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My Chem in this chapter.

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What the fuck? Did I just do what I think I did? I was being such a bad girlfriend. We didn't even make up yet. How can I just cheat on him with his twin brother? Why did Matthew let me lay my lips on him? Everything is going to be awkward between Matt and me from now on. I would hate that. He was my best friend and this whole idea would make it harder for our friendship to last. How about the relationship between Nathan and I? I was so sure that he was the love of my life. Would everything change? Would my relationship with Matthew and Nathan be different?

Holding my breath, I slowly opened my eyes, preparing for the worst. I checked my surroundings. I was in Nathan's room. What the hell just happened? Wasn't I supposed to be in Matthew's car? I rubbed my eyes. Hopefully Nathan doesn't know about that yet. I heard light snores so I looked over. Nathan's back was turned to me but I know that it's Nathan for sure. I sighed in relief. He still sleeps with me knowing or not knowing that I made out with his brother. I was relieved but scared at the same time. How was I supposed to live this down for the rest of my life?

I heard a light knock on the door. Nathan moved a bit but didn't wake up. I got up from the bed and walked over to the door, opening it. "Morning" Matthew said, smiling. "Matthew, I need to talk to you, come here" I dragged him out of the room and into the hall. "What, Rachie?" he stared at me blankly. "Do you know what the fuck happened last night?" I asked. "What? You don't remember?" he looked at me intensely. "Did we like make out?" I blurted out. "What the fuck?" he laughed. "I'm serious" "Well so was I"

"I don't know, we were in your car and you started touching my hair and stuffs" I told him. "Are you on some kind of medication I don't know about?" Matthew raised his eyebrows. "If that didn't happen then what happened exactly?" I asked. "When we left the venue, you were pissed at Skye for having Nathan's number on her palm. I told you Nathan invited her to our House Of Cards video shoot. You were really pissed. When we got home, you started screaming at Nathan. You two argued for about an hour before you two made up. You both passed out in each other's arms and went to sleep" so the make out session in Matthew's car didn't happen. Or was he hiding something from me?

"You two ended on a good term so that should be good news. I just can't believe you didn't remember" he sighed. "Thanks Matt, I'm going back in there" I pointed at Nathan's closed bedroom door. "Knock yourself out" he smirked, pushing me into the door. Nathan was still asleep. I crept next to him on the bed and wrapped my arms around him, closing my eyes. I can't let Skye ruin our relationship. That's exactly what she wanted me to do. I won't let her win this round. Nathan means too much to me for me to give it up. I will hold him tight for as long as possible. This relationship has to work out.

"Rachel?" he turned to me. "Nate, morning" I smirked. "I'm sorry" he rubbed his eyes. "No I'm sorry. I've been a total bitch yesterday. You know I love you too much to let anything happen between us and yet that's the reason why things happen between us" I sighed, realizing the truth. Jealousy really does make people hate you. "I know how you feel" he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand softly. "You do?" I asked. "I guess. But Rachel, nothing is going to happen with Skye and me. She seems like a nice person. Hell, I'll admit she's gorgeous because she looks like you" he rambled. "That's what I wanted to hear" I giggled. "Good cause you know it's true. I don't even know Skye. I know I'm in love with you. I promise nothing is going to happen" he started playing with my hair. I liked the feeling of that. I finally got him where I wanted him to be.

My life is complete if it goes on like this for the rest of my life. "You're too sweet" I gently pressed my lips against his. He rolled over me and deepened the kiss. I'm so glad for whatever happened yesterday even though I couldn't remember it. Why couldn't I remember it though? Why was it replaced with the false memory of making out with Matt in the back of his car? It made me feel uncomfortable and guilty at this moment. I feel like a whore. Why did I even think about Matthew like that? I never did until now. Is this vision trying to tell me something? A knock on the door interrupted my free flowing thoughts.

"Before you guys get too excited in there, we need Nathan for the shoot, please keep him clean and ready" Matt shouted from the other side of the door. Chuckling, Nathan got off of me and off the bed. "I'm so excited for the shoot" I squealed. "This is our first band video shoot, it feels different" Nathan flipped through his drawers for his desired clothing. "Are you supposed to pick your own clothes or do they pick it for you?" I asked. He shrugged, "Whatever floats their boat" I laughed. "I kind of need my clothes"

"You have some here don't you?" he asked. "I don't remember but I'll check Matt's room" I got up as well. "Matthew's room?" he raised his eyebrows. "I leave my clothes there sometimes when we go to the park. I just hope I didn't bring any home" I got out of the room and entered Matthew's. Flipping through his drawers, I found one of my old navy blue tank top and jeans. Sighing in relief, I quickly changed in Matt's bathroom. When I got back to Nathan's room, he was in the middle of changing. "Oops" I headed straight out the door and downstairs to the living room.

