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Remember Me-Wall Market: Sector 7 Slums

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Reno, Rufus, Vincent, and Cessnai are finally able to relax, but Reno learns something about Scarlet that makes everything fall out of balance...

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"Son," President Shinra began, "why are you here?"
"We need to find Scarlet and we knew she'd be here," Rufus Shinra, the president's son, explained in a forceful tone. "Father... Where is she?"
"She quit after she found out what happened to Reno," the president stated with a smirk.
"What exactly did happen?" Reeve asked Vincent.
"Tseng attacked me," Reno answered in place of Vincent Valentine.
"As in the leader of the Turks attacked one of his own..." Reeve asked in a squeaky voice as he looked up at Vincent, "...again?"
They stood in silence before the president had Hojo and three other Robo-Guards grab Reno, Cessnai, Rufus Shinra, and Vincent Valentine. They quite literally threw the young adults out the front door once they reached the bottom floor.
“How rude!” Cessnai exclaimed as she dusted herself off.
“That’s my father for ya,” Rufus sighed. “I really hope someone comes along and kills him off as slowly and painfully as possible!”
Reno and the others looked at him critically.
“What?” Shinra asked. “Reno, you’re one to talk!”
Reno immediately looked away as he mouthed, “Sorry.”
Reno also dusted himself off and led them off of the Plate. Once they were back in Wall Market, Reno couldn’t hold it back any longer. He ran to the Honeybee Inn.
“Reno!” the man standing at the front door exclaimed with surprise. “You’re back from jail!”
“Yeah,” Reno panted. “I’m actually a Turk now, so...”
“That’s great!” the guy smiled. “Go on in, man. You probably deserve it!”
Reno nodded once and strode in. All of the girls in their honeybee outfits looked at him immediately as the door opened.
“Reno!” they all yelled, then they ran to the redhead with outstretched arms.
“Ladies!” Reno returned the favor, allowing them to pile on top of him.
“We haven’t seen you in, like, forever!” Luna, the blond one that worked weekends, exclaimed.
“I know, I know,” Reno sighed, squeezing himself out of the dog-pile. “I have a new job, so I’ve been pretty busy.”
The girls sat and listened to Reno’s entire story, giggling throughout the whole thing. Then, another girl walked out in the middle of Reno’s storytelling. She had blond hair, pulled back into a bun, with a stern expression set upon her face. Reno stood and looked at her more. He then realized who it was.
“Holy fuck!” he breathed. “Scarlet?”
“Hello, Reno,” she responded angrily.
“Shit, man!” Reno staggered, lingering occasionally after speaking. “You look so much different now then when we were younger.”
“No duh, jerk-ass!” she raised her voice.
Reno cringed then turned to the other girls who were getting pissed at how Scarlet was acting toward him.
“Can we be alone for a few minutes?” the redhead asked, directing the question mostly to the brunette in the front named Gillian.
The girls nodded and walked out of the building to flirt with the bouncer and his friends out front. Reno turned back to the blond-haired woman and looked her in the eyes with apology and agony. Scarlet smiled at the twenty-four-year-old Turk, which made him lean his head to the side with confusion now.
“I just wanted a way to get you away from them,” she whispered.
Reno walked closer to look into her eyes, one red and one blue. He gently pushed a strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear. To him, she was beautiful. He knew that he was with Cessnai, but he had always had deep feelings for the former Shinra employee. He had only said that he forgot her to make himself cooler but now, that didn’t matter. He pressed his lips lightly to hers at first then a little more tenderly. She pushed him away and glared at him.
“Just because you came back to see me, doesn’t mean that I forgive you!” she snapped.
Reno chuckled and stated, “I know.” before he pressed his lips to hers again, shutting her up from ranting on about how he left her and never came back to visit. After about five minutes, Reno let her go and she smiled at him before turning away with a sad look on her delicate face.
“What’s wrong, Scarlet?” Reno asked her, walking up behind her to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her in.
“Reno...” Scarlet began.
