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Remember Me-New Found Strength

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Reno makes his way to Midgar to the Sector 7 slums. Rated for language.

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Reno,Rufus Shinra,Vincent Valentine - Warnings: [!!] [V] [?] - Published: 2010-04-02 - Updated: 2010-04-03 - 1179 words - Complete

Reno had stopped for the night to sleep in the Inn in Kalm, but awoke early the next morning. He hurried down, wearing a pair of worn out jeans and a white t-shirt, trying hopelessly not to be recognized as a Turk, and paid for the night's stay. He shuffled out into the quiet town in which Cloud would one day have to pass through to fight Sephiroth. Glancing nervously at every passing person, he walked to the Items Shop. The cashier looked at him as if he were an outcast.
"What can I do you for?" the guy asked.
"I need some Potions, some Antidotes, and some Phoenix Downs," Reno answered in one breath.
The cashier pulled them out from under the counter, Reno paid, then the frisky redhead strode out of the shop as he shoved the Medicines into his large pockets, the Potions in the pocket with his EMR. As he finished stuffing them into his pockets, he looked up to find a very familiar blond man, a rather vampiric guy, and a short red-ish haired girl. Reno fell back onto his ass.
"What the fuck are you guys doing here?" Reno demanded as he recovered himself by standing again.
"We're going with you," Shinra replied, crossing his arms.
"What the hell were thinking going off alone?" Cessnai snapped.
"I don't want you guys to get hurt," Reno sighed.
"You do realize that was how I became like this, right?" Vincent asked in a hushed tone.
"I guess," Reno sighed, shrugging. "Well, we need to get the fuck out of here! The people look at me like I'm gonna attack them!"
Cessnai, Vincent, and Rufus nodded. Reno wrapped his arm around Cessnai and they walked out of the town. Reno knew that there was a Chocobo farm somewhere around there, but he wanted to go to the Mythril Mines first. He made sure that they all had a weapon. Vincent had a triple barrel gun called the Cerberus, Rufus had a shotgun, Reno had the EMR, and so did Cessnai. She had named hers, though. She named it the Ninja Skill. Really, Reno just called them all the same thing, an EMR. Anyway, they walked to the marsh and knew that they had to be careful since the Midgar Zolom guarded the mines. Reno led them, as carefully as possible, through the sandy area, trying to avoid the overgrown cobra. They were most unfortunate, however.
"Shit!" Reno breathed as a one hundred foot snake emerged from the ground.
"We have to fight it!" Shinra called over the roar of the Zolom.
They all withdrew their weapons from inside their pockets and prepared themselves. One thing Reno knew was to let your foe strike first, make sure they miss, then strike when they are closer to you. The snake struck.
"Attack!" Reno yelled.
He suddenly thought of how cliche that was. Vincent and Shinra fired as Cessnai and Reno ran at the thing. Reno dodged another attack and hit the snake in the eye after jumping at it when its head was down. It shook him away, howling in agony and anger. He looked to the now frightened crew, all except Vincent, of course.
"Stand back!" Reno called over the Zolom.
They did so and Reno took center stage. He stuck his EMR back in his pocket and took a deep breath. He clasped his hands together and prepared to make a Summon.
"Shiva!" Reno shouted.
He then disappeared and was replaced by an icy-looking creature that seemed to be a female. She threw her hand back behind her. Once Shiva put her hand back in front of herself, a cast of powerful Ice Magic was blasted at the snake. Shiva disappeared to bring back Reno. The Zolom was then defeated. Reno fell onto one knee on the ground, gasping for breath since he basically used magic that he didn't have. Cessnai and Shinra rushed to his side. Vincent stood by, staring at the redhead with admiration.
"Are you okay Reno?" Rufus asked seriously.
"Yeah," Reno panted. He stood and looked all of them in the eyes at least once before saying, "That was fucking awesome, you guys! We did better than SOLDIER could have ever dreamed of!"
Cessnai and Rufus smiled widely as they laughed while Vincent stood by in amazement at the newly found power that Reno had. He could Summon! The redhead led them further, only to take them into the cave about forty feet away. They ran as fast as possible and skidded to a halt to stare at the beauty of the mines. Reno just wanted to see if everything he'd ever heard was true or not. After they pillaged the mines, Reno led them back to Midgar. He seemed to be the only one who knew the route by foot.
"What is the true Midgar like?" Cessnai wondered.
"Like, the Shinra building and all of that?" Rufus asked of her.
"Yeah," she replied.
"Nothing special," Reno mumbled.
Reno saw Shinra stare at him meaningfully out of the corner of his eye but continued on as if he saw nothing. They finally found the gate into Wall Market, where they could catch a ride to the Plate to get into the Shinra Building. Reno knew exactly where the Honey Bee Inn was and he used to be a usual customer. The girls even liked him. He looked in that direction then remembered why he was in Wall Market to begin with.
"What the fuck are you looking for?" Cessnai demanded.
Reno stuttered then Shinra answered for him, "He came to see Scarlet."
"The girl that you fucked then forgot her name?" Cessnai raised her voice.
"I don't like it when you talk like that," Reno whispered. "It doesn't suit you."
"Then, why are you looking for a girl that you did over ten years ago then forgot the name of when you have a girlfriend?" Cessnai snapped.
Reno ignored her and rolled his eyes. He hated clingy girls almost as much as he hated his father. They caught the ride to the Shinra Building and walked in the front door. Rufus led them to the elevator and used his keycard to send them to the floor right below his father's office. They had to walk up the stairs from there. Once they stepped on the top landing, Vincent was caught by Reeve, Cessnai was grabbed by Hojo, and Reno was tackled by a Robo-Guard.
"Father!" Rufus exclaimed. "Let them go! They are with me!"
The man sitting in the office chair that was whirled around to face the opposite direction waved a hand to call off his guards. Vincent looked like he was about to take Reeve out.
"What the fuck was that about?" Reno whispered to Rufus Shinra.
"My father believes that the SOLDIERs are going against Shinra and are going to attack," Rufus explained quietly. "He's a little paranoid."
Reno scoffed as if that were an understatement. The redhead had a long meeting ahead of him, and he knew it.
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