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Middle Of Nowhere

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The past few months have been the best. We recorded our debut album and it will be released in two months. This is perfect. Just about a year ago, we were a crappy homeless band, living for survival. Then Madina Lake happened. At that time, their first album wasn't released yet but they supported us and gave us all they had anyways. Madina Lake's first album was released last month and I gave it a listen. I honestly like it. I couldn't believe a band as amazing as them would actually care about us. We only helped them out in one gig and they're already opening a career for us. That's unbelievable.

Nathan dropped by a few times when we were recording in the studio. Other than that, I didn't see Matthew, Rachel, Dan, Frank, Mateo, or sadly Gerard. Talking about the recording process, I was actually happy about the outcome of the album. We had a few arguments with the producer but we quickly made up and teamed up to finish the record. The disagreement only made us stronger. I just hope that the fans would enjoy this. Over the past few months, our fan base grew a bit. Hopefully, we would not disappoint them with this record. We included some of our original songs in there but we also did a lot of writing for the new materials. So that's what we've been busy doing for the past six months.

Tomorrow will be our first day of Projekt Revolution. We are all stoked to be there. Our band will be opening for some of the biggest acts like Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. I get to meet Gerard Way once again and I couldn't be any more excited about it. But Fiona would constantly tease me about Matthew. Since that encounter with him at their video shoot, she's been at it. The guys have been making fun of me about it as well. It's not even a big deal. They make it seem like it should be on the tabloids. Just to be honest, I haven't seen that kid since the shoot. I couldn't even care less. I mean we will see him, Nathan, Mateo, and Dan on tour but there's no way I'm in love with him. I'm not in love with anybody. Except Gerard Way. I mean who doesn't love him?

To me, he is the love of my life. Well of course. I've been a big fan since the band came out. I listen to all their songs. I'm one of the fan girls obsessing over Gerard Way. Fiona and I went to several of their concerts. The guys were fans too but they were really annoyed at everyone's obsession with Way. Whatever, we are going on tour with them, mother fuckers! "Skye, can you help please?" Casey glared at me, irritated. "Oh I'm sorry" I helped him load the instruments in the van. "We're going on tour!" I yelled. "Yep" he smiled. "Where are we going now?" I asked. I blinked a few times, trying to remember our upcoming events.

"Dinner with everyone" he answered. "Like everyone on the tour?" I asked. He nodded. I squealed and he hugged me. "Nathan is picking us up and Matthew is picking up Fiona, Alex and Collin" he explained, noticing my confusion. "Why am I so out of this today?" I asked more to myself. "I have no idea, you tell me" he scratched his head. "When is Nathan coming?" I asked. "He should be here by now but he's not" I slapped myself. I forgot where I was. I started to rethink. We went to some shops to look for items we needed on tour. We split up into two groups because we wanted to shop at different parts of town. Matthew and Nathan decided to help by picking us up in pairs. We told Nathan to meet us by our van.

"And there he is" Casey pointed at Nathan's car coming towards us. I cheered and we got in. "Nathan, how are you. I haven't seen you in a while" I hugged him from the backseat, ignoring Rachel in the passenger seat. She was angry for sure. Can't she just trust her man? He definitely won't cheat on someone as perfect as her for someone as messed up as me. She should just chill. This is awful. He didn't deserve her. "Excited?" Nathan asked us. "Yeah we are. Skye and Fiona were excited to see My Chemical Romance" Casey explained. "Of course they are" Nathan mumbled. "Fiona said she wanted to lick Gerard Way" Casey laughed. "But I wanted to" I pouted. "Wow, this conversation is getting really awkward can we change the subject?" Nathan asked. "Fine" I grumbled.

"I mean come on, I don't want to talk about how much girls want to lick Gerard Way" he defended. "Your right" Casey added. Nathan parked his car in front of a very unfamiliar restaurant. I wonder why it looked so fancy in there. It's only a gathering dinner right? But I can't wait to meet all these new people. I also get to meet the rest of My Chemical Romance. Would the guys of Linkin Park even take the time to chat with us for a while? I don't even know what to expect. Excitement washed over me as Nathan opened the door to let Rachel in first. What a gentleman.

