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In Another Life

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"You want us to open for a band?" I asked our manager, Cory. "Yeah, their opening act ditched them and they needed another band. Their band manager asked me if you guys were interested" he explained. "When is the gig?" Fiona asked. "Tomorrow night" Cory answered. "That's sick!" Collin shouted. The guys looked really excited for this new gig. "Fine with me" I sighed. Maybe our band can finally be known. We've been playing small gigs and bars for years now. All five of us have money problems. Maybe this gig will change that. But was the band big enough to get us well known?

"Which band are we opening for?" Alexander asked, reading my mind. "I think you've heard of them. They are from here. Madina Lake. I don't know if you did. They just came back from the UK but wanted to play a secret show in Chicago" "That's great" Casey clapped his hands. "It's about time I get my own place" I muttered. "Living with Tom must have been like hell" Fiona said. "Not really" I shrugged. "Where is he now? Work?" Alexander asked. "No, he's going on some blind date" I scoffed. "Blind dates are gay" Collin laughed. "Tell me about it" "Hey guys, back to focus" the manager clapped his hands. "Okay" I turned to him. "Meet me here tomorrow at four. I will bring you guys to the venue" he said before leaving.

"Don't we have a gig tonight at the bar?" Casey reminded us. "Yeah, let's get ready" I got in Alexander's van. The others followed suit. "Who the hell is Madina Lake?" Fiona asked when Alex began driving. "I heard of them. Maybe once. One of my ex girlfriends went to their show. She was so excited about it" Casey sighed. "Roxy likes Madina Lake?" I asked. He nodded. "Then they must be some gay pop electro band" I scoffed. Casey's ex girlfriend, Roxy was hell. She was fake as plastic and has a crappy taste in music. I can't believe we will be opening for one of those kinds of bands.

"No, they are like a rock band I think. She said they are the only rock music she listens to" "Okay well, I know we won't be opening for a bunch of faggots" I laughed. "So after the show, you going to Tom's or sleeping in here with us?" Fiona changed the subject. "I think I'm staying with you guys. Tom's probably bringing his new girl home" I smirked. "Does he bring girls home on first dates?" Noah asked. "Sometimes" I said, grinning. "Are most of them good?" "No, I hate most of them. He dumps them within a week" I told them. "Really? I think you are jealous of them" Fiona pointed out. "Why would I be jealous? I get to sleep with that fucker almost every night"

"And you still tell us you don't love him" Alex said. "I don't" "You guys should go out one day. He takes care of you, he obviously likes you" "No he only takes care of me because he knows he's getting a blow job every night" everybody laughed. Half of what I just said was true. Even though Tom did have good intentions, he also has bad ones. "What if he likes the new girl more than you?" Collin asked. "Then I'd be living with you guys every day like how I used to" I said honestly. I am afraid of that happening. What if Tom becomes occupied with the girl? He wouldn't want me sticking around? Everything we had for the past few years would be over. That's not a good thing.

A few hours later, we got to the bar. I plugged my guitar in and walked in the center stage area. A lot of guys were there drinking. They didn't care about what band were going to play; they just want to be satisfied with what they have. Fiona played the first bass line of the song to Alexander's drum beats. Casey, Collin and I joined them with our guitar lines. I began singing a few seconds later. Nobody paid attention to us. We didn't care. They were bar people. That's how they are. At least we are getting paid. That's all that matters. In the middle of our second song, a guy walked into the bar. He sat down when the bartender asked him what he wanted to drink. He said something to the bartender before turning his attention on us.

His hazel eyes immediately fell on me. He gazed at me with curiosity. I explored through his features, forgetting the lyrics for a second before coming back to my senses. He chuckled at my mistake. The guy had hazel eyes. I could easily get lost in them. He had messy blonde hair sticking up in every direction. The black button up shirt seems to fit him very well. His lips curved into a smile when he saw my eyes on him. I found myself staring at him during our whole set. Luckily, I didn't forget the lyrics again. That would be bad and embarrassing. I've embarrassed myself enough tonight. He took a sip from his drink and looked around my band members. Why was he evacuating us?

We played our last song before getting off stage. "Damn Skye, you were like undressing that guy with your eyes" Fiona shouted the second we went backstage. "What guy?" I decided to play dumb. She noticed? "Don't fuck with me; I know you were checking that blonde hottie out" "Was he really that hot?" Casey asked, putting my guitar in the case for me. "Damn it, he's gorgeous as fuck!" Fiona yelled. "Really?" Alexander smirked. "He was gorgeous, right Skye?" I didn't want Fiona in my business. Why does it matter when I stare at a guy during a set? I didn't' want any gossip going around. Or I didn't want Fiona teasing me about a guy in front of Tom.

"Yeah whatever" I rolled my eyes. He was gorgeous, but I'll never see him again so why bother? He's just another one of those bar guys I don't ever want to lay my eyes on. Maybe that moment looking at him was nice but I didn't want to get involved in this guy. He probably didn't care much about me either. I'm just some singer girl at the bar. We packed our instruments and walked to the bar area. "Skye" the bartender shouted. "Yeah?" "Here take this" she handed me a glass of Martini. "What for?" I do love alcohol but I needed to know the reason for this offering. "The guy over there offered you" I followed her gaze to the mysterious blonde guy. He smiled when his eyes met mine. "Thanks" I whispered to the bartender before walking over to him. "Hey" "Hey yourself" he grinned. Is this a trap? Maybe this guy wanted a blow job. I chuckled to myself. "What's funny?"

