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Lila, The Divine Game

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"What?" Matthew stared at Nathan, confused. "Would you like to explain to me why you're licking mashed potatoes off of my girlfriend's face?" Nate glared at Matt. He did not look happy and that frightened me. "Dude, we were just playing" Matt said innocently. "Just playing? Are you kidding me?" Nathan yelled. I jumped slightly. I could tell the others jumped too. They were actually surprised at Nathan's outburst. He never got that angry before. He's usually the guy who makes everybody feel better. He makes everyone around him happy with his really humorous jokes. This is the side of him that no one saw. And sadly, I'm the cause of that.

"Nate, I promise that this is nothing. We're just goofing around" I said nervously. "You kidding me" he scoffed and sat down next to Skye. She smiled at him and started a conversation with him. "So Skye I can't wait for you to come on tour with us" Nathan spoke loudly, making sure I can hear. Rolling my eyes, I dragged Matt over to a seat closer to them. I took a napkin and began wiping Matt's face with it. "That was so much fun. I've never had so much fun in years" I spoke loudly too. Matthew chuckled, oblivious to the game going on here. Everyone was oblivious. "So Skye, you play guitar and sing. That's what I call talent" Nathan continued talking to Skye. "Thanks" she mumbled.

"Well Frank plays the guitar" I put my elbow on Frank's shoulder. "Um... Actually I play bass" Frank chuckled. "No you don't. Don't lie to me bitch" I playfully shoved him, taking a glance at Nathan. He glared at me. I knew Frank played the guitar; he was just fucking with me. "You still have some potatoes on your face" Frank took a napkin and helped me wipe it off. "Thanks, seems like Matt can't lick it all off" I turned to Matt and saw Nathan's jaw drop from the corner of my eyes. This is good. A smile appeared on my face. "You know I'm just kidding" he said. "You're kidding about what?" I asked. "The bass thing" he chuckled. "Oh, you're so cute when you joke with me"

"So Skye, tell me about yourself" Nathan started. "Well what do you want to know?" she asked. "Everything" Nathan glanced at me while saying that. I groaned and quickly looked away. Nathan and Skye got into a really deep conversation. I pretended that it didn't bother me. That's what Nathan was trying to do. I can't let him win. "Hey Rachie?" Matt brought my attention to him. "Yeah?" "How does the park sound after the shoot tomorrow?" he asked. "The park sounds good. But you're gonna get me wet again" I pouted. "Hey who said that wasn't a good thing?" "I guess I need to bring spare clothes. And shit I haven't been in my house for like days"

"Want to drop by over there tomorrow morning or after the shoot?" he suggested. "Alright, good planning Leone" I patted his head. Nathan took a sideways glance at me once again and quickly looked away, making me smirk. "That loser" "What?" Matthew gave me a questionable look. "No, nothing darling" I laughed. "Dude, what's wrong with you? You're all touchy feely today" he rubbed his eyes. "I don't know. I'm just super excited" I shrugged. Oh I wasn't trying to make Nathan jealous at all, I thought sarcastically to myself. "Holy shit the ice creams coming!" Matt yelled, getting up. We all turned to look at him for his sudden outburst. His eyes were wide and finger pointing at the ice creams the waitress was holding.

"Yes ice cream!" Frank took the chocolate ice cream from the waitress' hand. We each got our ice cream and began eating. "This is fun" I clapped my hands together and took my first bite of the vanilla ice cream. Before I took my second bite, a spoonful of strawberry ice cream landed on my left cheek. I turned to Matt, staring at him accusingly. "You did not just throw ice-cream at me" he snickered. I took my spoonful of ice cream and did the same to him. All the attention was turned to us by then. We were just wasting our ice creams. Maybe the lady will give us more. "Ahh, I got some in my eye" I yelled. "Don't complain, I have some in my nose" Matt rubbed his nose.

We stopped the fight immediately and finished the rest of our ice cream. The waitress smiled flirtatiously at Matthew before giving him another order of ice cream. I stared coldly at the lady. "If you want more, just call me over" she winked before walking away. "What a skank" I growled. "But she gave me more ice cream!" he shouted excitedly. "I wanted more" I pouted. "Here, have some then" he slid his bowl over to me. "Thanks" I smiled, taking a scoop with my tiny spoon. We shared the ice cream, laughing at our previous memory of the ice cream fight. Nathan paid the bill and laughed at something Skye had said. Shaking my head, I turned back to Matthew. He took a napkin and began wiping ice cream off my face.

