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Day 1

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I managed to get Zexion's secret diary... Rated for being emo.

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Dear Diary,
Today, Riku entered Castle Oblivion in search of his light. I felt kind of scared, knowing what he could do. Plus he has a Keyblade called Soul Eater! Scary, right?
So, everyone has started calling me “emo” because I have no time for emotions. You would never call me emo, would you Diary? I really hope not, because they even have Roxas in on it! I need at least one friend!
So, Sora fought his way through today. He destroyed Larxene and Marluxia while Axel finished off Vexen. Riku killed off Lexaeus and I am afraid that he is going to make it to where he has to fight me! That kid has some moves from what I’ve heard!
Well, Diary, I have to go find Axel. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!
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