"I find this very ironic... Be honest, are you planning on raping me?" I asked innocently. He fell into fits of laughter. He may be finding this situation amusing but I'm confused and flattered at the same time. "Uh... I guess not" I mumbled to myself. "You're not much of a drinker, are you?" he asked, pointed at my martini glass. "Of course I am. I was just occupied. I love alcohol" I gushed. "That's one thing we have in common" he smiled. Great, I always fall for guys who love alcohol. Am I really falling for him? I highly doubt that. "Uh, do I know you?" I obviously don't know him but why was he staring at me when we were performing? Why was he offering me this drink? Was it poisoned? I'll take my chance. You don't get drinks from cute guys everyday.

"No, you don't know me. I thought you looked familiar but I don't think I know you" he examined me, shaking his head. "So you offered a drink to the wrong girl?" I almost chuckled. "Nope I meant to give you that so hopefully you'll enjoy this. But I will see you around. I don't know you but I just know it" he winked at me before he walked out of the bar. What the hell was that, honestly? Is he going to stalk me now? Should I be flattered or scared? I frowned at his sudden disappearance anyways. "Why so sad girl?" Fiona sat down beside me. "No nothing" I mumbled. I'm not fooling anyone am I? This mystery guy did leave a first impression on me. I wanted to know who he is.

Why did he have a sudden interest to me? Why did I look familiar to him? Have I seen him before? "So what did the guy say to you?" she asked curiously. "He just told me I look like someone he knew or something like that" I shrugged as if this encounter was nothing. It was something. He was so sure that we'd meet again. I hope I will meet him again."Is this a first stage of flirting?" "Fiona, we will never see the guy again, just let it go" I sighed. This is a lot on my mind. I need to clear it for the show tomorrow. That show might turn all of our lives around. This is a chance we may never have again.


Everything that happened yesterday sucked. I thought that Tom would be the perfect guy for me. Terrie was so sure of it. When I walked in, I was delighted, he was so sexy. But I know that looks never really mattered. He looked so kissable. He looked like the kind of guy I would date. What kind of guys would I date anyways? This is so much to take in. When I walked in late, Tom got frustrated with me. We began the date with an argument. An argument isn't really a great start to a first date or a first impression. After the argument, we ordered food. He asked me to tell him about myself. I didn't tell him everything. I just told him that I worked as an intern for this magazine company.

He told me that he was a gambler in a bar. He loved alcohol. I mean I am used to guys who liked to drink. Nathan likes to drink. Matt does sometimes too. But I just find that unappealing. Why did I like Nathan? He is the most amazing human being on this planet. He's funny, charming, caring, and sexy. His love for alcohol doesn't affect me at all. But he's Nathan; nothing can possibly go wrong with him. This Tom guy seems like the kind of guy Skye would go out with. I don't know how Skye is right now but they looked like they would be a perfect match. There is no way in hell that Skye was done with drugs and alcohols.

The annoying sound of my ringtone brought my attention back to the present time. I yawned and got up from my bed. It was very hard for me to sleep for the past few hours. I should change my ringtone. Maybe buy a song ringtone from online or something. "Matt what do you want?" I groaned, picking up the phone. "Are you coming over Rachel?" he asked. "Why am I coming over to your place?" I asked. "Because you are my friend and you will come because I told you to" "Matthew what are you up to?" I asked impatiently. "Nothing, the guys are over and I don't know but Nathan's dying for you to come over. By the way, how's the blind date guy?"

"Nathan's dying for me to come over? Forget the other guy. He's gorgeous but he lives in a house with another woman and sleeps with her. He says there's nothing going on between them but I don't believe them. I don't care. Looks don't matter at all. It's the quality in a person. But Nathan's dying for me to be there? That's like a dream come true" I gushed. Nathan wants me over? Is this some kind of joke? No, Matthew is shitting me. "Then come over and overwhelm him" "Okay, anything for Nathan" I shouted excitedly and immediately got up from my bed. It took me a while to decide what to wear. I have to look good for Nathan. I have to wow him with my beauty.

When I was finally satisfied, I took my bag and got ready to leave. Why am I so excited? It's not a big deal. It's not like Nathan is going to show up at my door and tell me he loves me. I scoffed at my own thought. Maybe Nathan thought it was boring without a girl to mess around with. He couldn't possibly want me over so bad. I slowly walked over to my door. When I opened the door, I gasped. Did my thoughts just come true? "Nathan, what are you doing here?" I asked, almost shocked and surprised. "I'm here to do this..." he pushed me against the wall near my door and quickly pressed his lips against mine forcefully.

I was obviously shocked. This must be a dream. When this kiss is done, I'm going to pinch myself. This has to be a dream. Why the hell would Nathan be kissing me? Why did he just come to my house and kiss me? Matthew did tell me to come to their house. He's dying to see me. Matthew wasn't lying. Life is good
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