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Remember Me

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I can't really do summaries! Sorry! O_o Let's just say that it's rated mostly for language... Most of what happened in this was entirely made up!!!!!

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He was twelve and living in the slums. He hated his entire family and had no friends. The poor redhead wandered around hopelessly in the Sector 7 slums around the Honey Bee Inn, an inn for members only. Reno had lived in the slums for as long as he could remember, which wasn't very far back because he was a drunk druggy. He had even lost his virginity that same year to a girl that he couldn't even remember the name of. Luckily, about five years later, he had someone to hang around a little. He was a guy about the same age that was planning to go into SOLDIER. His name was Zack Fair and he was looking for a girl that he could hold.
"You're such a fucking softy!" Reno laughed as Zack told him about his wildest fantasy. "You'll never get in with SOLDIER with fantasies like that!"
"Yeah," Zack sighed, "I know, man. I just don't wanna make a mistake and choose the wrong girl!"
"Understandable." Reno lit a cigarette and took a puff. "You know, I lost my virginity to a girl that I can't even remember the name of when I was twelve."
Zack looked at him as if he were disgusted. Reno simply rolled his eyes, removed the cigarette from his mouth, drank from the vodka bottle in his hand, and stuck the smoke back in his lips.
Those were the days. Reno had taken a job as a male stripper when Zack had left to join SOLDIER the year after. About six years had passed, and Reno is waiting outside the Honey Bee preparing to strip at some random guy's twenty-third birthday party. The redhead felt that it was going to ruin his career since he had only done any of it for women at their bachelorette parties and their birthday parties. He had never taken anything off for guys unless he had when he got drunk before. A large, bald man opened the door and Reno walked in, trying to stay far enough away from the man that he couldn't suddenly reach out and grab him. The man led the redhead into the main room where there seemed to be Shinra soldiers surrounding a young blond man with white clothing from head to toe.
"Who's the birthday boy?" Reno asked stupidly.
"That would be the blondie over there," the large man whispered in Reno's ear. "What's your name?"
"I'm Reno," Reno replied.
"I'm Rude," the bald guy sighed. "Well, he's waiting for you."
Reno sighed and walked over to the blond guy. He hopped up on the table in front of the familiar-looking birthday boy. He began doing his exotic dance for the Shinra soldiers and the straight-looking, apparently gay dude. The guy ended up standing and grabbing the alcoholic redhead and kissing him. Reno's eyes widened and he pulled back his fist then let loose and hit the blond bastard in the face. Reno fell off of the table, pushed himself to his feet, and readied himself to fight.
"A fighter," the guy chuckled. "I knew it! I fucking knew it!"
"Knew what?" Reno demanded as Rude grabbed his arms and lifted him off of the floor.
"See, Rude?" the guy asked. "This mother fucker is the one who's been getting into fights around these slums for almost twelve years!"
"I understand, sir," Rude stated.
"Who the hell are you?" Reno yelled as he squirmed in the tight grasp of the tall, strong man.
"I am Rufus Shinra," the blondie replied.
Reno's eyes widened. "As in the new prez of Shinra?"
Rufus nodded and commanded, "Rude, have him thrown in the jail."
Rude nodded once and carried Reno off to a helicopter. He threw him in and started up the engine. Reno was amazed with the large, moving machine. For the first time since Zack had left, he felt comfortable. All of the worries went from his mind and he completely forgot his hangover. All he knew is that he wished that he could have one of his own.
They landed in a heavily guarded base that Reno had seen a picture of in a magazine at the drug store.
"Welcome to the Turks' hideout," Rude stated grimly.
The bald man jumped out, pulling the redhead with him. Once they were inside, they were approached by a man with long black hair.
"Tseng," Rude sighed and bowed. "Tell Cessnai and Elena to check the jail cells again after I throw this one in there."
"I am the boss around here," Tseng snapped. "Who the hell is he, anyway?"
"This is Reno," Rude answered him sternly. "And you really need to have them check the cells at least every hour after this one goes in there!"
Tseng rolled his eyes and nodded and Rude walked off to throw the hung-over redhead in the empty cell farthest from the rest. Reno really didn't get why Rude kept saying that he would need "looking after" when he was perfectly capable and content with staying in a cell, alone.
After about an hour, a young-looking girl with red hair, not as red as Reno's, and a nervous look spreading across her face. All Reno did was look up at the girl and she was sweating, so Reno looked back at his shoe that was covered in mud.
"A-are you o-okay in there?" she asked shakily.
"Yeah," Reno started, "I'm fine. You can go ahead and tell that little fucker Tseng or whatever the hell his name is that his little guinea pig is fine."
"You're Reno, right?" the girl wondered, walking slowly to the bars.
Reno nodded and looked up to see the girl squatting at the bars. He almost fell backward at the sudden close-up of the beautiful girl.
"I used to have such a crush on you!" she exclaimed, blushing.
"And you are?" Reno asked, confused.
"I'm Cessnai," she giggled.
"Cessnai," Reno repeated. "Cessnai as in having the father that turned everyone in the Sector 7 slums against me Cessnai?"
"I'm sorry about my father," she sighed quietly.
Reno shrugged and got up on his knees to look into the girl's eyes. He grabbed the bars to hold him steady.
"I'll talk to Tseng and get you out of there," Cessnai promised.
Reno, without thinking it over, kissed the girl through the bars. When he pulled away, he fell back to sit on the floor with his hand rubbing the back of his neck.
"Cessnai!" a voice called from the other side of the room as if they had just walked in on her having sex with their boyfriend or even girlfriend.
"Tseng!" she squeaked.
"Why were you just kissing the slum scum that completely fucked everything up?" a girl demanded from behind Tseng.
Reno got up on his knees again and looked through the bars. This girl had blond hair.
"He's not slum scum, Elena!" Cessnai yelled, offended.
"Would you like to join him in there?" Tseng demanded of her.
By the time that Cessnai's eyes filled with tears, Reno was standing, picking the lock with a bobby pin that he kept especially for that. The door swung open and he stood in front of the poor, red-haired girl.
"We knew this would happen," Elena stated. "Reno..."
"What?" Reno snapped.
"You are the newest Turk," Tseng finished.
"What?" Cessnai and Reno asked in unison.
"Training starts tomorrow."
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