"You found it huh?" Matt examined me. "What?" I gave him a questionable look. "The sexy tank top and jeans" he pointed at my attire. "Yeah I also remembered a certain bass player from a certain band soaked them wet with their water gun" I glared at him. He pretended to look dumb and scratched his head, confused. "So, are you excited for the video shoot?" I asked. "Of course, it's for our first single" he grinned, proving his excitement. "Why is Skye coming?" I couldn't help but ask. "Nathan wants to show her how video shoots were like"

"She better not be in the video" I grumbled. "Don't worry, we have the girls" he sighed. "Girls?" I raised my eyebrow. "Yeah, one of them was just supposedly his girlfriend and she walks around this penthouse. She sees him with some other chick through the holes or something like that. The director said something about that" my heart sank a bit. "Who are these hoes? What's their social security number?" I growled. "Somebody's jealous" Matt poked at my ribs. "I'm not jealous" I pouted. "You are jealous of the girls. Have I mentioned that one of them is going to make out with him?" Matt grinned at me. "That's it, Night moves. I'm bringing you down!" I took a sofa cushion and smacked him with it. It's definitely his instincts to smack me back and that's what he did.

I crawled over him and continued smacking each other. Some mature adults we are. I smirked at myself. I have to beat him first. I won't stop without victory. Matt always wins everything. The competitive side appears when I'm competing with Matthew. "Uh, guys?" Nathan's confused voice rang from the stairwells. We both turned back to look at Nathan. He waved at us. I looked down at Matthew. I could've imagined how bad we looked right now. Chucking, I got off of Matt. "Sorry bro, I didn't mean to get your girl started" he yelled loudly to Nate. "Matt, you're so loud" I groaned. "Let's go already" Nathan rolled his eyes. "Video shoot!" I shouted excitedly. "I have to pick up Skye" he scratched his head and looked up at me nervously, expecting me to say something.

"I'll take Matthew's car" I pointed at his brother. Nate nodded. "See you later" I pecked his lips and followed Matt out of the house.


"I'm so excited" I squealed. "Lucky bastard" Fiona groaned. "Not my fault you didn't get invited" I stuck my tongue at her. "Yeah, not my fault either the lead singer didn't hit on me. What's his name, Nathan or something?" "Yeah his names Nathan" I sighed. "You like him?" she asked. "He's a nice guy. Easy to like and make friends with. Very down to earth and hilarious" I shrugged. "I mean like love him" "I don't even know him. Stop talking about that. It's not important" I rolled my eyes. Can people shut up about the subject of Nathan and me? I know Fiona knows that I have a tiny crush on him but that's it. Nothing more than that.

"Maybe you're just jealous that she's going and your not" Alexander spoke up. "Yeah maybe" Fiona frowned. "Come on, I'll ask Nathan if you can come with us" I nudged her. "It's okay. I'm only complaining because I'm only teasing. I don't really care about the video shoot. One day we will have our own" she winked at me. "You are right. I can't wait for it" I imagined our success. The only question left was, will our fame actually happen? Maybe the fans from Projekt Revolution will think we are a rip off. "We still have time to record our debut before the tour. The only problem is, will people sign us?" Collin shifted his position on the passenger seat. "I hope so. Nathan said we deserve it. I hope he's right" I wondered aloud. "We do" Alexander said confidently. "Yes we do!" Casey held out his hand. We did our five way handshake, cheering loudly after it was done.

A car horn interrupted our happy moment. We turned to look at the honker. Nathan was in the car, smiling widely at all of us. "Bye Skye, have fun!" Casey and Fiona shoved me out of the car. "Uh bye" I waved back at them awkwardly. Sighing, I got in the passenger seat of Nathan's car. "Hi" I was the first to talk. "Hi, how are you?" he asked. "Pretty good. We were just talking about our debut album. Maybe we can record it before Projekt Revolution" I said. "That's great. I'd like to hear it after it's done. I want to hear it before the fans do" he waved at my friends before driving away. "Hah, fans?" I scoffed. "Come on, you know you guys will have fans soon" he lightly shoved me. "Hopefully" I mumbled to myself. "And I will get VIP treatment when I visit you guys in the studio"

"Of course you will" I chuckled to myself. He parked his car in a parking lot. I followed him out of the car and into this penthouse. "Wow, looks mysterious" I gazed at the house admiringly. "Looks really exciting" Nathan said. We were welcomed by the crew. I shook hands with the director. She seems really artistic. I think this video will turn out great. We walked into the dressing room. The guys and Rachel were already in there. "Hey Skye" the guys greeted. I mumbled my greetings back to them and sat down awkwardly next to Dan.

