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A/N: My Chemical Romance appears in the next chapter...


My eyes fluttered open. I was in my bedroom. Of course it was just a dream. Things like this only happen in dreams. I sighed. Only if the kiss really happened. "Rachel?" a voice beside me called out. I saw Matthew from the corner of my eyes. "Yeah?" "Are you okay?" he asked. Funny that seems like a question Nathan always asks me. "Matthew, I just had the weirdest dream of my life. I mean it's like my best but I have to tell you all about it. Like I woke up and you called me to tell me that Nathan wants to see me and I got excited. I quickly got ready and Nathan was already at my door. And he kissed me. That was like a..." I turned to Matthew. I made a mistake.

"Uh... Your not Matthew" I tilted my head. "Of course I'm not" Nathan chuckled. "I thought you were so I kind of rambled and I didn't know" I said nervously. "The mistake of having a twin" Nathan muttered. "Hey be careful of what your talking about. He's the first twin!" I shouted. "Maybe your right" he chuckled lightly. "Nathan, can you tell me what happened before?" I asked. I have to know what happened. Was everything real? Did Nathan really kiss me? I'm confused and lost. I guess everything between us would be very awkward if he didn't explain everything to me and clear this whole situation up.

"Well I came to your house and I was about to knock on your door when you already opened the door. I kissed you and you fainted so I brought you here. I just wanted to lay here with you. Don't worry I didn't rape you" he laughed at the last part. I frowned. I believe this is a serious matter. "I fainted? Wow" I fainted? Why did I have to ruin the perfect moment? I've waited all my life for Nathan to kiss me and I ruined it by fainting right after the kiss. Maybe he thinks that I don't feel the same way. I have to make sure he really has that passion for me. What if he didn't mean to kiss me intentionally? Maybe he wouldn't want anything to do with me right after I fainted. God, this is so embarrassing."Nathan?"

"Hmm?" "Did you really mean it?" I asked. "Did I really mean what?" he asked, getting up from my bed. "The kiss" I looked down at my red nails. "Of course I did" he said confidently. "Good" I slowly looked up. He walked over to me and tilted my head up with his finger. "Rachel, I fell in love with you the day I met you and I thought it was okay not to tell you because I thought you liked Matthew. And since yesterday, I realized that it's now or never" "Why yesterday?" I asked. "You were going on that blind date. Do you like the guy?" he asked, helping me up. "Hell no!" I said immediately. "Oh, uh... So now I know you don't uh like Matthew" he looked down at his feet.

"Matthew's my buddy, you're my love interest. I know that sounds cheesy but that's true" I never knew I had the confidence to say that to him but it looks like now is the right time to say it. "If I knew you felt that way, I would have said something days ago" he muttered more to himself. "What time is it now?" I asked, changing the subject. "It's 3:30, we have a show tonight" he grabbed my hand and brought me to my living room. "Can I come?" I asked. "Of course" he winked. "I love it when you do that" I mumbled. "When I do what?" he asked. "When you wink at me" I whispered. "Why are we whispering?" he asked in a whisper. "What?" I shouted, breaking the whispering mood. I smiled at him. Gladly, he was doing the same. Then he slowly put his arms around me, leaning closer to me.

When our lips were only inches apart, my phone rang. "Fuck!" I picked up the phone, "What the fuck do you want Matt?" I basically yelled. "What the fuck, Rachel? Why so angry?" Matthew asked innocently. "Oh nothing, what do you want?" I replied in a calming voice. "Do you know where Nathan is?" he asked. "Why do you want to know?" "What do you mean?" he sounded confused. "Why are you looking for Nathan?" Nathan's head shot up at the sound of his name. "We have to be at the venue by 5" "Matthew, I'm pretty sure he's aware of that"

"How would you know? Wait a minute, is he here?" "Uh..." I looked at Nathan; he smiled at me and nodded. "Yeah" I said. "Holy shit! What happened? Did anything happen? Are you finally..." "Matt, shut up it's not like that we'll be there by five I promise" I told him. "Okay, but you have to tell me all the juicy details" "What juicy details Matt?" I laughed. "You know..." we talked and laughed for a few more minutes before hanging up."Matt is such a goof ball" I muttered. "We have to go, right?" Nathan asked.

"Just be there by five and everything's okay" I said. "Perfect" "Uh, not to be cheesy or anything but I..." "You want that kiss" I nodded. "Good, cause I do too" "I'll ignore the next phone call if I have to" he pulled me closer to him and quickly kissed me.