He let Casey and me in before going in himself. I followed Rachel to the big private room. I already heard laughter before she opened the door. This is going to be a good night. "Hi guys!" Rachel yelled the second she came in. "Hey" she got some responses. "Skye!" I turned to the owner of the voice. Before I could even blink, Matthew tackled me with a hug. "Gah!" I yelled and hugged him back anyways. "I haven't seen you for so long, how are you?" he asked. "I've been good you?" I asked. "I've been good too. I heard from Nathan that your album is going to kick ass" he patted my head. "Don't listen to him. The album is going to suck ass" I laughed. "Aww" he pulled me into another hug.

"Okay couple reunion over, I need to talk to Matt" Rachel rudely pushed me aside and grabbed Matthew's hand, leading him to the other side of the room. "What a bitch" I mumbled. "Don't worry, it's nothing personal" I jumped at the random voice. I sighed in relief, it's only Frank. "No it is something personal. You see, she's my sister. She hates me I hate her. Get it?" I asked. "Rachel's your sister?" his eyes grew wide and he continued to examine me. I nodded. "Wow, anyways. I thought you might like to meet the guys" he dragged me over to a group of 'familiar in magazines' guys.

"You know the guys of My Chemical Romance so I don't think I need to waste the time to introduce" Frank started. I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around, revealing a smiling Fiona. "And the guys of Linkin Park" I waved at them. They mumbled their responses back. "It's nice to have you guys on tour with us" Chester, the lead singer of Linkin Park said. "Thanks, it's like a dream come true for us" Fiona responded. Then she looked over at Gerard. She's like raping him with her eyes. He smiled back at her. I looked back at her. I thought she was about to pass out.

Frank also introduced us to the other bands and crews going on this tour. It's so nice to finally be in this kind of environment. "Having fun?" someone wrapped their arms around my waist as I took some cocktail shrimps from the plate. I turned to the owner of the arms. "Yes, I'm so excited Nathan" I squealed. "That's awesome. Rachel is pretty excited too" I frowned. Of course he noticed. "Oh sorry, I should've just kept my mouth shut" he apologized. That's when I remembered, I told him everything about Rachel and me. And yet, he's still going out with that fucking bitch. I'm not jealous, was I? Of course not, I said to myself repeatedly. "So you met the guys?" he continued. "Yeah, now I'm more stoked than ever. I have to thank you guys. None of this would ever happen without you" I said.

"Nah, maybe some other band would find you guys and sign you" he smiled at me. My heart melted at this second. Wait, why? I didn't like him. I don't like him. I don't like him. I don't like him. Those four words yelled in my mind. "I don't think we would ever be here without you guys. Just take the thanks and say your welcome" I lightly shoved him. He chuckled and did what he was told. "Hey what's up guys?" Frank walked over to us. "Yo Frank, what's up man?" Nathan greeted. I just smiled at Frank. "Excited for the tour?" he asked me. "Yeah, I think we all are" I nodded. "I'm pretty sure Fiona is" he coughed. "Huh?"

I followed his gaze to Gerard and Fiona talking and laughing excitedly. I growled. Nathan and Frank fell into hysterics. "It's not funny" I muttered. They didn't stop laughing. "She's talking to him without me" I continued. "Don't worry. Let them hit on each other" Nathan patted my back. "Wait, they are hitting on each other?" I asked, a bit upset. Nathan only shrugged. "I mean look at Gerard" Frank pointed out. I stared at Gerard. He was smiling that beautiful hypnotizing smile. She said something to him and they continued laughing. I know that I'm really jealous at that moment.

"You are hitting on Gerard?" Frank asked, smirking. "Stop teasing, who doesn't wanna do Gerard Way?" I whispered. Nathan coughed. "Or she's hitting on Matthew Leone" I looked up; Alexander decided to join our conversation. "Alex, I'm not hitting on Matthew for the millionth time" I shoved my friend. "Dude, are you hitting on my bro?" Nathan shoved me. I shook my head and looked over at Matt talking to Rachel. Nathan growled a bit. I laughed this time. He glared at me. He was really serious. "What are you so angry about?" I asked. "Nothing" he gave me this 'I'll tell you everything later' look. "Oh okay" I nodded. "So Skye, you like hitting on those band charmers?" Frank put a hand on my shoulder. "Hey, you're a band charmer too" I said. I mean half of the MCR fans would be hitting on Frank Iero. "So that means your hitting on me?" he asked. "Ha! You wish!" I yelled. He frowned. "I'm kidding dude. I fucking love you. You are like one of the most inspirational people to me" I told him.

