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My Chemical Romance in later chapters!!


"Matthew, stop it now!" I giggled. "Not if you don't" he shouted. "Fine" I put down my water gun. "You got me wet!" he yelled. "Was that supposed to be a sexual remark Mr. Leone?" I asked, raising my eyebrow. "Yes it was, Mrs. Denmark" he gave me a goofy grin. "It's cold" I shivered, changing the subject. He wrapped his towel around my body. “What a baby” he muttered. “Hey! You’re the one who started shooting me with your water gun” I whined. “But you’re the one who’s stupid enough to shoot me back” he defended. “Now I’m going to die in the cold, thanks to you” I mumbled. “Overdramatic much?” I put the water guns in Matt’s duffel bag and we began heading out of the park. We stopped by a cart that sells food and drinks. I bought a can of coke and Matthew bought a hotdog.

"Hotdogs are yummy" he got into his car, stuffing the rest of his hotdog in his mouth. I got into the passenger’s seat. "Where to?" he asked. "Your house" I grinned. "Going to my house so you can see my 'sexy' brother?" he asked. "Yes indeed" I giggled. This is Rachel Denmark’s life. I’m the girl with the friends, the looks, the body, and everything a girl would want. To me, my life is pretty much perfect. My parents both have fair amount of money. Back in my school days, I’m the girl that every guy wanted. I've dated couple of boys in high school but none of them was really the one for me. I was always the favorite child who gets good grades. My friends are the best. The only non-perfect thing about my life is my sister, Skye.

She's gotten into drugs and alcohol when she was thirteen. She was the screw up of our family. We were all disgraced to have her around. Nobody really likes her besides the four druggies she hung out with in middle school and high school. How the hell is she related to me? Who knows where she is today? I like where I am today. I have everything I ever wanted. Matthew is such a sweet, charming guy. I’m lucky to have him as my best friend. Matthew has a twin brother. His name is Nathan. Nathan is the love of my life. He just doesn’t know it yet. Matthew parked in the garage of his house and got out the car. I followed him into his house, excited to see Nathan.

"Nathan, I'm home!" Matthew yelled. "Did you bring that hoe with you?" he yelled back from the living room. "Yes, the hoe is here" Matthew shouted, sticking his tongue at me. "Hey Rachel" Nathan ran out of his room, smiling at me. My heart melted at this second. I loved the way his lips curved more into the right side when he smiled. "Hi" I smiled back. "So how was the park?" he asked. "That fucker sprayed me with a gun" I pointed at Matthew accusingly. "You started it!" Matthew whined. "No you started it and you're not allowed to attack girls"

"Only in a sexual way" Nathan added. Matt smirked. “Poke the perv!” I yelled, poking Nathan’s ribs. He laughed. "I'm going to shower" Matthew dropped his duffel bag to the floor and walked up the stairs to his room. "So how are you lately?" Nathan started the subject. "Good, I guess" I shrugged. "That's good" he said. "How's the tour?" I asked him. "It was terrific" he smiled. "I missed you guys” I told him. I did miss them. The guys were on a UK tour with Paramore and Cute Is What We Aim For. They came back to Chicago this morning. When Matthew met me at my house, we went to the park immediately. I had to spend a lot of time with my best buddy. “I’m sure we missed you too” he chuckled.

He's so cute. I keep telling myself constantly. I've had a crush on him since the first day I met him. I can't believe he still didn’t know yet. Welcome to oblivion, I sighed. Even Matt noticed my liking for his brother. But being the good friend that he is, he never told his brother anything. To this day, I still wonder why. "I like that shirt you’re wearing" he said, pointing at my Smashing Pumpkins shirt which is now wet. "Thanks. Maybe you would have liked it better if it wasn't wet" I frowned, looking down at my wet shirt. That just reminded me of how cold I am. “Hey maybe you can go shower now. It might take a while until Matt finishes it. There’s a bathroom in my room”

“Seriously?” he’s offering me to shower in his bathroom? That can just make me happy for the rest of my life. “No, Rachel I was joking” he said sarcastically. "Thanks" I walked into his bathroom and began the shower. I couldn't believe how great my life is. I get to shower in Nathan's bathroom. During my long, hot shower, I thought of the first day I met Nathan. I've known Matthew through a mutual friend. We began hanging out a lot and he brought me home to meet his brother. That day I fell in love. Nathan and Matthew are in a band called Madina Lake. They go touring constantly and I guess its fine with me since Matt and I contact each other online or on the phone constantly. Nathan and I don't really talk to each other that much. Most of the conversations were very awkward. But I still like him. A lot.


