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Rated for language (For the most part!)...

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Rude grabbed Reno and Cessnai and led them up a winding staircase to the apartments. He tossed a pair of clothes at Reno and threw them in and Reno ended up on his hands and knees.
"Dammit!" Reno exclaimed under his breath.
"What?" Cessnai asked him as she placed her hand on his back.
"Never mind." Reno stood and declared one of the beds.
"Tell me, Reno," Cessnai sighed.
"No, Cessnai." Reno turned over and rested his head on his hands.
Cessnai rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom with the bag that she had with her. By the time she walked out, Reno was sitting up in his bed, shirtless. Cessnai was in a little slip-looking nightgown. Reno immediately had to cover his bottom half with the blanket. Cessnai crawled in her bed and Reno turned out the lamp. He lied there, thinking to himself.
Why is she doing this to me?, he thought. It's not right! She's only at least seventeen! I'm twenty-four! I can't do anything with her no matter how much I want to! To be a Turk, I need responsibility.
The next morning, Reno was up before Cessnai and he was pacing the door in his new uniform, waiting for Tseng. He kept looking at Cessnai then looking away quickly. Finally, she awoke and rolled out of the bed. She walked over to Reno and stopped him in his tracks to stare into the pale blue eyes of the sexy redhead. Before Reno knew it, he was being thust to the bed with Cessnai's tongue in his mouth. She slipped his shirt off. That gave him enough space to escpae. He wanted, beyond belief, to fuck her so hard that she couldn't feel her legs, but he knew that it was wrong.
"What's wrong?" Cessnai asked as Reno slid his shirt back on.
"I can't do this," Reno mumbled to himself.
"I thought that this was the only way to get you to be mine," Cessnai whimpered as she sat up.
"You were wrong Cessnai!" Reno snapped.
"Reno," Cessnai sniffled. "I'm so sorry."
"No," Reno sighed as he sat beside the red-haired girl. "It's my fault. If I wasn't the person I am today, and if you were at least five years older, we might have stood a chance."
"I'm not a teenager," Cessnai stated.
"What?" Reno's voice cracked. "But your dad said that you were seven years younger than me and if I were to lay a hand on you, he would cut my balls off."
"That's because he didn't want me to have sex at that age, especially with someone like you," Cessnai explained. "We all knew how you were, Reno."
It was true. If Reno and Cessnai were still in the slums, he wouldn't have cared. He would have been doing her right that very moment. At that point in his life, he was fucking anything that lived. Now that he was a Turk, he had responsibilities. He wanted Cessnai's body in his possession. Not being able to have her made him feel things that he had never felt in his life. Why did he feel that he was losing something precious?
"Well," Reno stood and walked to the window, "I'm different now. I've changed, Cessnai, in ways that you would never be able to imagine."
Cessnai stood and walked to him. She wrapped her arms around the tall redhead's waist from the back and pressed herself to him.
"I know you have Reno," she whispered.
Suddenly, someone knocked down the door. Tseng entered with Elena and Rude behind him. Reno and Cessnai turned.
"What the fuck, man?" Reno yelled.
"Step away from my girl," Tseng commanded.
The Indian-looking man grabbed Cessnai and pressed his mouth to hers. Reno threw his fist back, but Rude caught him before he was able to punch the bastard dead in the face. Tseng stopped kissing the poor, exposed-looking girl and glared at Reno. Reno's lip curled as Rude led him away and tossed him into the elevator. The walked out to the training area where Rude placed Reno at the end of a long line of men who were standing, straight-backed, in front of a Shinra soldier. Rude joined the front. Shortly after, the soldier and Rude moved aside to allow the man that Reno knew as Rufus Shinra walk to the front in plain view.
"I hope that all you little shits are as ready as I am for training!" Shinra exclaimed happily. "I will walk through and choose half to be instructed by Rude and the other half to be instructed guy! Plus, I have the exciting privledge of kicking anyone who doesn't qualify to be a Turk out of Midgar!"
