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"My dear fucking god, what are we going to do?" I rambled. I was nervous as hell. We can't cancel our set just because Fiona didn't show up. "Skye, do you play bass?" Collin asked. "What do you think faggot?" I glared at him. "I was just asking, no need to get angry" he held his hands up innocently. "I'm sorry; I just don't know what to do without a bass player. Where the fuck would Fiona be?" I asked aloud. "She's probably with Gerard" Casey said. "I guess your right. God damn it, I hate relationships" I sighed. "You have a boyfriend missy" Collin cleared his throat. "I know and I like him very much but I wouldn't miss a show for him. This is a job, and boys are just distractions. Damn we need a fucking bass player"

I was a nervous wreck. The guys were worried but they weren't as troubled as I was. What is wrong with me? "We are going on in about ten minutes" Alexander announced. "Shit fuck damn crap" I muttered. "Skye calm down, maybe we can play a set without bass" Casey suggested. "No no no no" I shook my head furiously. Matthew walked over to us and sat beside me. "What's wrong princess?" he asked, smirking. "It's not funny, we need a fucking bass player and we are getting on in ten minutes" I yelled. "Damn Skye, calm down. I can help you. How about you teach me some stuff and I'll play with you guys tonight?" he asked. "Really?" I sighed on relief. He nodded. "Thanks, I fucking love you. Thank you so fucking much!" I hugged him and kissed his hair. I heard some laughter being passed around.

Collin and I taught Matthew some songs on bass. He understood everything. I mean these songs weren't even that hard to play on bass. Matthew was a skilled player so it wasn't that complicated. I was actually glad it could be done in less than ten minutes. "You are a life saver" I reminded. "I know, I know" he sighed. "I owe you a favor" I added. "You all do" he laughed. "Yeah, we do. As Frank said, we are forever in dept with you and the guys" I said. "Ooh as Frank said" Alex teased. "Come on, you don't need to make a big deal out of Frank every time I mention his name" I rolled my eyes. He only laughed.

The relationship Frank and I have been great. We took it slow, just the way I like it. We have been going out for about four days. It's different from other relationships I've had. It's even slower than Tom and we weren't even going out. Frank didn't make a big deal about displaying our affection in public. Guys tend to show off in front of everyone. They'd usually just push their girlfriends against the wall and have intense make out sessions with them for everyone to see. Frank was different. He took it nice and slow, it was still romantic though. I didn't know what to expect every time I go on a lunch or dinner date with him.

"Hey bitch, your boyfriend's coming" Matthew nudged me. "Huh?" I turned around. Frank was walking towards us. "Hey" I walked over to him with a hug. "Hello" he kissed my cheek. I blushed a tiny bit. That is one thing I really need to get used to. "I think you are aware that Fiona won't be showing up to this show by now" he coughed. "Yeah" we mumbled. "Do you need any help?" he asked. "Nope, Matt's got it covered here" I patted Matthew's shoulders. "That's great, everything's settled then?" he asked the guys. They nodded. "Thanks for checking out on us though" Alexander thanked. "Yeah anytime" he gave us some more words of good luck before he left our area.


"Where the fuck is Matt?" I wandered aloud. The guys shrugged. "Oh well, who cares, he'll show up later when our set starts" Nathan shrugged carelessly. "I'm bored and I need someone to talk to" I replied honestly. Matt was the only person I could talk to when I'm bored as hell. "Talk to me then" he replied. "What do you want to talk about that's Skye free?" I asked. He frowned at my response. "Can we not talk about this?" his frown grew wider. "You're the one constantly bringing Skye to all of our conversations" I defended. "I do not" he pouted. "You do honey, you do" I shook my head and turned away from him. "Rachel, you're the only woman I love" he sighed.

"Are you sure about that?" I asked. "Rachel, can we not talk about this again? Do you see why we don't work out as well as we thought we would? You have to trust me. I'm not leaving you for Skye. I don't love her. I will never hurt you over this okay?" he said a little more softly. "Then trust me with Matt. I know that deep inside you don't. You know how we are before you and I started going out. Our friendship is not going to change just because I started going out with you. You have to understand that" I explained. "So we have to trust each other for this relationship to work" he summed up. "Yep, promise each other that we will trust" I said. We locked our pinkies together.

