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The vampire came crashing through the door. The woman screamed and ran into the bedroom, locking the door.

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Chaos everywhere. People ran screaming. Vampires leapt onto the screaming people, tearing them to shreds. There were upturned cars. A flaming man ran through the street screaming before collapsing and dying. Vampires ran around everywhere. People were dragged up to the rooftops and their drained bodies were dropped to the ground as a message of their demise.

A man got into a truck and began driving. A vampire stepped in front of the car and he sped up in an attempt to run it over. Another vampire ran up to the side of the truck and ripped the door off before yanking the man out of the drivers seat and ripping him to pieces.

Blood stained the streets.

In a last attempt at survival, everyone began to run for the buildings. One man ran in a building and locked the door. He took a sigh of relief and a vampire dove through the window. He backed into a corner as the vampire got up. Outside, his scream pierced the air.


The area where Stephen lived was untouched by the vampires. He sat on his couch flipping through the channels. Then the phone rang.

"Hello?" He said when he picked up the phone.

"Stephen!" A man responded back. "It's me. Lieutenant Hill."

"Lieutenant Hill, is something wrong?"

"Yes. The vampire's have broken out of Vampire Island."

"Shit!" Stephen said.

"It gets worse, Stephen. They killed most of the guards and I've just received word that they are in New York. Hundreds of people have already been slaughtered!"

"Hold on. I'm checking the news right now."

Stephen turned on the news to a grisly sight of bloodshed. A man was capturing a video of the vampires when one leapt onto a helicopter from the roof of a building. The vampire tossed the pilot out like a rag doll and he splattered on the street. Vampires jumped on top of his lifeless body in a feeding frenzy. The helicopter spun out of control and crashed to the ground.

It cut back to the news anchor, who said that some of the vampires have been sighted heading to different areas. It was almost 8:00 PM and the vampires were able to come out in the complete open now.

Then there was a noise outside Stephen's house. Stephen picked the phone back up and said "I have to go. I think one is outside my house."

"Okay, Stephen. Make sure you stay hidden. We are going to send troops to eliminate them." said Lieutenant Hill.

Stephen hung up the phone and went to his closet. He pulled out his pistol. He slowly crept to the window and hid behind the wall. He slowly peered out when a knock on his door startled him. He turned towards the door and the knocking became more frequent. Then it turned into banging. A frantic voice shouted "Let me in! Please!"

Stephen ran to the door and looked through the eyehole. He saw a woman outside. He unlocked the latch and opened the door. She ran inside sobbing.

"They were coming after me!" She cried. "They killed my husband!"

"Where are they?" Stephen asked.

"Outside. They're hiding behind bushes and cars." She said, bringing her voice to a whisper.

Stephen looked back through the eyehole. There was nothing outside. The streets were deserted. He continued to look through, when a vampire popped up in front of the eyehole and started slashing at the door. Stephen pulled out his pistol and fired through the door. The vampire stumbled backward, and the woman shrieked, covering her ears with her hands. Stephen looked back through the eyehole and the vampire slowly looked at the door.

"Shit!" Stephen shouted jumping out of the way.

The vampire came crashing through the door. The woman screamed and ran into the bedroom, locking the door. Stephen leapt over the couch, and the vampire stood up. The vampire turned towards the couch and charged. Stephen fired his pistol directly between the vampires eyes. The vampired stumbled back again, and the hole began to seal back up. The vampire dove for Stephen and he ran into the kitchen.

The vampire crashed into the table and rolled over, quickly standing back up. Stephen grabbed a knife from the drawer. The vampire dove over the counter and tackled Stephen. He took the knife and stabbed the vampire in the chest. The vampire shrieked. Stephen pushed the vampire off of himself and ran for the back door. The vampire yanked the knife out of its chest and tossed it aside.

Stephen ran out the back door and stumbled. He looked back and slowly stepped backwards. The vampire crashed through the door and screamed at him. He saw the anger in its eyes. It ran towards him and he ran for the shed. As the vampire leapt at him, he pulled an axe out of the shed. He swung it at the vampire. It caught the vampire in the neck, and the vampire fell backwards. He stood over the vampire and brought the axe down on its neck. Again. Again. Finally, the vampires head came off.

Stephen looked down at the head. Its eyes stared back and its mouth was wide open. Stephen kicked the head across the yard.

He went back inside his house and went to his bedroom. He knocked on the door and said "Everything's okay. It's dead."

Slowly, the door opened and the woman stood there. Her eyes were red from crying. Stephen walked into another room with her and they both sat down.

"My name's Stephen." He said. "You don't have to worry as long as you're with me."

"My name's Michelle." She said back. "Thank you for letting me in your home. Is it really dead?"

"Yes." Stephen said. "It's dead."
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