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I opened my eyes. Why did I do that? Regret immediately washed over me. I still remembered what happened in the back of Matthew's car. I could still feel his body against mine. I have to tell Nathan. I cannot do this to him anymore. I broke my promise to him. This makes me such a bad person. I love him so much and I don't want to hurt him. But I already did. He doesn't know yet but he will be hurt. I brought my mind back to the present time. I was in Nathan's room. What the hell? Nathan was beside me. His eyes were already open. He smiled when he saw me awake. "Hey beautiful" he stroked my cheek. "Hi" I pecked his lips. Did I deserve to do that? Sighing, I got up the bed. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing" I mumbled.

I looked at myself in the mirror. He appeared behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "You look beautiful" he whispered in my ear. "Why thank you" I kissed his cheeks. He smiled at me. I don't think I deserve him. I need to tell him now. "Uh Nathan?" I started. "Hmm?" he asked. "I..." "Yo lovebirds morning!" someone knocked on our door loudly. "Matthew" Nathan groaned. "Dude, you don't have time to get laid. We need to go now" he yelled to Nathan. "Oh yeah the tour" Nathan realized. "No shit" he smirked before leaving. "Rachel, go get ready" Nathan said softly to me before walking into the bathroom. I found my clothes in the drawer and began to change.

When I was done, I took my luggage and walked out to the living room. Matthew was sitting on the couch, watching Animal Planet. "Hey buddy" he patted at the seat next to him. "Matthew?" "Yeah Rachie?" he asked. "Last night was a mistake" I confessed. "What are you talking about?" he was confused. "Wait, was I having dreams again?" I scratched my head. "What did you dream about this time?" he sighed. "We had sex in your car" I said. He fell on the floor, laughing. "It's not funny" I pouted. But deep inside, I was actually relieved that everything was a dream.

Why was I dreaming about Matthew? Do dreams actually tell you something? This sucks. I know I loved Nathan. I love Matt but he's like my brother so I know that it will never happen. The dreams are making me crazy. I did not want any of those things happening to me ever. Nathan walked out of his room with his bags in hands. I dash up the stairs to help him. He looked like he was going to fall down the stairs. "Thanks babe" he kissed me when we reached the bottom. "Anytime" I winked at him. He bit his lips. I groaned. The guys laughed. "What?"

The guys looked at each other for a second before replying, "Nothing". Ugh, twins. We waited for a few minutes before our bus came. I need to get the weird dreams out of my mind. I need to stop having dreams about Matthew. If this happens again, I need to see a therapist. "Hey Rachie, what's wrong? You've been occupied today" Nathan pressed his lips against my neck. "Oh, I'm just thinking about this crazy dream" I told him. "Care to tell me about it?" he pulled me on his bunk bed. "We were having sex in your car" I lied. Hopefully Matthew won't say anything. His lips curved into a smile. "That's great" he placed my head on his chest.

"Yeah I'm just thinking about how amazing it would have been" I said. "Well, you can actually experience it if you're good" he winked at me. "Or if your horny" I added. He chuckled and poked at my ribs. "Is anything going on in here?" a voice I recognized as Mateo's asked. "Nothing sir!" I yelled. He laughed; "sure" I heard footsteps walking away. We both fell asleep and the bus was driving to the first date of the Projekt Revolution tour. I woke up to Nathan biting at my ears. "Hey" I smiled. He smiled back and began playing with my hair.

"Matt said we are at the venue already" he explained. "Then let's go to the first day of this exciting tour!" I exclaimed. "Let's go then" he dragged me out of the bunk. Matt and Dan came back with a paper. "We will be sharing the dressing room with Glorified Death" Dan said. I rolled my eyes. Bad luck. I have to look at Skye's ugly face again. "Don't worry" Nathan mumbled in my ears. I wish I could believe him but I couldn't. "Let's get going then" we got ready and headed into the venue. The crew greeted us as we passed by. When we opened the door, everyone else was already there.

"Hi" Fiona waved. "Hey, what are you listening to?" Nathan asked her, referring to her iPod. "I'm listening to Muse" she answered. "Really? I love them. Can I see your songs?" he asked, sliding to a seat next to her. "Rachel, can you tell me how you make those little cup cakes you made at my sister's wedding?" Dan asked. I turned to him. "Why do you want to know?"