We grinned foolishly at each other as we made our promise. I pulled him in for a kiss as soon as the promise was made. "I love you Rachel, I always have and always will" he pecked my lips again. "I love you too Nate" I smiled against his lips. Fighting and making up happened a lot in our relationship. We'd be fighting and arguing then we'd kiss and make up a few seconds later. What doe that mean? Will this promise actually make our relationship work? If I held him tight and not let him slip away, will that do any of us any good? I guess only time will tell.

The door knocked and Frank just randomly walked in. "Hey Iero" I gave him a hug. "What's up Denmark?" he patted my hair. "When does your set start?" I asked him. "In about another forty minutes" he answered. "Maybe I'll go over to the Revolution stage to watch you guys play" I said, planning ahead. "That sounds really great" he gave me a high five. "I would also want to catch some Madina Lake before I come over though" I looked over at Nathan. He smiled at me, giving me thumbs up. "So what's up with Gerard and the guys?" I asked, starting up some main subjects. "Annoying the fuck out of me"

"Care to explain?" I asked. "Gerard and Fiona just fucking sit there and make out. What in the bloody hell is that? We would be like ten minutes before the show starts and they would just be making out. It's annoying. Everywhere I go, they're together acting all lovey dovey. Can they just stop with the PDA? I just want to rip their heads off" he rambled. I chuckled. "But I love it when guys show you affection. Come on, Gerard is just showing Fiona how much he loves her. They love each other so let them be" I said, glancing at Nathan with a grin. "So you think it's important for a boy to do PDA so he could show a girl physically that he loves her?" Frank asked.

"Dude, I love it when Nate shows me affection physically. It shows me that he loves me and he cares about me. And maybe if I'm lucky, he'd jump a bullet for me" I gave him a cheesy grin. He stuck his tongue out. "But..." Frank look bothered somehow. "What dude? Anything I can help you?" I asked. "So you are saying that girls like it when guys show affection in public?" he looked confused. "Depends on the girls but most generally they do, what's bothering you bud?" I asked, putting my hand on his shoulder. "Since you are her sister, can you please tell me how she likes it?" he pleaded. I almost wanted to shake my head. I know nothing about Skye. I haven't seen her in years and I do not care less about her. "Why don't you ask her yourself, I know nothing about her" I answered honestly. Nathan looked really uncomfortable in this conversation but he spoke anyways.

"Skye likes to take everything slow especially love. She told me that when she was sure she loves that guy and vice versa, she will take each step faster. She's been hurt way too many times in this lifetime" Frank and I both stared at him in amazement. How did he know Skye so well? Wait; don't ask anything about Skye I trust Nathan. Nate looked back at me concerned. I gave him a encouraging smile, telling him it's okay. He just nodded. I just hope that we'll be okay.


We all walked back to our bus. The last two days has been better. The only problem was Fiona. I mean she did show up at both shows but she was distant. She's always with Gerard and Mikey. It pisses me off that she's never there for me anymore. We hardly spoke to each other. I don't even know what to do anymore. She's the only female friend I have besides Nina and Pandora. There was no one I could talk to when I have girl problems. I can't even act like a normal girl, spazzing out over a guy to a girlfriend. I couldn't even tell Fiona the juicy details about my new relationship. It feels so empty and incomplete without her. I blame Gerard Way. He can't just take my friend away from me like that.

"Where are we going tomorrow?" Collin asked the driver. "Houston, Texas" he answered. "Wow, I love Texas" I announced. "Why?" Alexander laughed. "I don't know, it seems like a very country side place. Everyone's nice and peaceful there" I answered. "Since when do you like nice and peaceful?" he asked. "I've always did" I chuckled. "Ha yeah right" he sat down on the couch. I heard giggling outside of the bus. The guys groaned and I rolled my eyes. Typical Fiona. Then she ran into the bus with a huge grin on her face. "Hi Fiona" I greeted. "Hey" she smiled back at me before running into her bunk bed. She took out her phone and began texting. She's probably texting Gerard. This is madness. How can she let a guy take away her life like that? I mean Gerard Way is so talented and so fucking gorgeous but I'm pissed at him for taking Fiona away from me.