"Alexander, hurry the hell up!" Collin rushed. "Shut the hell up, faggot!" Alex shouted back. "Why don't you two just shut up and drive" Casey rolled his eyes. "Fiona is still asleep" I whispered to the guys. "Wake her up!" Alex yelled. "1...2...3... FIONA!" we all yelled. Fiona yelled before falling out of the backseat. "Fucktards!" she groaned, getting up. We all laughed. She gave us evil glares before turning her attention to her phone."We have two more minutes to get there, hurry up" I yelled at no one in particular. "If you think you can drive faster then why don't you drive?" Alex was pissed. "Sorry, I'm just nervous for our important show" I said. A few more minutes later, we got to the venue, being one minute late. I blame the manager. We waited for him for thirty minutes before he called and said he couldn't make it. He told us the address and we had to rush here.

We rushed in the venue and we met the drummer and guitarist of the band, Mateo and Dan. They were really nice and down to earth. Pretty amazing for rock stars. The backstage crew showed us our dressing room. "I'm going to the bathroom guys!" I shouted to them. I realized my bladder was giving up on me. "Okay" Fiona shouted back. I walked around the venue in hope of a portable bathroom. When I pass by a room I saw two couples making out. I turned and looked at the two people. The guy was facing me. Wasn't he the guy I saw at the bar? I felt my heart sink. Why did I feel that way? Maybe I was being hopeful that we'd be together someday. I thought maybe I would have a chance with him. Hah! Who am I fooling?

Sighing, I walked into the bathroom. When I got out, he was waiting. "Hey, didn't I just see you over there?" I pointed to the room I saw them make out in. "What?" he stared at me confused. What the hell? Now I noticed that he was in Madina Lake and he knew that we would meet again. But how did he know though? He looked a bit different from yesterday. He dyed part of his hair brown. The new hair style seems to be fitting him well. "I see that you dyed your hair" I pointed to the dark part of his hair. "What? That was a long time ago" he looked at me like I had two heads.

"You didn't have it yesterday" I mumbled, was I going crazy? "I didn't see you yesterday" he scratched his head. "At the bar?" I asked. I was actually confused myself. What the hell is going on here? Did I actually meet the guy yesterday? He shook his head, "I didn't go to a bar yesterday" "Well, whatever it is, you look awfully like that guy" I scratched my head. "Did you know that I'm in a band?" I shook my head, "Not until now" "Did you know that I have a twin brother?" he asked. "Uh no... Wait... I think I saw your brother before making out with this chick. And at the bar yesterday" "Nathan's making out with a chick?" he ran to the dressing room. I followed him. "What the fuck?" the guy muttered. The couple broke apart. "Hi Matthew" the girl waved. I gasped. She looked awfully familiar. Who is she?

"Oh hey!" the guy named Nathan walked over to me. "Hi, I saw you at the bar right? I just had confusion with your brother here" I said. "Yep, you got the right guy here. I told you we'd meet again" he said, giving me a high-five. "How do you know though?" I asked. "I knew you will be here today. I looked up your band and I knew you guys would be at the bar last night so I went to see you guys" "Oh, stalking us huh?" "Hey I'm in a rock band. I don't need to stalk bands" he frowned, making me laugh. "When did this happen?" Nathan's twin brother, Matthew interrupted our conversation. "Yesterday. I went to see her band" Nathan answered. "No I mean you and Rachel" he pointed at the girl and Nathan. Wait, Rachel? I examined the blushing girl again. Isn't that my sister? I immediately headed for the door. Rachel cannot see me like this. I'm her screw-up. I don't want the past to happen again. Just thinking about it made my eyes swell up.

"Hey Skye, come back here!" Nathan shouted. Great, this guy knows my name. I turned around and walked back into the room. Too late to turn around now. "Skye?" Rachel looked at me. "Skye..." Nathan mumbled. "How do you know my name?" "It's on your MySpace" I groaned. "You know her?" Nathan turned to Rachel. "She... She..." Rachel shook her head. "I'm going to leave since I'm still unwanted here in your life" I gritted through my teeth, heading for the door again. "But you guys have to play today" someone called behind me. "Is this all you care about?" I turned to them again. "No, Skye. Rachel doesn't mean whatever message she gave you. Maybe she's a bit shocked that she finally saw you or something" Nathan rambled. I saw Rachel give him a death glare.

"She obviously doesn't want me here" I mumbled. "Just stay and play. You guys will get famous so who cares what some other chick thinks. No offense Rachel, we love you" Matthew said with a cheesy grin. "Fine" I grumbled. "I'm Matthew, nice to meet you" he walked up to me to shake my hand. "Okay how will I remember you and Nathan? Uh, Matthew has different hair and a mole" I mumbled to myself. The twins laughed. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. The guys didn't seem half bad. They were all so down to earth and amazing. Matthew and Nathan gave me some tips about being on stage and playing a real gig.