Reno suddenly became extremely nervous. He tried to slip away from the group, knowing that if Rufus saw him, he probably would get kicked out of Midgar and not even be allowed in Edge or even Nibelheim, but Rufus caught him before he could.
"Look who's at Turk training!" Shinra laughed. "It's the male stripper! How ya doing?"
Reno, just to make Shinra mad, slouched casually and replied, "I'm fine. How are you?"
"I'm fine," Shinra stated, losing intrest. "How did you even get here?"
"Tseng and Rude recruited me," Reno sighed.
"Your instructor will be Rude." Shinra walked back to the front. "Change of plan. I will be one of the instructors instead of Rude. He will be a private instructor."
Shinra turned to Rude and whispered something in his ear. Rude nodded, strode to Reno, grabbed his arm, and dragged him toward the apartment building.
"Training will be tonight," Rude stated harshly.
Reno nodded and fled to the elevator. He rode up to his floor and sprinted into his room where he heard someone in the bathroom crying. He cautiously approached the open door and peered inside. Cessnai was sitting on the toilet seat with a box of tissues on her lap, crying.
"Cessnai!" Reno breathed causing her to look up at him, throw the tissues on the floor, and wrap her arms around him. "Cessnai! What's wrong?"
"Tseng tr-tried to..." the short girl refused to say anymore.
"Tseng did what?" Reno demanded.
"He tr-tried to r-rape me!" Cessnai responded.
Reno's heart speed went up and he felt like going to kill the leader. Instead, he just stood there, embracing Cessnai. He sat her on the toilet seat again and handed her the tissues before squatting in front of her with his hands on her knees.
"Did he touch you in inappropriate ways?" Reno asked with a father-like tone.
Cessnai nodded.
"Where?" Reno demanded.
"He had me sit beside him on the couch in his apartment and he lied his hand on m-my knee," Cessnai began. "The next thing I know, he's running one of his hands up my thigh and the other is going toward my breast."
"What happened after that?"
"He started lying me back on the couch adn kissing my neck, so I threw him off of me and ran here."
Reno stood and walked into the next room and stared out the window at the trainees that were victims of Rufus Shinra. He heard Cessnai walk in and stand behind him. He turned and stared into her eyes. Without thinking, he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to hers. She threw the tissue box behind her and let him do what he wanted. Reno lowered his lips and ran them gently along her neck, kissing certain spots as he went as low as her shoulder before he realized that he was breaking the deal that he made with himself in his mind. He had told himself that he wasn't to fuck any girl at all unless he loved her. That really wasn't working for him, though. He pulled his mouth away and stared into her light brown eyes. She was smiling lovingly. Reno smiled in return then walked around her to sit on the couch in his living room and turned on the TV. Cessnai followed him and cuddled up to him.
After it became dark and Reno and Cessnai were sitting in the dimly lit room making out, Cessnai on top of Reno, someone burst in through the door. Cessnai and Reno shot up, Cessnai with her legs still on either side of Reno's hips. Reno looked behind him to see Rude.
"If Tseng saw you two," Rude sighed, "you'd be dead Reno."
"Yeah yeah," Reno said impatiently. "What do you want?"
"It's time for training," Rude answered.
Reno rolled his eyes and looked back at Cessnai. He sat up farther and kissed her once more before he climbed off of the dingy couch and followed Rude to the training field. Once they reached the fighting area of the training ground, Rude flipped a swich that turned on all of the lights. Reno looked around, amazed. Rude walked up behind him and slid an EMR into his hand.
"What the fuck?" Reno's voice cracked.
"Our first lesson is fighting," Rude explained. "That is an Electromagnetic Rod, or an EMR. I wanna test your skills."
"My skills?" Reno demanded. "Dude, I grew up in the slums! I have no skills!"
"Oh, we'll see," Rude chuckled and took a fighting stance.