“The set was amazing!” Fiona yelled. “I agree” Casey did a little jig. “We only got fifty dollars each buddy” I rolled my eyes. Why do they always have to see the positive side of things? Life doesn’t always hand you what you want. You have to make a living to try and get it. “Skye, fifty dollars is fine for one set. It’s good enough” Alexander sighed. We all got into his van and he began driving. “Where are you going tonight Skye? Are you staying with us?” Collin asked. “No, I’m going to Tom’s” I shook my head. “Again?” Casey groaned. “Yes sir” I chuckled. “Fine” he grumbled. “Casey, why does it matter?” I asked. “Because he sucks” “Well, that’s a good reason. Maybe your jealous of his good looks” I teased.
“I don’t need to be jealous of his good looks, I’m pretty handsome myself” Casey pouted. “Yeah right” Fiona scoffed. “You guys want pizza?” Alexander asked, parking near Dominos. “Nope thanks, Tom said he’s making dinner” I answered. “Whatever, but we want pizza” Collin unfastened his seatbelt and got out of the car. The others followed suit. “Hey Skye, maybe I’ll drive you home while they get pizza” Alexander didn’t leave the car. “Oh thanks” I mumbled. He smiled back at me before pulling out of the pizza place. It was a five minute drive to Tom’s. I got out of the car. “Thanks, see you tomorrow” I waved, getting my guitar case in the trunk. “Bye” he yelled and drove away. I sighed, walking into the house.
I knocked on Tom’s door. He answered it just as I expected. “Hey babe” he pulled me into a hug. “Hi” I breathe his scent in. “How was your set today?” he asked. “It’s great. I got fifty bucks for it though” I said negatively. “It’s okay. As long as you enjoy it” he took my guitar case and brought it inside the house. Tom is really nice when he’s sober. I met him at a bar. That time I worked as a bartender. He offered me some shots and we drank the night away. That time I still lived in Alexander’s van along with the others. He asked me to tell him about myself. I told him the horrible story of my life. He told me that I could live with him for as long as I want. We’re not in a relationship with each other but we are both fine with that.
The only problem was that we both have drinking problems. We would both get drunk and beat the hell out of each other every time. Sometimes when he’s drunk and I’m sober, he gets mad at me and I couldn’t fight back and vice versa. We both came from horrible families. His dad died when he was fifteen. Since then, his mom always gets drunk and brings guys home. The mom would beat him up or make him feel unloved. Then she got married to a guy named Bobby. Tom told me that Bobby would always put him down and made him feel suicidal at some point. He moved out of the house as soon as he could and now look where that brought him?
I live in a good family household. The only problem was me. My friends, who are my band members today, were drug abusers. Somehow I got influenced by them and started myself. Rachel found out about that. She found it in my bedroom. I was thirteen and she was fifteen at the time. She told my parents and my parents told me to stop. They didn’t do anything to help me, they just told me to stop. You know how we drug abusers are. We won’t stop just because we are told to. I continued. I began ruining my life and my parents just didn’t care anymore. They ignored me and made me feel like I was invisible. I was not their daughter anymore. Rachel would bring her friends home to make fun of me and hurt me physically and emotionally. That’s how we lived out lives.


