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You belong among the wild flowers, you belong in a place you feel free.

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Chapter 2

My Oh My.

Catalina's Point of View.

It was the night of the concert. I was nervious because... I don't know why. I didn't really know much about the band, I only knew their songs because of Lene, (Pronounced La Nae)
She was very obsessed over them, whenever she hears a band that she kinda likes, she goes all obsessive over them.

"Ready to go?" Asked Lene while grabbing my hand kindly.

"Yep." I replied.

She led me to the car and helped me in. On the way to the concert we listend to My Chem. Lene showed me a whole bunch of new songs.

"This is my favorite." Lene said while turning up the stereo. It took about 15 minutes to get there plus like 20 minutes or more to find parking, I didn't count.

We were in line to get our tickets, there were some other girls looking at me. I felt ackward around people because you could tell that I was blind.
Lene was holding my hand the whole time, I was scared that I was gonna trip or something.

"Just wait over there, when the shows over" Said the body guard or whoever he was, noticing that we had backstage passes.

We walked to our seats and sat down. I felt bad the Lene had to stay with me and not rock out on the floor seats, even though she said it was okay.

My Chemical Romance started playing, they were pretty good, they looked kinda familier, but I wasn't sure.


"That was awsome!" Said Lene while me and her walked over to the seating room in the back.

"Yeah, it was." I replied.

"Thanks for the tickets."

"Oh, no problem, who else would I take anyway?" Asked Lene, laughing.

"Someone you could have fun with?"

"I had lots of fun with you, though!" She said happily, when we heard voices. They also sounded familiar.

"Hey guys, you must be the-" Said GERARD looking right at me.

"Catalina?" MIKEY asked.

I knew those voices, I could never forget his.

"Mikey?" I asked confused.

I could tell that there were other people in the room and that Lene was confused and looking at me.

"Oh my God, Cat!" Said Mikey. I could tell he was coming over to me so I stood up.

I felt him put his arms around me.

"Mikey what are you doing?" I heard a strange voice ask.

"Cat?" Asked Lene standing up.

"Mikey..." I mumbeld into him.

We stopped hugging and I sat down.

"We know her, we know here from a long time ago." Explained Gerard, still sounding shocked.

"Do you want us to leave you alone?" Asked another strange voice.

No one replied but I heard them leave. I squezzed Lene's hand harder.

"Cat.... What happend to you?" Asked Mikey, I could tell that he was looking at my eyes that saw nothing.

I could tell that Lene was very confused now, And so was I.


Happy boys and happy girls, will be
We are the happy boys and girls
Happy boys and happy girls, will be
So happy, yeah! so, so happy, yeah1
Be happy!
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