Reno sighed and also took his fighting stance. Rude came at him at top speed, so Reno dodged, grabbed Rude's EMR, and came back with a roundhouse kick. Rude ended up on the ground, unconcious. Reno chuckled nervously, looked at Rude, and ran back to the apartment where he found Cessnai watching TV.
"How did it go?" she asked.
"I'm so fucked!" Reno breathed as he paced.
"What the hell happened?" Cessnai demanded.
"We were working on fighting skills today and something happened," Reno panted.
Cessnai stopped him, wrapped her arms around his waist, and kissed him. Once she pulled away she asked again, "What happened?"
"I knock Rude unconcious," Reno replied.
Cessnai kind of retreated which made Reno sit on the couch with his head between his hands.
"I'm going to get kicked out of Midgar for fucking sure!" Reno breathed.
Cessnai sat beside him and ran her hand up and down his back. He sat up and looked at her with a softness that no girl had ever seen. She pressed her lips to his and lied him back on the sofa. She lifted her head and looked at him.
"If you get kicked out of Midgar, I'll go with you," Cessnai whispered.
"What if I get ousted out of Edge and Nibelheim?" Reno asked her seriously.
"I'll go anywhere with you, Reno," Cessnai answered him.
Reno smiled, placed a curled finger under her chin, and pulled her mouth back to his. Then, random knocking came to the door. Cessnai lifted her head and looked at him.
"I'll get it," she sighed as she rolled off of him.
She opened the door just a crack then retreated as the door swung open. Reno stood immediately as Cessnai started crying. Tseng stood there with a pissed off expression.
"You took my girl ass-wipe!" he yelled.
"You tried to rape her and she came to me!" Reno responded. He turned to the scared girl behind him and whispered, "Go in the bathroom and lock the door. Take the phone and call Rufus."
He handed her his cell phone out of his pocket and she ran. The lock clicked as Reno pulled out his EMR. Tseng pulled out a gun and aimed it at Reno's chest. He shot and Reno jumped on the couch. Tseng shot again and hit Reno in the arm.
"Fuck, man!" Reno gestured to his bleeding arm. "That fucking hurt! Fuck!"
Tseng fired again, so Reno jumped off of the couch and headed for the window. Tseng had Reno cornered. Just as he was about to shoot the curled up ball on the floor, the door flew open. Rufus Shinra walked in. Reno looked up and saw that he was with a two spiky-haired boys, one with dark brown hair and the other with blond. Shinra grabbed Tseng and dragged him off. Cessnai walked out of the bathroom to see Reno bleeding. She covered her mouth and began crying again as Reno began to lose conciousness.
"Zack! Cloud!" Cessnai cried. "Help me!"
Reno closed his eyes as Cessnai ripped part of Cloud's uniform and tied it tightly around Reno's arm. Zack knelt down and helped her.
"Cloud!" Zack panted. "Go get Elena and tell her what happened!"
"Yes, sir, Zack." Cloud ran out the door.
"Zack?" Reno managed.
"Yeah?" Zack wondered. "How did you know my name?"
"That's a stupid question," Reno chuckled a little.
"I know," Zack sighed. "It was one of those questions that you realize is stupid as soon as you say it."
"How can you not remember me?" Reno breathed with his eyes still shut.
"Sorry," Zack said.
"It's..." Reno started to drift off.
"It's?" Zack wondered.
"Reno from...the Sector 7...slums," Reno breathed.
Zack inhaled deeply and looked sadly at the poor redhead sitting on the ground.
"Zack!" Cloud panted as he ran back inside. "Elena's not here! She's out trying to find out how to get their stolen helicopter back."
"Thanks, Cloud," Zack sighed. "I will definately put in a good word to Sephiroth."
"Thank you, sir," Cloud smiled.
Zack looked at Cessnai, who was sobbing into her hands. Reno was losing too much blood. He had to do something.
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