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Roses are red and Violets are blue, honey is sweet but not as sweet as you.

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Catalina's Point Of View.

I would never forget that night. The night that I left them. I had been best friends with Gerard, Mikey and Frank since Elementry school. The three of us were so close with eachother, but I was even more close with Mikey. I had always loved Mikey, and he had always loved me. We were meant to be together, We were already planning to get married, kinda early, I know, but I believed that everyone has a soulmate, and Mikey was mine and I was his. It was almost the end of grade twelve when it happend, I got Scarlet Fever. I had gotten sick, but I thought it was just a flu but one day my vision had gone blury, so my mother took me to the docter. My family is very wealthy, they went to formal parties all the time and held them too. They also worked alot, if they weren't at a party, they were working. So anyway my mother took me to the docter and they said I was going blind. I was scared shitless. It was a rare side effect of the Scarlet Fever. I remember when I couldn't even see the sunshine. I didn't tell anyone about this, my mother didn't want me to. She was embarrassed about it. My family was the 'perfect' family, so my mother sent me away to a school for the blind. That's where I met my best friend, Lene, She was a helper at the school. After I had left the school, I moved back to Jersey with Lene. She was always gonna live with me where ever I go. It was kinda her job, but just extended. She was there to help me do all the things I couldent, like a dog for the blind, I guess. I never spoke to Gerard, Frank or Mikey again, but I thought about them everyday. I never spoke to my parents eather, though I recevied checks from them monthly. I didn't want to see them. My life was pretty good for right now.

"Hey, Cat, I'm home." Said Lene coming into the living room. I had been living in the house for a while so I knew where I was going.

"Hey." I said from the couch, watching TV.

"Look what I got." Said Lene holding up two tickets.

"What?" I asked.

"Their two tickets for the My Chemical Romance show." Replied Lene excitidly.

I thougth My Chem was kinda good. I loved Aqua and Sublime more though. I also loved Metal. I actually loved all kinds of music except Jazz.

"Cool! how did you get them?" I asked.

"I won them on the radio!."

"And we get to meet them to!" Yelled Lene, very happily.

"That's so cool. When is it?"

"Three weeks."

"Sweet." I said.

"This will be a very cool expierence for you!" Said Lene.

When I went blind, all my other senses worked way better then before. So, yes it will be a very cool experiance for me.

"Yes, it will be." I said smiling.
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