I tried to look anywhere but Rachel. There's a 75% chance that she's glaring at me with hatred. The makeup artist forced Nathan onto a chair and started styling his hair and everything. An awkward silence occurred. I just stared at my finger nails blankly. How come this problem didn't cross my mind when I was offered to come? I didn't know that I was shy and weird around the others. Nathan was the only one who would actually talk to me straight up. All of a sudden, a giggle escaped from Rachel's mouth. I looked up. Matthew was tickling her. Wow, way to break the awkward moment. Just as I was about to look away, the door suddenly busted open. "We need a girl" the crew shouted. "What happened?" Nathan turned away from the artist. "Lisa wasn't able to make it here. We need a girl" the crew scratched his head. "How about her?" Nathan pointed at me. I quickly shook my head. I could feel Rachel's eyes burning the back of my head.

"Didn't you want this experience?" Nathan asked. "But I will have my time soon, hopefully" I didn't want to be part of that shoot. Rachel would definitely find more reasons to hate me. "Fine, how about my beautiful girl?" he walked over to Rachel, wrapping his arms around her. She slowly nodded, forcing a smile. What is wrong with her? She is so damn lucky to have an amazing guy like Nathan care for her. Can she actually show some appreciation to him? "Okay, get her in makeup, the clothes you are wearing now is fine" the crew said before exiting the room. "You really don't like the spotlight, do you?" Nathan asked. "Not really. I feel uncomfortable doing this shoot" I answered honestly. "Okay, I mean I'd love for Rachel to do this shoot with me but I just thought you'd want to have that experience before you shoot your own music video"

After Rachel got through make up, we all exited the room. They are first shooting the storyline scene. There was an abandoned room with a sofa. Nathan sat on the sofa with Rachel lightly planting her head on his lap while taking a nap. Rachel said something to Nathan and they both laughed hysterically. I can't say I'm jealous, I'm just thinking that Rachel doesn't deserve him. What is she giving him anyways? He gives her all this love and what is she giving him back? Their song started playing and the shooting begun. Nathan began singing as he got off the couch, trying not to wake up Rachel. He exited the room. "Cut!" the director shouted. "Let's do this again. The girl opened her eyes too soon"

Rachel apologized to the camera crew. They responded nicely, "Its okay" I rolled my eyes. She always has it her way. She gets what she wants and people like her. How is that even possible? Who said life was fair anyways? Nathan sat back down on the couch. They both got into their places and continued shooting. After they were done, they moved down to the hall. "Are you enjoying this so far?" Nathan asked me. "Yeah I am. I can't wait to see the performance" I gushed. I really can't wait. I didn't want Rachel to be the star of the moment. "I think we are shooting that tomorrow" he answered. "Oh okay"

Rachel wasn't needed for this scene so she sat down next to Matthew. The crew brought out another woman. She had wavy auburn hair. She also had on an elegant dress. I could feel jealousy rise up in me. Rachel shifted her position uncomfortably. Matt patted her back, reassuring her. Ha! The bitch is jealous! They brought Nathan over to the women and began shooting. "What do I do?" Nathan asked, confused. The tape stopped rolling and everyone laughed besides Rachel and Nathan (who was a little lost). "Kiss her" the director said. "Uh okay" Nathan turned to the woman awkwardly. Rachel buried her face in Matt's chest, "I can't watch this"

The shooting has been going on for hours. They shot Nathan walking around the penthouse with Rachel looking through the hole, seeing Nathan with another woman. Nathan tried to close down the hole. The shooting ended. It was actually interesting to watch. "Skye!" Nathan ran over to me as soon as he finished. "Good shoot today" I congratulated him. "Thanks, wait I have a surprise for you. Follow me" he dragged me toward the dressing room. "A surprise?" I stared at him questionably. "Yes a surprise" he laughed and opened the door. Nathan let me in first. I slowly walked in and nearly squealed. Gerard Way stood in there, smiling at me. "Hi" I said nervously to him. "Hey, how are you?" he pulled me into a hug. "Good. I just found out that my band is going on tour with you guys" I was so excited. Is this a dream? Gerard fucking Way just hugged me.