I woke up at around twelve in the afternoon. What the hell happened last night? I looked at my surroundings. Why was I in Nathan's room? Did we...? Damn it. I wish I would have remembered. "Nathan?" I called out. No answer. I got out of bed. Was I naked? I looked down at my attire. I had on Nathan’s Atticus T-shirt and baggy pants. Good I was fully clothed. I checked Matt’s room and it was empty as well. Maybe the guys are downstairs. I walked down the stairs and there they were. The twins were playing video games when I walked to the living room. "Hey guys" I yawned. "Rachel, are you okay?" Nathan asked. "What happened yesterday? I don't remember anything" I rubbed my eyes. "You were drinking too much" Matt explained. "Yeah and you were clearly upset about some girl named Skye. You were drunk as fuck. So I brought you to my room. I slept on the sofa"

"Oh thanks Nathan" I smiled. I didn’t sleep with Nathan. I was still a virgin. But why was I worried about Skye? To be honest, I don't care what the hell she's up to now. She's probably in a house of prostitution. I smirked at the thought. “You’re very welcome” Nathan’s lips curved into a smile. My heart melted again. "Why are you thanking him? I carried you to his room!" Matthew frowned. "Uh, no you didn't" Nathan corrected him. "Yes I did!" Matt whined. "Lies!" Nathan shouted. I chuckled. "Does it really matter?" I asked. "Yes!" they both shouted at me. "Uh okay, continue arguing sorry for interrupting" I sat down besides Matt on the sofa. "I carried her to my bed" Nathan continued. "No!" Matt yelled. "Yes I did!" I rolled my eyes. They completely forgot about their video games.

I took the controller out of Matthew's hand and killed Nathan's character. "Hey!" Nathan looked away from Matthew and stared at the screen. "Yay! I beat you, five bucks please!" Matthew clapped his hands happily. "That's not fair!" Nathan frowned. "How?" "Rachel beat me not you!" "It's my character" "But Rachel cheated!"
I sighed. I only did that to get their attention. I thought they'd finally stop arguing but I made it worst. Good job Rachel! What was the point of their argument anyways? "Why don't you guys play again and decide who the real winner is?" I asked. They both stared at me blankly. I groaned, getting up from the sofa. "I have to go" I murmured, walking to Nathan's room. I was looking for my belongings when Nathan came in the room.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah I'm fine" I nodded. "Please don't leave" he begged. I dropped all my things and stared at him, "Why?" I demanded. "Because I don't want you to" he sat down on his bed. "And why don't you want me to, Mr. Leone?" I raised my eyebrow. "Because it's no fun without you" he frowned. "Looks like you guys were having plenty of fun without me" I smirked, visualizing the guys arguing over video games. He chuckled. "Where are you going then?" he asked. "Why does it matter where I go?" I sat down on the bed beside him. Maybe I wish it matters to him where I go. "I don't know. Just wondering" he shrugged. "My friend is setting me up on a blind date today and apparently, I'm thirty minutes late" I looked at the clock. It's already 12:30. He frowned, "you don't need to leave to see some douchbag, do you?"

"Oh, so you want me to stay?" I said with a wide grin. "Yeah" he nodded. "Why?" he groaned, taking his pillow and smacking me with it. "I want a pillow fight!" he yelled. "Bitch" I took his other pillow, hitting him back. A few minutes later, Matthew came in. "Is everything alright here?" he asked, smirking. We both stopped immediately. "Yeah why wouldn't it be?" I asked."I thought someone was getting raped" he sighed. "Well Nathan started the pillow fight so that was basically rape" I got up from the bed. "And you obviously like it" Nathan got up as well. "Of course I do, Nathan. Anyways guys, I have to go" I took my bag and walked out of the room.

When I reached the door, Matthew caught up. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Terrie set me up with a blind date. I have to go, I'm late" I replied. "Why are you going on a blind date?" he practically shouted. "Why not Matt?" "You are suppose to like Nathan" "Whatever. Just let it go, I have to move on. Maybe this Tom guy would be a charmer. He may be everything I ask for" "No he won't. I know he won't" Matt shouted. "And why not?" I asked, leaning on his door. "Because he isn't Nathan" "How would you know that Nathan is the one for me?" I asked, suddenly interested. "He just is. Please don't give up on your love for him yet. You didn't even try. You may never know if you never try"

"Matthew, just let it go. I'm not sure if he's the one for me but I know that I need to meet this Tom guy" I put a hand on his shoulder. "Fine" he grumbled. "Bye, see you later" I hugged him tightly. When I walked outside I remembered that I left my car at my house. "Oh, take the car keys" as if he was reading my mind, Matthew threw me his car keys. "Thanks" I mumbled, running to his car.
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