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Rated for language...

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Reno only had Cloud and Aeris to thank. He was alive due to the immediate action of his best friend's best friend. Or, in other word's, Zack's newer best friend.
"Thanks, you guys," Reno managed after Aeris and Cloud returned and Cessnai let him go.
"You're our friend, Reno," Cessnai smiled at the limp, almost lifeless, Reno.
"We like having you around," Cloud agreed.
"Plus, you were my first friend in the slums," Zack added.
Reno chuckled softly then passed out. He had his head against the wall and his legs out directly in front of him, spread slightly, with his hands lying in his lap. Cessnai's eyes filled with tears as if he had passed into the Lifestream.
"It's okay, Cessnai," Aeris comforted her as she knelt down, rubbing the young girl's back. "He just needs rest."
Cessnai nodded and moved aside to allow Cloud and Zack to lift the redhead up and lied him on the bed gently.
"Well," Zack sighed. "I guess we'd better go before Tseng gets the chance to come for us next."
"He's a lunatic!" Cloud exclaimed.
"Don't worry, Cessnai," Aeris said quietly and comfortingly. "He'll be fine."
Cessnai smiled as she nodded then hugged the beautiful, gentle girl. Zack left before Cloud and Aeris. Cloud left with his arm around the, what they called, Ancient. Cessnai covered up the scrawny figure that she knew all too well then climbed in bed herself. She felt that it was her fault that Tseng had gone haywire and shot Reno. She finally cried herself silently to sleep.
Reno woke up before Cessai. He stood slowly from the bed and strolled to the window. It was still dark out. Reno glanced at the clock on the sidetable. It was only 3:45 in the morning. He made sure that he had his uniform on as he walked out the front door of the apartment. He quietly trotted down the stairway and out the front door of the building itself. He glanced around, feeling as if he were being watched. Suddenly, two silhouetted figures stepped out in front of him. The redhead jumped almost ten feet into the air.
"Calm down, Reno," Rude snapped.
"We're here to give you something," Rufus Shinra stated, holding out a manila envelope.
Reno took it without saying anything, but he was thinking, They scared the fuck out of me! I thought Tseng was coming back to finish me for good!
Shinra and Rude began to walk away, but Reno stopped them.
"Will you walk with me?" Reno asked politely(for once in his life).
Shinra smiled and nodded while the tall, bald-headed man stood, lingering for a moment. Rufus was already standing beside Reno, both staring at Rude.
"Well," Shinra began, "are you coming or not?"
Rude looked from the blond man to the lonely redhead. He nodded unsurely, afraid to anger the son of the president of Shinra. They walked as Reno opened the envelope. Inside was a bunch of letters from different people. He pulled out one random one and read it aloud quielty.
I'm sorry that I never really got to know you, but I've heard wonderful things about you," Reno read.
Reno suddenly decided to read it to himself.
My name, you probably don't know. My name is Jessie. I'm from AVALANCHE and a pretty good friend of Cloud's. I can honestly say that I think I love him, but then again, so do Tifa, Aeris, and Yuffie. Granted, I've heard that you are much like him in personality, so maybe I would love you too.

"Who was that one from?" Shinra asked.
"A girl from AVALANCHE named-" Reno began.
"Jessie?" Shinra interupted.
Reno nodded and Rufus gestured for him to keep reading. The injured redhead pulled out another piece of folded paper at random.
Dear Reno,
I heard what happened to ya, man. Harsh! The hell was Tseng thinkin? By the way, name's Barret. I'm a friend of Cloud's too. Anyway, what's it like to be shot? All of my enemies would know since I have a goddamn gun attatched to me!

Reno felt a little scared to go on, but he did. Just as he pulled out the next piece of paper, he realized that they were no longer inside the safe, fenced in area. They were roaming the outskirts of the building. He glanced from Rufus to Rude and noticed that Rude seemed a little nervous sround the redhead and Shinra was enjoying the starry skies. Then, he noticed straight ahead, a figure lying in the grass. Reno felt a pang of worry and ran to the thing. Luckily, it was just a person lying there with their eyes closed as if to be taking a nap. They suddenly opened to reveal an unreal red color. Reno jumped back as the man sat up.
"Vincent Valentine?" Rufus Shinra asked as if it were immpossible that he was alive.
"Rufus Shinra," the strange, vampiric man snapped in a low, deep voice as he stood from his comfortable place in the single patch of grass.
"How are you alive?" Rude demanded almost harshly.
"I came back as an immortal," Vincent Valentine replied.
"Wait," Reno said. "You're the Vincent Valentine? As in you were one of the best Turks ever?"
"Ahh," Vincent smiled a tiny smile. "You've heard of me? Well, I'm not that person anymore. I work with AVALANCHE now."
"Will you do me the honors of joining us in our walk?" Reno asked which made Shinra and Rude cringe at the thought.
"Sure," Vincent sighed. "There's nothing better to do, anyway."
Reno smiled. They continued walking and Reno read the next letter.
Reno the Turk,
You probably don't remember me, but you were my first time. I loved you and you just walked away when you had your fun with me! You can understand why I'm angry, I trust! Well, if you ever want to apologize, I still live in the same place. I live in the Inn in the Sector 7 slums. I'll be waiting for you in the first room on the left. Just make sure that you either remember or learn my name before you come near me!