Nathan and Rachel just bursted into the room, making most of us jump. Nathan and Fiona immediately broke into a conversation about music. Rachel started talking with Mateo and Dan. Everything was so natural. It's one of the first times that I don't feel any tension going on between Nathan and Rachel. "No Megan Fox is hotter than Brittney Spears" Collin argued. "You are wrong. Brittney is the sexiest, hands down" Alexander dropped his hands. "No, look how big Megan's breasts are. It's absolutely amazing" Collin continued.

"So, what's up with you guys?" Matthew walked over to us. "These two are arguing over hot women" I answered naturally. The guys were so deep into their argument that they didn't notice Matthew's presence. "Who's the hot women?" he asked with a cheesy grin. "Megan Fox from Transformers and Brittney Spears" I told him. "Wow. Brittney Spears is hotter" he said. "Yes, see I told you she's hotter!" Alexander shouted. "Hey, this is Matthew Leone we're talking about. He has no good taste in women. You see he likes Skye, look at her" Collin defended. "Hey!" Matthew and I yelled at the same time. They were teasing me about Matt again.

"You know that's true." Collin shrugged. "What are you trying to say?" I raised my eyebrows. "You are not as attractive as Megan Fox" he answered. "Look buddy, Megan Fox is a fake ass bitch. Brittney Spears may be blonde. Blonde people may be dumb as fuck. I mean for example, Nathan and Matthew. Wait Fiona's bleach blonde, does that count? Anyways my point is, she may be blonde or dumb but she has talent. Her music inspired many out there" I answered. "Why is everybody offending me today?" Matthew asked innocently. "What did I do?" I held my hands up. "You are stereotyping us blondes" he pouted. "I'm sorry" I ruffled his hair. "Blondes kick ass!" he yelled. "Fine, blondes are better than dark haired people, you win" I said, playing with my dark brown hair.

"And Italians does it better" he added. "No Germans kicks everybody's asses" I corrected him. "Do we have to go through this again?" Alexander broke into our conversation. "Alex, tell Matt that we Germans kick Italian butt!" I told my German friend. "Nathan, tell Skye that Italians does everything better!" Matthew turned to Nathan who was already in our argument as well as the others. "But German chicks are hotter" Nathan answered, looking at Rachel. She smiled. "No I think French women are hotter" Fiona said. "You're not hot!" I yelled. "Germans are not hot then!" she spat back. "What the hell are you guys doing? Let's not discriminate other races. All races and all people are special and better in their own way. Just let this go and get ready for the show" Mateo expressed his words of wisdom. We were silent for a few seconds before nodding. He was right. We were all being immature here.

Our set was amazing. The audience was amazing. A lot of people actually showed up to this event. The stage was so big, it amazes me. I couldn't believe we were playing for a crowd this big. But Nathan, Matthew, Dan, and Mateo made it happen for us. Of course, most of the people came for other bands. We were just the openers. None of us played in the Revolution stage but it didn't matter. A lot of people showed up and some sang along to some of our songs. Madina Lake was the next opener. I gave the guys my words of good luck before they walked up on stage with their instruments.

"Did I tell you that their album kicks ass?" Alex turned to me. "You never did but I know" I grinned. "What songs do you like from them?" he asked. "Stars, River People, House Of Cards, and One Last Kiss" I answered. "I like that song, True Love" he shared. "I never heard that one" I said. "Well it's not in their set but you can listen to it later, it's really epic" "Whatever you say Mr. Landers" I patted my friend's shoulders. "How was the set?" we both turned to Frank who just walked into our dressing room.

"It was great, we never performed for this many people" I said, fascinated. "Well you're going to have to get used to it" he told us. "This tour is already kicking ass. How do you guys feel when the fans are supporting you every step of the way?" Alex asked. "It's great of course. They are the real fans. If they are willing to listen to us, they deserve the best of us. That's how I feel" Frank answered openly. "That's so nice, I wish I can feel that way one day" I expressed. "You guys will. After this tour, you will have people counting down the days until your CD releases" he smiled at me. The door busted open and Casey stormed in. "Have you guys seen Fiona?" he asked, furiously. "I don't know" Alex and I said. "She's in our dressing room, chatting with Gerard" Frank answered. "Oh thanks. She has my iPod" Casey left the room.

