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Day 3

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Zexion still doesn't realize that Axel has given me his diary!

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Dear Diary,
Today was a disaster! I found out that Axel killed off Vexen! That red-spiky-haired freak is going around basically helping Marluxia take over the Organization! That traitor is coming for me next, so I spent the entire day in the supply closet again. Roxas found me and joined me knowing that if Axel saw me with Roxas, he wouldn't kill me off just yet.
I keep getting called emo! It's really starting to make me mad! Whenever I was around Lexaeus, no one would mess with me. I mean, he is the Silent Hero, after all(I'll list how we are all named after the entry).
Demyx went around and did an evaluation on what our favorite month was. I told him, "The month that everyone stops calling me emo!" He left me alone after that since he was in on starting it.
Well, I've go to go hide under my bed from Axel now. Love ya!

Xemnas-The Superior
Xigbar-The Freeshooter
Xaldin-The Whirlwind Lancer
Vexen-The Chilly Academic
Lexaeus-The Silent Hero
Me(Zexion)-The Cloaked Schemer
Saix-The Luna Diviner
Axel-The Flurry of Dancing Flames
Demyx-The Melodious Nocturne
Luxord-The Gambler of Fate
Marluxia-The Graceful Assassin
Larxene-The Savage Nymph
Roxas-The Key of Destiny
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