"I need to go get ready" I rushed out of the room and this time, nobody stopped me. My train of thoughts came back to me. Nathan was the guy I saw at the bar yesterday. He offered me a drink and smiled at me when I was playing. I thought we had some kind of connection. But he has a girlfriend and his girlfriend is my sister. He has a twin brother with a streak of brown hair. That's how I would tell the difference. "Skye, you look so occupied" Casey sat down beside me. "Really?" I mumbled to myself. "Skye, we need you for the show, please focus"


"Fuck this" I yelled, throwing myself at the sofa. "Rachel, what's wrong?" Nathan sat down on the other side of the sofa. "My fucking sister has to come back and ruin my fucking life" I was angry and frustrated. "She seems like a nice person. Just give her a chance" "You saw her at the bar and you didn't tell me?" I yelled at him. "Hey, it's not like we're married. I don't have to tell you every little thing I do. How would I know if she was your sister?" he shouted. It surprised me, I never saw him angry before. But I don't care. I'm getting really frustrated at him. How could he not tell me? "If you stalked them on MySpace, you would have known that her last name was Denmark and she might be related to me. Why don't you use your brain?"

"Why does it matter to you this much? Is this worth blaming on me? You're blaming on me because there's no one else to blame right? Fine, blame everything on me! Just because I don't tell you everything going on in my life. Just because I didn't know she was your sister!" he stormed out of the dressing room. "Rachel, that wasn't acceptable" Matthew turned to me. Shaking my head, I sat down. "What have I done?" I muttered to myself. "And the relationship just started" "Let's just hope it last"

Why was I such a bitch? But why was Nathan siding with Skye? He didn't know how much of a bad influence she is to everybody. This sucks ass. Why did I have to lash everything out on Nathan? I know I love him very much. What will I do? "I'm going to talk to him" I got up from the sofa. "I think you need to let him cool off a bit. I know he needs time just give him time" I listened to Matt and sat back down on the sofa. He was Nathan's twin after all.


We finished our last song and we walked away from the stage, having the backstage crew take our instruments. That I could get used to. The gig was amazing. The audience seems to like us very much. I love the feeling of playing a real gig with a real rock band. When I walked by the hall, I saw Nathan sitting there angrily. "Um... You alright?" I asked calmly, walking over to him. "Yeah just some problems" he muttered. "Uh, I hope you have fun at your set" I said and walked back to our dressing room. I don't think I should piss him off. I'll just leave him alone. And who am I to actually talk to him?

"Wasn't the lead singer the guy you met at the bar?" Casey asked when I walked in. "Yeah" I nodded. "You don't look happy" Fiona sat beside me. "What is there to be happy about?" I asked. "He can be yours in days" Fiona squealed. "No because he has a girlfriend and that girl happens to be my sister" I growled. "Is it the fact that you like the guy or you don't like your sister?" Casey asked. "A little bit of both" I admitted. "Do something about it" Fiona suggested. "No, I'm not going to do that. I don't want to screw Rachel's life anymore than I already did. Do you know what she told me the last time she saw me?" I asked. "What?" "She told me to go jump off a bridge and die" I shook my head. "They made you feel unloved didn't they?" Fiona mumbled softly. "They all did" "Only Tom cared about you"

"That's sad but true" I admitted. The tears began swelling up again. Why did I have to be like this? Why did the memory of my past make me feel like shit? I'm in a better place now am I? I stormed out of the dressing room and ran for the bathroom. I locked myself in there a cried for about an hour. This is affecting me now because the sight of Rachel reminded me of everything. It reminded me of how I ruined everyone's life and my own. I'm so worthless. Why did god let me stay on this earth? I didn't deserve to live. I have nothing coming for me. Why was I even here opening for my sister's boyfriend's band?

"Anyone in here?" a voice from the other side asked. I immediately wiped away all my tears and opened the door, revealing Nathan. He didn't look any happier than he was before. "You okay?" he asked, looking worried. "Yeah" I lied. "Want to talk? I've been hearing you cry for the last ten minutes" "Why are you listening to me cry?" my eyebrows rose. "I needed a place to hide out and just think and I just hear you weeping from the bathroom" he sighed. I followed him to the bench and sat down. "This sucks" I muttered. "What's bothering you?" he asked. "Rachel" I said honestly. He should be angry I'm talking about his girlfriend here. He nodded as if he understood. But he didn't. He doesn't know me. He was just some guys I met at the bar. "What's your problem?" I asked. Sighing, he said, "Rachel"