Chucking, I did the same. "Blow your nose" I ordered. He blew his nose and vanilla ice cream came out. "Ew" I laughed. "Hey, you got some on your chest" he pointed. "What?" I stared at the ice cream on my shirt. "Why don't you wipe it off then?" I winked. We both fell into hysterics. Everyone got up to leave and I suppose we're going. "It's so nice meeting you Skye" Frank said. "Its so nice meeting you guys too. I love your band" she gushed. I rolled my eyes. "Bye then, I'll see you tomorrow" Frank smiled at Skye and waved goodbye along with Gerard. "Yeah Iero, leave without saying goodbye" I scoffed. "Hey, I was about to say goodbye to you" he held his hands up and then pulled me into a hug.

The car ride was filled with laughter. Matthew and I cracked several jokes, making him stop the car twice. We didn't want to get in any car accidents. "No remember the time when I walked in the room and saw you make out with that chick. I was like what the fuck and nearly tripped over her heels?" I laughed. "Oh yeah, that face you had was priceless and I would have laughed harder if you actually fell" we managed to get home in one piece. Nathan's car wasn't there yet so I figured he was still dropping Skye home. He might as well stay there. "I need to clean myself up in the bathroom. I'm still wet and sticky" I said, walking into the bathroom. Matthew followed me in as well.

"Remember the time when you got drunk, you were like giving that dude a lap dance. He was so scared. He looked like he's about to wet his pants. Poor guy didn't know what to do" Matt said as he picked ice cream out of his hair. "Oh yeah, I still didn't know what I was doing, didn't you have to drag me home?" I asked. "Yeah and you were trying to get into my pants. God that was a good memory" he smiled. "But being the good friend that you were, you didn't take advantage of me" I tried to take the smudge off my shirt. He laughed at me trying to take the smudge off of my chest area. "Not my fault you aimed over here" I pointed at my boobs.

"It was done purposely" he smirked. "Oh really? Maybe you'd like to clean it off for me because it's not coming off" I gave him the wet napkin. He did what he was told. I giggled. "Somebody's liking it" "No it just tickles" I said through my laughter "So I'm making your boobs tickle?" he asked with an unreadable expression. "Yes, now go softer" I winked. "Wow" he rolled his eyes but smiled anyways. "It won't come off" he groaned. "Try harder then" I said. "Should I press it harder?" "Oh damn, somebody's horny" I chuckled. "God dammit Rachel, stop getting me horny" he yelled, pushing me to the wall. We both bursted out laughing, wrapping our arms around each other. "Uh, sorry. I..." we both turned around to see Nathan walk into the room nervously. "I was just getting this" he reached over and grabbed the bar of soup.

He glanced at us one last time before exiting the room. A frown appeared on my face. That look Nathan had hurt. He had that broken expression. His face looked so down. Why was I being like this? But wasn't this a normal behavior for Matthew and I? I mean Nathan should understand that right? "Just take off the shirt and put it in the washer" Matt suggested. "Yeah I guess" I took off my tank top. Matthew tried his best to look away awkwardly. "Don't be a baby, let's go to your room and look for a top" I dragged Matt to his room.

We flipped through his drawers for something I can wear. I found a pair of my shorts. I took off my jeans and put the shorts on. "Where's my other shirt, I seriously need to put something on right now" I frowned, looking down at my pink polka dot bra. "Yeah, you seriously do" Matt still tried his best to look away. "Oh shit, I think I have some shirts in Nathan's room" I cursed myself. Why did I drop my shirt off at Nathan's room this morning? "Go get it then" he said. "Can you go get it for me?" I asked. "Nope" he laughed "Why?" I groaned, throwing his pillow at him. "Hey!" he yelled, throwing the pillow back at me. I squealed, and tackled him to his bed. "Go put some clothes on, this is getting uncomfortable" he said. "Yeah you're right" I sighed.

I slowly walked out of Matt's room and tip toed to Nathan's. What will he think if I walked in like this? I put my ear against the door. Some sniffing sounds were being made. What the fuck? I slowly opened the door and quickly walked in. I ran to the drawer and opened it, picking out the first shirt my hand made in contact with. Nathan looked at me and his eyes suddenly opened wide. I quickly covered my body with the shirt. Then I realized that he was crying. "Nathan?" my voice was shaky. He turned away from me and faced the wall, continuing to sob. Sighing, I got on the bed and wrapped my arms around him. I dropped the shirt I was holding.