I shook my head and sat down beside Alex as the bus began moving. We are headed to Texas and this better be good. I know that people have good southern hospitality there. I think this whole band and fame thing is starting to break us down a bit. We already lost Fiona and I just wonder who or what is next. I need to talk to Fiona about this. If this situation keeps up, then our band is not going to last. "Let's watch a movie" Casey suggested. "What are we watching then?" I asked. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" he answered. "Damn it, only emo kids watch that movie" I groaned. "No, I watch the movie, I'm not an emo kid" Alexander frowned. "Oh I'm sorry mate" I frowned.

We ended up watching the movie three times before we all fell asleep. The next day, the bus stopped in Texas. Fiona was in her bunk the whole time which automatically pissed me off a lot. She didn't want to spend time with us anymore. I can't believe how fast she changed over a guy. I lost all of my respect for Gerard. I used to be his "biggest fan" but he really isn't that amazing when I know him realistically. Collin gave me a piggyback ride to the dressing room. The guys of Madina Lake and Rachel were already there. I greeted the guys as Alex, Casey, and surprisingly Fiona walked in. "Decided to join us?" I asked, getting off of Collin's back. "Yes, Gerard had to pick something up at the art store so he'll show up ten minutes before MCR's set" she explained. "Oh okay" I nodded, sitting down next to Matthew on the sofa.

"Hey mate" he wrapped his arms around me. "Night moves what's up with you lately?" I asked. "Nothing much, besides a minor problem last night" he glared at Nathan and Rachel. "Um... Would you like to evaluate the minor problem?" I air quoted minor problem. "They were so damn loud" he whined. I brought myself to chuckle a bit. Ew, that's really disgusting. You don't have sex in a tour bus. Or that's what I thought at least. "People have sex on tour busses?" I laughed. "Well Nate and Rachie here do. I did once" he winked. "Ooh, who's the lucky chick?" I asked, grinning. "This girl I used to date" he answered, not smiling at all. He didn't look happy. I didn't want to push him any further. He obviously didn't like talking about his ex girlfriend so I should stop asking. I need to cheer him up. "Don't be sad buddy, I'm here to enlighten you with my magical touch" I began tickling him. He started giggling. I continued as he fell on the sofa.

"What's up with you lovebirds?" Fiona asked when she came over. I immediately got off of Matt. "Um. We're not lovebirds" I answered. Fiona winked at me, eyeing Matthew. I shook my head, she doesn't know anything. She has no idea. She still thinks I'm in a flirting stage with Matthew. First of all, I'm not the one to flirt. And second, I wouldn't flirt with Matt because I have absolutely no feelings for him. And third, I already have someone. "Fiona, I like you hair tie" Matthew pointed out. "Thanks?" she stared at me, confused. I only shrugged. Her purple hair tie is nice. She's always looking pretty for Gerard so it doesn't matter anymore. She's bringing her beauty to the next level for a guy. She's already beautiful but she's getting all dressed up for Gerard. So much for being yourself.

The room was filled with various conversations. Everyone was talking excitedly. Only Matthew, Fiona, and I were standing there awkwardly. There was nothing I could tell Matt in front of Fiona and vice versa. What would Matthew and Fiona talk about anyways? A light knock was made against the door. Everyone turned their head to the door and Collin opened the door, revealing Frank. "Hey dude, your lady's over there" Collin pointed to me. Frank nodded at him and walked towards me. "Frankie!" I ran right into his arms. "Hey" he pecked my cheek and I giggled. "Get a room!" Matthew yelled. I turned to him with a glare. But I saw Fiona giving me a shocked stare.

I turned back to Frank, his cheek flushed red. I laughed and kissed his lips, knowing that not all of the attention was on us. Only Matt, Fiona, and probably Collin were looking. "I just drop by to wish you good luck for the show" he removed his arms around me. "Thanks, I'll see you guys after the show. Good luck on your show too" I winked at him. "Thank you babe. Oh and by the way Fiona, Gerard wants to meet you in our dressing room after our set okay?" he turned to a still shocked Fiona. She smiled and nodded.