"Man," Vincent sighed as he stared into the never-ending sea of stars. "I wish that I could do this every night. Going for walks is really nice when you have no time to do it."
"I know how you feel," Rude and Reno said at the same time.
"Maybe you should wake up at this time everyday and walk with me," Shinra stated calmly and gently.
"That would be nice, Mister Vice-Prez, but I don't work with you anymore," Vincent concluded.
"You could come back to work with us," Reno offered, "or you could wait out here for us every morning."
"I'm actually thinking about coming back once the current President of Shinra is gone," the vampiric man stated. "I'll work for blondie over there."
Vincent pointed a rather robotic finger at Rufus.
Reno smiled as he pulled out one of the last four letters.
Soon-to-be leader of the Turks,
Reno, my name is Tifa Lockhart. I heard about what Tseng did to you. It's all over the news! He went to Shinra prison just after it happened with Rufus Shinra escorting him personally. I'm so sorry about what he did to you! After all of the nice things that Cloud had been told about you by Zack, it's hard to believe that you actually got shot by your own leader! If you're ever in the Sector 7 slums, stop by the 7th Heaven, my bar, to see me, Cloud, Zack, and Aeris. I can't wait to meet you in person!

Reno was starting to feel the sun beat down on his back as it rose from the earthly grave in which it slept. He had three more letters to read, but he would read only two more as they walked. The first read:
Hello dearest Reno,
It is Aeris. I'm glad that you're feeling okay after the incident with Tseng. I remember that he once slapped me. He is a rather nasty man. I can understand fully why Cessnai was terrified of him. I look forward to meeting you again.

Reno smiled even wider as he folded the letter up again to pull out the next.
"What exactly are you reading?" Vincent asked.
"He's reading letters from friends," Rude replied defensively.
"Tesng went haywire when he saw Reno with Cessnai and shot him," Shinra explained to the tall guy dressed mostly in black and red.
"He almost killed me, but Aeris and Cloud and Zack saved me," Reno added. "I was terrified when I felt all of my organs begin to shut down. Is that what it felt like when you died?"
"I don't really know what it felt like," Vincent replied truthfully. "It all happened too quick. I couldn't figure out what was going on until it was too late and I was already being re-awakened."
"Wow," Reno breathed. "You really have experienced it all!"
"Yep," Vincent chuckled. "Rufus was only about two years old when I was killed. He had, from what I heard, studied my history in hopes that he would one day also be a number one Turk."
"That I did," Shinra sighed. "I wanted to be exactly like you as Cloud wants to be like Sephiroth."
"I wish I had a role model," Rude mumbled.
"My role models would probably be Cloud and Zack," Reno said softly. "I mean, I know that they are younger than me, but they lived their dreams. My one dream was to become friends with my dad before he died. It never happened. He died with me hating him and he hated me as well."
"You had a hard childhood, huh?" Rude asked.
"I guess," Reno answered.
He looked at the sky and it was bright with sunlight.
"Maybe we should head back," Reno proposed.
"You're right," Shinra agreed. "Mister Valentine, are you sure you don't want to come back? You'd be under my command, not my dad's."
"I'll think about it," Vincent sighed. "I'll call you once I decide."
Rufus nodded once and Reno said, "Thank you for joining me."
Vincent smiled as he bowed his head, grabbed one side of his cape, and swept around.
Reno, Rude, and Shinra all returned to the building where Reno bid them farewell since he wouldn't be able to come out into the field for a while and hurried to his apartment. When he walked in, he was alone since Cessnai had to work as well. He pulled out the one other that he had not gotten to read as they were walking and unfolded it.
Hope you're feeling better. I just wanted you to know that I did nothing but get Aeris. I can't take any credit for helping heal you. I like the idea that you would thank me, but I cannot take anything from it. Just remember, though, that I will always be a friend that's there when you need him.
-Cloud Strife

Reno had taken a liking to Cloud from the moment they met and there was reason for that. Cloud had a lot of potential. Hidden potential, but potential. Cloud had a big heart that would one day be crushed into powder. Reno pulled out the final letter, and it had something attatched. It was a pair of dogtags with Reno's name on them. He held it in the palm of his hand as he pulled open the paper.
Dear friend,
This is your ticket into SOLDIER. I had them made just for you. I've always tried to make you smile. Everyone loved your smile in the slums. Even your father. Everyone wanted to be your friend, but their parents wouldn't let them after what you did with Scarlet. Dads didn't want you to fool around with their daughters and moms didn't want you to rub off on them. I understand that you had a hard life, but you shoudn't get drunk every night before you go to bed. These are my words of wisdom. I will always love you as a brother.
Yours truly,
Zachary Fair

Reno immediately remembered the young, blond-haired girl that he had also had his first time with. Zack was right. Reno needed to turn over a new leaf. As soon as Reno replaced all of the letters inside the envelope, he folded the manila folder-like thing and stuffed it in his back pocket, wrote a note to Cessnai, and walked out of the room. He made it out of the building, unseen, and ran off of the perimeter of the Turks' hideout. He was going back to the Sector 7 slums in Midgar, even if it took him forever to get there. All he knew was that he had to see Scarlet once again.
"May my soul belong to Jenova if I don't make it before the plates crash down upon the Sector 7 slums and I am to be taken over by SOLDIER."
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