"I wonder what you guys were doing in there" he said. "We didn't do anything" I answered honestly. "Yeah sure you guys didn't do anything. I heard you squealing in the other room and you came in undressed" he still wouldn't face me. "Nate, we didn't do anything. We were both cleaning off the ice cream from before. The one on my shirt wouldn't come off so I took it off" now I feel weak. I thought that it'll teach Nathan a lesson to not act like that around Skye but I couldn't do this anymore. This sight of Nathan made me weak. He looked so broken; I can't make this any worst than it is. He didn't answer me. "Nathan, look at me" I stroked his hair. He slowly turned to face me. His face was swollen from crying.

"Nothing happened between Matt and me. I love him because he's my best friend and what you see is just our normal behavior. I promise you nothing is going to happen. I love you and I honestly don't want to see you like this" I began stroking his face. He looked at me and smiled. A sign of relief washed over me. He pulled me into a hug. "I love you, Rachel. Don't ever leave me for Matthew" he said against my hair. "I will never leave you for Matt, I love you too Nate" I pressed my lips against his neck. He groaned and slammed me down on the bed. He crawled on me and pressed his lips against mine.

I let out a moan and threw the sheets over us. He smiled against my lips. I tugged at his shirt. He laughed and removed his shirt. Wrapping his arms around me, he unclipped my bra. We began removing each other's clothing. In this moment, every argument we had vanished. I didn't care about what happened between him and Skye. I knew that he loved me and nothing can change that. I was surer than ever that Nathan was the one for me. I want him to be mines and mines only. I groaned and gripped on his hair tightly when he sank his teeth into my neck. I could hear him chuckle.

The door suddenly opened slightly and I could see Matt's face through the crack. He gave me thumbs up when he saw us. I smiled. Matt quickly disappeared through the crack. Its funny how Nathan's back was facing him and lucky I threw the sheets over us. Matt was lucky ass well he didn't see anything. I smirked at the thought. "What?" Nathan looked up at me. "Nothing, I like it when you do that" I smiled. "Really?" he bit my lips. "Mmm" I turned him over to the other side and got on him. I pressed my body against his. It suddenly grew very hot in here and I could feel sweat all over my body.

I woke up by the light. We forgot to close the curtains. I smiled when I looked at Nathan. His arms were around me securely and his eyes were closed. I stroked his cheeks gently. Last night was probably the most amazing night of my life. And hopefully vice versa. Even though the day sucked, it ended up well. The competition between us seems to have faded. Why did we do this to each other in the first place? Why did I have to mess with Frank and Matthew like that? I think I love him too much to let him do this to me. I also feel guilty for the way I acted towards Matt. I wasn't planning on hurting Nathan with his own twin brother. I never knew he'd cry this hard for me. I didn't even expect him to cry for me at all.

"About time you wake up" I giggled when his eyes slowly opened. My heart melted when his hazel eyes gazed into mine. "Morning to you too" his lips curved into a smile. I gently pressed my lips against his. My phone suddenly rang. Groaning, I got up from the bed and picked up. "What Matt?" I yelled. "You guys need to hurry up. The shoot starts in twenty minutes. I kept calling you and Nathan. You didn't pick up. You guys need to hurry up" Matt said a bit panicked. "Okay we will, just stall them for us okay?" "Yeah okay" I quickly hung up.

"We're late for the shoot let's go!" I went through the drawers and picked out Nathan's clothes. I found the clothes I was looking for yesterday and changed quickly. "Pass me that rubber band on that table" I said to Nathan. He handed me the rubber band. I quickly tied my hair into a pony tail. None of us even bothered looking in the mirror before rushing out of the house hand in hand. We jumped in his car and he began driving. There was some traffic which didn't make this situation any better. I tapped my foot impatiently. Being on time was my thing. I didn't like being late for anything. And I'm a bit embarrassed that we were late because of this. I wonder if Matt's going to say anything.

We finally got there and we were ten minutes late. "You guys are late" the crew said to us. "I think we noticed" I huffed, out of breath. "Lets go then" Nathan held my hand and we ran into the dressing room. Everyone suddenly turned to us, examining us. I noticed that Skye and her band members were there as well as Frank. "Somebody was busy" Dan smirked. "What? How can you think that?" Nathan asked. "Have you even looked at yourself in the mirror yet? Rachel you too" Dan and Mateo pushed us to the mirror. Some laughter was being made through the process. I looked at us in the mirror.