Something's going on between Fiona and Gerard. I never thought I'd be mad at Fiona over something like this in a million years. This is what jealousy does to people. I can't believe Fiona and Gerard were already talking so sincerely. They were always talking since yesterday. Why can't I talk to Gerard on this level? I don't think this is fair at all. Of course, Fiona is a beauty. But what does she have that I don't? Wait, there are actually a lot of things. "Skye, uh... I need to ask you something" Frank interrupted my thoughts. "Yeah Frankie?"

"Would you like to go on a dinner date with me tonight?"


The guys retreated from the stage when their set ended. "You guys stink" I complained. "Are we really that bad?" Matthew pouted. "No I meant you guys smell" I stated. "Oh okay, I'll go shower immediately" Mateo dashed into the dressing room. We all followed suit. Mateo sighed and sat down on the couch. "Skye is in the shower and according to Alexander and Collin, she has a date tonight" Mateo explained. "Who is she going out with?" Nathan immediately asked. I turned to him, examining him curiously. He looked at Mateo questionably. "I don't know why don't you go ask Alex yourself" he shrugged. Why did he care who Skye is going out with? Does he actually like her? Why can't I trust him? I need to trust him for this relationship to work. This relationship didn't start out well and I have a feeling that it's not going to end up well.

"Yo, Alex!" Nathan yelled. "What up Leone?" Alexander walked over to us. He winked at me on his way. Nathan growled a bit but he ignored it. "Skye is going out with someone?" he continued. "She's going on a date with Frank" Alexander grinned. "Happy for your friend?" Matthew asked. "Of course, last time she went out with a guy, he took advantage of her. Guys always do that to her. She's always so helpless and we never had the chance to have her back. I'm her friend so I should make sure no one hurts her. Frank better treat her well or I'll kick his ass"

"Hey, I won't let you kick my buddy's ass over your buddy" I spoke up. Alex's eyes grew a bit wide at my words. "I never thought you'd ever speak to me again" he chuckled. "It wasn't your fault. I was mad of course but I can't be mad at you forever over that incident" I sighed. No one knew what happened between us. Alex was my best guy friend in elementary and middle school. But the friendship ended when he got into drugs and influenced my sister. They became best friends instead. I was jealous about that but I was frustrated that they kept doing it. They wouldn't stop.

"Then why won't you forgive Skye?" he gazed at me. I just stared at him. I didn't even know what to say. I didn't want to talk about this in front of everyone. They would definitely think different of me and I do not want that. "I need to get something" I excused myself and dashed out the door. Maybe I can find somewhere to hide. No one will find me. Hopefully no one paid too much attention over this conversation. I jumped when I heard footsteps behind me. I should've run faster. "Rachel" it was Nathan's voice. "Nathan" I turned to him. It was Matthew instead. "Um... Rachel, I was just making sure your okay" Matt said. "Yeah I'm okay. I just didn't feel like answering Alex's question"

"Hey can you tell me what happened between you and Skye?" he asked. "I don't think I can" I shook my head. "Does Nathan know?" he asked. I nodded. "Okay, if you won't tell me then he would" with that, he walked away. I stood there helplessly. What the hell was that? Would Nathan tell Matthew my secret? But Nathan didn't know everything did he? He told me that Skye told him about the pregnant part. I shuddered at the thought. That was the main reason why I can never forgive Skye to this day. She got me pregnant with some other dude. I don't think I can ever have kids again in this lifetime. And that was her fault.

"Skye?" Nathan or Matthew's voice spoke. "Matt?" I turned back around. "Its Nathan" he smiled. "Nathan, did you tell Matt?" I asked. He shook his head. "It's not my secret to tell, are you okay? I knew you didn't want to talk about it. How did you and Alex know each other?" he started blasting out questions. "I'm okay now I guess. Alexander and I were best friends until he got Skye into drugs. After that, we never really talked again. I don't even know what to do anymore. My past is all coming back to me. Now you know why I was so pissed the first day we saw Skye"

"Oh, you were upset about your past and everything was coming back to you when you see Skye. Is that why you were screaming at me?" he asked in realization. "Yeah, I mean I realized that I was being a bitch but I didn't even know how to feel, of course I had to blame somebody or find a way to let out my anger" I explained. "But Rachel, have you ever thought about Skye? Don't you think she feels the same?"