As we broke away, I turned to Nathan. He had on that goofy grin. "I decided to ask Gerard to come over since I knew you were a big fan. He was about to come before the shoot but the flight got delayed" Nathan explained. "Thank you so much" I squealed, pulling Nathan into a hug. I heard someone clear their throat. We both broke away and turned to the owner of the voice. Rachel glared at me angrily. Nathan gulped. I looked at Matthew desperately. "Gerard, so nice of you to show up" Matt changed the subject, understanding the reason of my gaze. I seriously thank that kid. "Well Nathan told me about the band and that Skye will be coming over so I was thinking, why not?"

"I can't believe it" I was excited. I finally got to meet my idol. He was always my number one celebrity crush. I never knew I'd meet him personally. This is a dream come true.


I shook my head and poked Matthew. "What?" he turned to me. We were sitting at a restaurant table. I couldn't believe Skye had to come with us. I can't even stand her. I have a really good feeling that she's going to steal Nathan away from me. No matter how many times he would deny that, I still believe so. He called Gerard over just to make Skye happy. He wouldn't do that for me. "What is she doing here honestly?" I asked Matt. "Nathan invited her over remember?" "But why though?" I whined. "Cause he wants her to experience what shooting music videos would be like" Matthew explained. "Will she come to the shoot tomorrow?" I asked. "Yeah" I groaned. "Rachel, it's not a big deal" Matt rolled his eyes. "Just wait, Nathan will one day leave me for her. Just watch" I got up from my chair and stormed out of the restaurant.

I don't know where I would go exactly. I didn't really care. Nathan is going to leave me somehow and I know that it will happen in the future. Look how happy they were laughing with each other. She chatted with Nathan so happily. Why wouldn't I be jealous? I feel threatened by her. Who wouldn't? Any girl would react if another girl contacted their boyfriend like that. Can't Skye just go back to where she came from? Why did she have to show up all of a sudden when Nathan finally told me he loved me? Does he still feel the same? What does he see in Skye anyways? And why is Matthew defending her? He's supposed to be my best friend. He should be siding with me, telling me that she's a stupid whore that won't stick around for long. But he didn't.

"Ow" I ran right into someone's chest. "Sorry" I brought my attention back to the present time. I helped the guy up. "Its okay, Rachel is that you?" I looked at the guy closely. "Frank? What are you doing here?" I smiled widely. He was one of my closest friends. I pulled him into a hug. "Remember how Gerard came over to the video shoot? I decided to come with him to Chicago but I had some shit to deal with before so I came in late. Nathan said they are in this restaurant and I should meet them there. He wanted me to surprise you but looks like you already found me" he chuckled. Nathan was planning to surprise me? I feel bad for the feeling I had before.

He asked Frank Iero to come over to Chicago so I would be happy? Why did I just feel an instant feeling of jealousy before? Maybe Nathan does actually care about me. I took my phone out of my pocket. I got seven missed calls. Five was from Nathan and two was from Matthew. A text message suddenly popped up. "Where are you? Please answer me. I've looked all over for you" Nathan's text said. Guilt washed over me. I made Nathan panic. He actually cares about me, looking for me. He noticed me when I left. I brought Frank to the restaurant. Everyone was seated besides Nathan. "Where's Nathan?" I asked. "He went looking all over for your crazy ass" Matt shook his head. I sat down next to him. "Frank Iero?" Skye freaked out. Hey bitch! Back off of my friend. I thought violently.

The guys were talking instantly with Skye. I turned to Matthew. He was texting on his phone. "Who are you texting?" I asked. "Who do you think? Nathan still doesn't know you're back" Matthew sighed, dropping the phone on the table. "I'm sorry" I sighed. "Don't say sorry to me. Nathan's the one going crazy looking for you. Tell me again that Nathan doesn't care" Matt pulled my hair. "That's it, Night moves. I can't stand your bullshit. I'm going to take you down" I grabbed my plate of mashed potatoes and grabbed some. I pushed them against Matt's mouth. "Oh hell no bitch" he laughed, doing the same thing. We smudged mashed potatoes over each other's faces. My stomach hurts from laughing so much. This is what friends are for, making you laugh.

Matthew leaned over to me and licked some potatoes off my cheeks while I giggled. "What the fuck?" we both looked up to see Nathan staring at us with a disappointed frown. Oh shit!
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