"I will be leaving then" he headed for the door. I waved and turned back to Matt and Fiona. "How?" Fiona started. "What?" I stared at her. "How can you not tell me? I thought I was your best friend" she dropped her hands. "Alex is my best friend and you are my friend" I answered. "But how can you not tell me? Everyone seems to know but you won't tell me. Why not?" she was angry. "Hey, you shouldn't be mad at me. It's your problem. You were never there anymore. I would love to tell you and ask you for advice as a girl. But you weren't there. And you didn't tell me about your relationship with Gerard. I just kind of have to find out for myself"

"Hey you're just jealous that he's mine and not yours" she held her hands up. "Why the fuck would I be jealous? He is a fucking douche for taking over your life like that. And you are just plain stupid for turning your back to us for him. You only like him because he's Gerard fucking Way. You probably don't even know him as a person. And you wouldn't care. Because I know that he's really a careless shallow person and you don't see that. You probably wouldn't care either"

"How dare you talk about Gerard like that? You don't know him at all if that's what you think. You don't know me anymore. I think you are going out with Frank for the same reason. You probably don't give a shit for who he is either. Or you are just jealous that I'm with Gerard, the man of your dreams. Maybe you are going out with him to make Matthew fucking Leone jealous" she spat at me. "Dude I'm still standing here" I heard Matt say. All the attention was probably on our argument. "You fucking bitch, you don't know me at all" I jumped at her, pushing her hard against the floor, striking her with punches. She kicked my back hard and I fell back.

I got back up and so did she. I struck her with another punch, making her nose bleed. I already felt arms around me, pulling me back. Rachel, Collin, Casey, and Mateo were trying to pull Fiona back. I broke free from the firm grip around me and kicked Fiona's stomach. She charged at me, slamming her head against my chin. I screamed in pain. "Fiona, stop hurting her" Matt or Nate said. I felt someone's arms around me, pulling me back once again. "You fucking whore!" Fiona spat at me. "You fucking gold digger. Yeah go out with the lead singer of your favorite band" I yelled back. She opened her mouth to speak but I was pulled out of the room before I heard her response.

I was dragged to the restroom. I turned to Nathan and Matthew who shook their heads at me. "What?" I glared at them. "Your face is so bloody" Nathan bit his lips. My stomach churned when that happened. They began cleaning my face up. My chin was still throbbing in pain. I didn't know Fiona would ever fight so hard. "I mean chick fights are usually awesome and sexy but this is absolutely ridiculous" Matt muttered. "She is so ignorant" I responded. "Skye, calm down. Your friendship needs to be fixed. You guys don't have to argue over Frank and Gerard or Matthew fucking Leone" Nathan laughed at the last part.

"I can't believe that's what she actually thinks" I thought aloud. "Don't worry about Fiona. You guys have a show in about an hour. How the hell are you guys going to manage?" Matt brought up. "Oh yeah, I didn't really think about that" I scratched my head in realization. "Do you want us to cover for you? I'll learn your songs and Matthew already knows the bass parts" Nathan suggested. "Nate, that's really sweet of you but I really don't think that's necessary. It's fine. I think we'll be okay" I answered.


I don't even know what to do anymore. I'm here with Skye and Matthew, completely forgetting the promise I made to Rachel. I feel like such a bad boyfriend and person. I have to remind myself how much I love Rachel. But with Skye being here is making it so damn hard. And I just experienced the most stupid fight ever. Skye and Fiona fought for a very stupid reason. Who fucking cares about Gerard and fucking Frank? He didn't deserve Skye. Wait, did I just think that? I don't even know what I feel is anymore. I get really uneasy every time I see Skye with Frank. But then I get really pissed every time I see Rachel talking to Mathew, my own twin brother. I'm so confused. Where is my heart exactly? I need to find it.

Did Skye really like Matthew? Was she really going out with Frank to make Matt jealous? I mean that makes a little bit more sense. She never showed much affection to Frank. They hardly held hands. They would only peck each other's cheeks and quickly kiss each other's lips. I know Skye likes to take everything slow but they look like they don't belong with each other. Their relationship reminded me of a pair of mismatched socks. "Nathan fucking Leone, can you answer my fucking question?" Skye yelled, slightly irritated. "Oh sorry, what was your question?" I asked; bringing my head back to the present time. She groaned and Matt chuckled. "I asked you if you can tell me about Rachel" she sighed. "Wait, why do you want to know about Rachel?" I asked, confused.

"I mean she's my sister but I barely know anything about her"
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