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Gone But Not Forgotten

by AlexisSCREAM 2 reviews

Ermm short one-shot i wrote a few days ago at school.

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please R+R.
i think i fucked up a little with tenses... and if itry and correct it now, i'll fuck this thing up even worse....

Gerard's POV

It's like an invisible wall, shielding me from him. I hate seeing him cry. He is lazing on the sofa, crying. There's a box of tissues on the chair beside him. He reaches for another. I keep trying to talk to him, tell him I'm still with him. Never works. He is standing up and walking to the door after hearing two knocks. He opens the door. My brother is standing there, drenched in rain. Mikey walks in. I can tell he has noticed the large pile of used tissues. He glances for half a secind at the space I'm standing in, but continues walking. I want to tell them to stop crying, but I can't, They can't hear me. I don't exist anymore. The pair are now sitting on the sofa, crying into each others shirts. I'm staring around the room at all the smashed photographs. Every photo. Smashed. Because I was there. They want to forget me. I'm staring back at them. My brother and my lover, the pair hugging each other, crying. Crying. For me. I love them. But I'm invisible and mute. I'm reaching for some paper and a pen. I'm scribbling letters onto it. Letters to make words. To make the words 'I love you xoxo'. I'm placing it next to them, and walking to the back of the room. They're reading it. They're lookign at me. I swear they can see me. But I know they can't. They're staring at a small sheet of paper on the table. I'm reading it. It's the leaflet handed out at my funeral. It reads:
'Gerard Arthur Way. Gone but not forgotten'
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