.
“You can’t cause I know kung fu,” she sassed.
“No you don’t,” I said irritated.
“Well…well Hiro does, so he’ll kill you,” she yelled.
“Well Marshall has guns,” I yelled, “So he’ll kill you first!” I yelled.
“Well hes not here and I have a knife,” she said grabbing a knife off the desk.
“Fuck yo feelings,” I said leaving the room quickly.
10 seconds later…. I head footsteps behind me; I turned around trying to defend myself. And then Megan hugs me. “Im sorry, I was kidding, congratulations,” she cried.
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