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Day 2

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Just entry 2!!!!

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Dear Diary,
Today, Riku made it through the majority of Castle Oblivion, but I think that he's going to stay on one of the floors to raise his fighting skills. That kid seriously scares the hell out of me! I don't think that it would be wise to fight him without Lexaeus.
Everyone called me emo again today, so I actually ran and hid in a closet from Marluxia, who was the one that started it, and from Axel, who would have asked me why then just laughed. I ended up rocking in a corner of the storage closet on the floor that I stayed on. Marluxia was actually, despite his appearance and voice, one of the meanest Nobodies in the Organziation.
I think that Xemnas is actually getting ready to kick someone out on their butt! It's probably going to be me! I guess you really are my only friend, diary. I have no others!
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