The dinner was over and everyone started leaving. "Hey Skye, uh Gerard said he would drop me back to the apartment so you don't have to bring me there" Fiona came up to me and said. I just nodded, not meeting her eyes. I hear her footsteps fading away so that means she left with Gerard Way, the man of my dreams. "Skye, Adam is dropping us home but we are dropping by Game Stop on our way, would you like to join us?" Collin asked. "Do I have any other choice? No one else is going to drop me home so I have to go with you guys" I pointed out. "Hey, I can drop you home if you want" Nathan stared me down urgently. He wanted to tell me something. "I guess that's okay. Knock yourselves out then guys!" I waved goodbye to them. Adam Lazzara led the guys out of the restaurant.

When I looked around, almost everybody was gone. "Lets go, Skye" Nathan walked out and I followed him to his car. "Where's Rachel?" I asked him when we got in his car. "She rode home with Matthew" he replied. "Um okay" I nodded. He began driving towards our bands apartment. I'm actually glad we finally could afford a place. "Hey Skye I need to tell you something" Nathan said after two minutes of silence. "Just spill, I'll try to help" I told him. "It's about Rachel" he started. "Okay" I encouraged him to go on. "I think she might leave me for Matthew" he sighed. "Why would you think that?" I asked. They looked really close but they reminded me of Alexander and me. We were best friends in high school.

People always thought that we were dating. But our real friendship was a different story. When a guy is so close to a girl, people always assume there's a love relationship. But that's not it. As much as I hate Rachel, I know that nothing will happen. "Nathan, I highly doubt that she will leave you for Matthew" I told him honestly. "And why?" he asked me. "They are friends. I mean look at them. They're like best friends. Relationships will ruin their friendship. They do not want that. A girl and a guy can be close and people will think something is going on. Just trust her a little and you may be surprised" I sighed. Maybe Rachel did like him deep inside. But she isn't showing it much. "Thanks Skye, it means a lot for you to say that no matter how much you hated her"

"But to be honest, I don't think she deserves you" I added. "Why not?" he was now interested. "I mean I'm just standing here watching you guys. You looked like you gave her your all and she's just giving you half of that and handing them away for something else. You deserve someone better than her" I replied honestly. "And who would that be?" he asked. "I don't know exactly. Someone who actually appreciates your love" I answered. "But Rachel does appreciate my love for her. She loves me too" he defended. "Then why were you complaining about her and Matt?" I asked.

"I'm just bit worried" he sighed. "Don't worry, Matt will never do that to you. He's your twin, he loves you. He won't take that away over a girl" I explained. "Why are you always right? Maybe I should trust them more" he said. "Yeah, I mean you may never know. Love is really magical. You may be over thinking but it's because you love her and you don't want her to slip through your fingers. You want to hold on to the love you have for each other" "Yah I guess thanks Skye. You are a great person to talk to"


"Matt" I mumbled. "Hmm?" he turned to me. "Do you think Nathan and I will last?" I asked him. "Nope" he yelled. "Why not?" I questioned. "Because you are better off with me" he stopped the car. We were in the middle of nowhere. "Where are we?" I asked. "I don't know. I don't care either. I have to tell you something and you better listen" he said. "Okay I'll listen, buddy" I chuckled. "I like you a lot" he told me. "I do too man" I smiled. "Really? Then why are you with Nathan?" he stared me down. "Because he looks like you" I answered.

"Why did you choose him though?" he asked. "Because I don't know" I shrugged. "But I want you so bad" he got out of the car and reappeared in the backseat. I did the same. He pulled me towards him. "Are you ready?" he asked. I nodded. He pulled me in for a kiss. He pushed me against the sofa cushion and leaned down to kiss me again. Why am I letting this happen to me? Was I honestly forgetting about Nathan? Didn't I promise him that I won't ever leave him for Matthew? Am I exactly leaving him for Matthew?
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