I finally got out of the shower. I don't know why everyone was waiting for me. Alexander looked really uncomfortable. Matthew looked like he's dying to ask me something. Fiona looked like the result of a guy kissing her. Gerard probably did already. Nathan and Rachel were not in the room. What would they be doing now? I wondered sarcastically. "Hey guys" I greeted. "Hi" I got mumbled responses. "How do I look?" I asked referring to my attire. "Good" some people mumbled. "Thanks" I was actually really nervous about the date. Why the hell did Frank ask me out on a date? I was a fan before and now he was actually asking for a date?

It's probably the sympathy thing. He's probably bored and wanted a buddy to eat with him. Maybe I look desperate so he asked me out. That's probably the reason. Or maybe he actually likes me which was a really fat chance. Guys like him usually never falls for girls like me. "There you are Skye, you look beautiful" Frank said when he met me halfway at the hall. "Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself" I answered. "Lets get going then" he led us to the parking lot and he got in the rented car. "When did you get this?" I asked when I got in. "Twenty minutes ago" he answered. "Ok" the car ride was silent but it wasn't awkward. It was just calming silence.

We finally got there. He quickly got out of the car and opened the door for me. I thanked him and followed him into the restaurant. "Table of two?" the waitress asked. Frank nodded and the waitress led us to a table of two. He sat down and I followed suit. We got menus from the waitress and I started looking in it. I didn't want to seem greedy so I decided to not order that much. I tend to eat a lot when there's food out in the open. What can I say? I'm a really hungry person. "So did you find anything you like in there?" he asked. "Um... I can't choose between the Caesar Salad and the oysters" I rubbed my chin. "Why don't you order both?" he suggested. "Really? I don't want to eat too much" I laughed. "Its okay, order whatever you want. Just make sure you have enough" he dropped his menu onto the table. The waitress came back and we ordered our desired dishes.

"Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of this tour" he started. "Thanks for having us here" I said. "Don't thank us, Linkin Park considered whether to have you guys on tour or not and they decided you guys should. The guys of Madina Lake suggested that so you guys are forever in dept with them" he chuckled. "I guess we are" I shrugged. "How did you guys meet though?" he asked. "We opened a show for them because their opener couldn't make it" I answered. "I guess you guys were really lucky" he added. "Yeah we are" I nodded. The food came and we began eating away. It was silent besides the crunching of my salad. I was still confused about this date. He didn't even drop any hints that he might be interested. Maybe he's not. He's just bringing up subjects about touring.

"Oh my god, are you Frank Iero?" I turned to my right. Two teenage girls ran over to examine Frank. Chuckling, he got up. "Yes, are you girls fans?" he asked. "Of course, we love you" they squealed. "That's good. It feels good to be loved" he laughed. "Can you sign my iPod?" the girl with blonde hair asked. "Of course, I need a marker though" he smiled at his fans. "No problem" the girl with green hair ran to a waiter. She came back with a sharpie. Frank grinned at me, I chuckled. The blonde girl took out her purple iPod for him to sign. "Anything else girls?" he asked, handing her iPod back to her.

"Can we take pictures with you?" the green haired girl asked. "Yeah sure, why not?" he shrugged. Wow, I used to be those fans. If I saw Frank and Gerard sitting around, I would have been so excited. I can't believe I'm actually where I am now. "Hey Frank, is she your girlfriend?" the blonde pointed at me. Frank looked at the girls then at me. "She can be my girlfriend if she wants to be" he gazed at me questionably. Do I want something more? Was he serious when he said that? Did he actually want a relationship with me? He smiled, confirming the answer to my mental question.

I should actually give this a chance. I don't think I have anything to lose. "Yes, why not" I smiled back at him. "Good then" he grinned before turning back to the girls. "Hey, can your girlfriend join us? I want to be the first to tell everyone" green head said. "Uh, sure" he said. "What's your name?" blondie asked me. "Skye" I answered awkwardly. The green head took out her digital camera. Frank beckoned for me to come over. I ran over right into his arms.
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