"Oh, you guys looked so perfect, what could possibly go wrong?" I said, almost wanting to say it sarcastically. "We look perfect but I feel like it's not going to be that way. We just started going out. I don't even know what to think of her anymore. I started from loving her so much to hating her so much" "What did she do, cheat on you with your brother?" I chucked a bit. He didn't laugh. He looked like he was about to cry. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I was trying to make you feel better"

"Tell me your problem. I see that you and Rachel aren't the closest siblings" he changed the subject. "I was the problem child. I was involved in alcohol, drugs, and sex. Rachel always claimed that I ruined her life. My parents completely ignored me. Rachel always brings her friends over to make fun of me. I was often brought down by them. I then realized that she has to pay so one day I drugged her drink and got her to sleep with some random guy at the bar. He raped her and got her pregnant. She had an abortion then. After that she wanted me dead" I shivered, thinking back about those times.

"Wow, that was dramatic" he said. "Yeah but I don't think I can stay any longer. I guess I'm going to ruin her life" I scoffed. "Oh I think you will have to stay longer with us, I overheard my manager say that you guys are coming with us on the Projekt Revolution tour with Linkin Park" he said. "What? Really? Linkin Park? I fucking love them!" I shouted, forgetting my pain. "Now you are going to tour with them" he smiled happily, delivering the good news. "Thanks so much" I hugged him before I could stop myself. He let out a nervous chuckle. "Who else will be there?" I asked.

"Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance..." "Holy shit, My Chemical Romance? That's a dream come true! I get to meet Gerard Way! No fucking way! Oops sorry, I got carried away" I told myself to calm down. He laughed. "I guess you guys suffered hard enough for your dreams to come true. I mean you have to suffer all those pain in your childhood. I could hear that in your lyrics" he said. "Really? I'm glad someone understands" I mumbled. "Whenever you have to talk, just call me. I will try to be there. And anyways, we are going to have a shoot for our new music video tomorrow. Are you interested?" he asked. "Uh, I've never been to a video shoot but I'd love to come and see how it works" I exclaimed. "Good then see you tomorrow" he winked. "Where do I go?" I asked. "I'll pick you up. Call me at this number" he wrote his phone number on my hand. "See you" I said, getting up. "Skye, are you okay? I got good news!" Fiona shouted, appearing in front of me. "Revolution tour?" I asked. She nodded.

"Hell yes!" we both jumped up and down. Someone cleared their throat. We both turned. Rachel stood there, staring us down. I gulped."Have you guys seen Nathan?" she asked. Fiona shook her head. Rachel examined me. Her eyes suddenly widened. "Hey isn't that Nathan's number?" she grabbed my wrists. I pulled away from her. I need this crazy woman away from me right now. "Why do you have his number on your hand?" she asked. "It's none of your business" I said coldly. "It is in fact. He's my boyfriend so I think I'd like to know why his phone number is on another women's palm"

"Yo, we have to go!" Alexander shouted from the back door. I sighed in relief. Nice safe Alex! "Gotta go" I dragged Fiona through the back door. We quickly got in the car. "Thanks Alex, I love you so fucking much" I shouted and pulled him in for a kiss. "What did I do?" he asked, oblivious to the fact that he just saved me from my sister. "Was that really Nathan's number?" Fiona asked. I nodded.

"Damn, what is happening?" she asked. "Nothing, he just wants me to drop by the shoot tomorrow" I told her. "What shoot?" Collin asked. "For their new music video" I answered. "Do you know about Projekt Revolution?" Casey asked. "Yeah, that's so fucking awesome!" I yelled.


Shaking my head, I got in Matthew's car. "This sucks balls" I mumbled. "What sucks balls?" he said, smiling. "It's not funny" I muttered. "Rachel, you have to calm down and just let go. Skye is not going to ruin your life" he put a hand on my shoulder. "Yes she already is. She is in contact with Nathan. She got his phone number on her palm" I growled. "It's not a big deal, he just invited her to our shoot tomorrow" that just reminded me. I had something to look forward to in the shoot and now Skye is going to be there and ruin everything.

"Rachel don't worry, nothing is going to happen. I know that Nathan really likes you. Even though he's mad at you now, you go talk to him when we get home and everything will be fine. I promise" "Thanks Matt, you're the best, you've always been" I stroked his hair. Matt smiled, reaching for my hand. He gently pulled my hand away from his hair and kissed it. I giggled. He slowly pulled me toward him.

"Matt?" I whispered. "Hmm?" "Nothing" I smiled. He jumped to the backseat and pulled me over with him. He ran his hand down my hair slowly. I slowly pressed my lips against his. He rolled on top of me and kissed me tenderly. What am I doing? I don't know.
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