I had several bite marks on my neck. Nathan had a few hickies here and there. I blushed. "Come on, let's get going" the make up lady threw some clothes at Nathan and pushed him in the room to change. I sat down next to Matt nervously. I traced my fingers against my bite marks. "Looks like you were enjoying yourself" he laughed. I frowned, turning to him. "Damn look how deep he bit you" Matthew pointed at my neck. Most eyes were on me which made blush even more. Nathan got out of the room, dressed in a white shirt and a black tie. He looked over at me and grinned. I blew him a kiss.

The lady quickly sat him down and began covering the hickies with makeup. The guys laughed at this. I walked over to Frank. "Hi mate" "Hello, I was about to ask how you are but now I know" he laughed, referring to my neck. I glared at him. "So where's Gerard?" I asked. "He didn't really want to come" he shrugged. "Oh okay, yeah whatever. It's his loss" I said. "Yeah he missed this" Frank pointed at me and then at Nathan. "This is really inconvenient for a shoot day" the make up lady muttered to Nathan. "I'm sorry I couldn't help myself last night" Nathan cracked up. I chuckled. When I turned back to Frank, his glance was somewhere else. I followed his gaze to... Skye?

(A little while ago)


Matthew parked his car to the familiar parking lot and I followed him into the penthouse. He picked me up because Nathan wasn't able to make it. Fiona and the guys decided that they wanted to come too so they followed Matt's car here. I met them and walked into the dressing room. Mateo was already in makeup. "Hey guys, do you know where Nathan and Rachel is?" he asked. "They weren't able to make it yet" Matthew laughed. Dan came out of the room all dressed up in a black button up shirt and jeans. "So where are you guys shooting today?" I asked. "First we have to shoot the performance part in this penthouse and then go to the garden before noon comes. The sun will be too bright then" a crew told me. "Oh" I nodded.

"Then we need to hurry up" Matthew said as he was thrown into a room to change. I decided to leave the room and eat some buffet. I took a plate of casseroles and started chewing them slowly. We didn't get to eat because most of us woke up later than expected. I ate in silence, deep into thoughts. After I finished eating, I walked away from the food area, running straight into Matt. He spilled his punch all over my shirt. I looked up at him in shock. He actually looked gorgeous in his bright yellow shirt. "Oh shit, I'm sorry" he looked at me awkwardly. He grabbed my wrists and led me back to the food area, taking as much napkins as possible. He helped me dry my shirt. Yet there are still some stains on them.

"I'm sorry, just put on my shirt. It's on the table. The blue one" he apologized. "It's okay and thanks" I chuckled nervously. He nodded. I ran back to the dressing room. Frank was already there. "Hi" I waved, looking for Matthew's shirt. "Hey, what happened?" he asked. "Oh Matt spilled punch on me" I grabbed his shirt and ran in a room to change.

(Present time)

I looked up to see Rachel glaring at me. I shrugged at her gaze. She needs to stop looking at me like that. Alexander suddenly walked into the room, breaking the awkward moment. "Hey" I waved at him along with Fiona and Collin. "Damn, girl whose shirt is that? You look gorgeous" he said, pointing at the shirt. "Haha, thanks, that's Matt's" I shrugged. "Would it be normal to ask why?" "He spilled punch on me. I love how you missed the whole thing" I laughed. "Yeah and you also missed something else better" Fiona looked over at Rachel and Nathan who is now laughing over something random.

"Yeah" I grumbled. "Is that the one you like or is it his twin?" Alex asked. "Shh, I don't like any of them" I whispered. "You sure about that?" he asked me. "Yeah I'm pretty damn sure" I rolled my eyes. "Anyways have you talked to Tom lately?" Fiona asked. "Nope, I didn't. He didn't call either. He's probably busy with the new girl" I shrugged it off. I didn't need Tom now. I'm here and I'm glad I'm here. I'm going on tour in a few months so who cares about Tom? He doesn't need me anymore. I don't need him either.

"Its too late now, we have to go shoot at the garden first, we have twenty minutes. You two were late, we don't have enough time lets go" we walked to the beautiful garden. The instruments and everything was already set up. I sighed, this is amazing. I finally get to see this. I hope we will one day do this also. After they were finished, the crew packed their instruments. I sat on the bench with Fiona, talking about the most random shit. I heard footsteps coming closer and Fiona tapped on me. I looked up to see Matt walking over to me with a flower on his hand.

"You picked that from the garden?" I asked, smiling. He nodded, sticking it in my hair. "Thanks" I said. "Welcome" he smiled before walking away. Fiona squealed the second Matthew was out of earshot. "I think this guy is better than Nathan" she said. I rolled my eyes. Could I actually bring myself to believe this?
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