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...he backed out of the room and stumbled down the stairs to the bottom of the ship. The lights were dim. They suddenly flickered and went out.

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The man paced back and forth. He was due to leave an hour ago, but his ship wasn't back yet. He looked back out into the ocean. He finally gave up and sat down. He put his face into his hands and sighed. He wasn't making much money these days and if the fishing boat didn't return he would surely be evicted from his apartment.

He looked up and there it was! In the distance the fishing boat was returning. He began to cheer up as he waited for it to arrive.

When it crept up to the dock, he stood up and walked on board. As he stepped on, he realized something strange. The men weren't on the deck. He walked around calling out their names. He went to the captain. As he walked in the room, he saw the captain at the wheel.

"Hey," he said.

No response.

Once again he said "Hey."

No response.

He walked up behind the captain, put his hands on his shoulder and spun the chair around. The captains eyes were wide and his throat was ripped out. He had slashes on his chest and he was covered in blood.

"What the fuck!?" the man yelled.

Panicked, he backed out of the room and stumbled down the stairs to the bottom of the ship. The lights were dim. They suddenly flickered and went out.

The man stumbled for the lights when he felt someone breathing on his neck. He placed his hand on the light switch and flicked it on.


In the street outside, people were going through their busy day when a loud scream pierced the air. It was getting late and the sun began to set. Everyone turned and looked at the ship on the dock. They stared for several minutes and nothing happened.

One woman finally took out her cell phone and called the police. The people outside just stared until the police arrived.

Several police officers got out of the cars and walked up to the ship. They walked on board and crept slowly around the deck. The walked through one door, and there was the captain.

"Fuck!" one of the police officers yelled.

He took out his walkie talkie.

"Send all units down to the dock." He said.

The officers spread around the dock and went down the stairs. The lights were out. One officer found the light switch and flicked it on. What they saw was a gruesome sight. There was blood all over the walls. It was smeared and sprayed everywhere. Intestines were strewn all over the floor.

"Shit," one of the guards muttered under his breath.

They continued to stare in shock and disgust at the room. Finally, they saw what appeared to be a body in the corner. Suddenly there was a sound of breaking glass and the light went out. The officers began to shout. Then one of them screamed. The others began shouting and trying to find him. It got quiet. And then the other guards felt something warm spray on their faces. One of the officers took out a flash light and turned it on. There in front of them was a vampire. It grinned, showing its fangs. The guards fired, tearing holes through the vampire, but to no avail. The vampire shrieked up to the ceiling and suddenly from behind objects in the room more vampires began to creep out. They surrounded the officers. The guards and the vampires stared back for a moment, and then the vampires leapt at them.
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