“Yeah?” Reno wondered.
“When you and me, you know?” she looked at him and he was nodding his head. “Well, after you left, I found out that I was...”
“No!” Reno breathed, backing away from her into the wall.
“Yes,” she sniffled. “I had a beautiful baby boy nine months later. I kept him and he has your blue eyes and red hair. His name is James Reno Alexandre-Reslit.”
Reno’s heart felt like it was going to stop beating. He suddenly felt very dizzy and knelt down on one knee. Scarlet ran over and bent down beside him longingly.
“He’s been dying to meet you,” Scarlet continued. “He would love to meet his dad on surprise. Come over and stay the night with us.”
Reno seemed to begin to hyperventilate and fell over on the floor, passed out. When he awoke, he was in a bed in a strange, plain white room. He shot up and looked around.
“Where the fuck am I?” Reno squeaked under his breath.
The door opened and Scarlet walked in with a tray filled with a bowl of oatmeal, some bacon, and oranges with a glass of milk to drink. That was a rather bizarre thing for our little Final Fantasy guys to eat, so Reno looked at her with confusion. Reno sat up in the bed and continued to look around as Scarlet set down the tray on his lap. A small boy, about the age of twelve with short-ish, shaggy red hair and blue eyes, to match Reno’s, rode in on a skateboard.
“James!” Scarlet whispered fiercely. “What have I told you about riding that thing in the house?”
“Take it easy on him, Ms. Reslit,” Reno stated, lying the tray beside him on the empty side of the bed. “So this is him?”
“Mom,” James began, “who is that?”
“That is your father, sweetie,” Scarlet replied.
James’s face went from punk-ish and angry-looking to a large grin from ear to ear. He threw his skateboard on the floor and jumped onto the bed with Reno.
“So, you’re Reno Alexandre?” James wondered.
“Yep,” Reno stated, smiling at his son. “James Reno Alexandre-Reslit.”
“Yeah,” the young boy replied. “Can I call you ‘Dad’?”
Reno chuckled and nodded at the boy. “Of course.”
“Well, me and some friends are playing football with our dads and they invited me knowing that I didn’t really know my dad, so will you come and help me surprise them by playing with us?” James wondered.
Reno looked at Scarlet, who was beaming at her son, then back to the boy and nodded. “When?”
“Around four.”
Reno nodded once and smiled sweetly at Scarlet after James ran out to get ready to play.
“You’re going to be a great father,” Scarlet sighed. “Probably a better father than I am a mother.”
“Don’t you say that!” Reno exclaimed as he took one of her hands from her folded arms and pulled her to the bed. He sat her in his lap and wrapped his strong, Turk arms around her from the back. “You’re a great mom from what I understand. I mean, fuck! You raised the kid on your own ever since you were twelve! That’s a long time ago!”
Scarlet scoffed and laughed at the same time. She turned her head to him and looked into his beautiful eyes. Neither of them were thinking, so they both leaned in and kissed each other, immediately pulling away from one another. Reno stood from the bed, grabbed the tray, and followed Scarlet to the dining room. He set each individual food on the table then handed the tray to Scarlet for her to clean and put back in the cabinet. After Reno ate, he helped her do the dishes. That was the one way he used to be able to talk to his mom before she died without being interrupted by his dad.
“You’re the guest,” she stated with curiosity in her voice. “Why are you helping with the dishes?”
“I like doing the dishes because I used to talk to my mom like that,” Reno sighed as he stared at the plate that he was carefully washing. “Where are Cessnai, Rufus, and Vincent?”
“Who?” Scarlet wondered.
Reno looked up out the window. “Shit! I have to go! I’ll be back later to play ball with James. You tell him that!”
Reno ran out the front door and through Wall Market. He knew exactly where to find Shinra, but Vincent and Cessnai were a mystery. He immediately ran to Don Corneo’s mansion and requested to be allowed in.
“Sorry, man,” the guy in the front said. “You can’t get in unless you have an appointment.”
“Just tell me this, then,” Reno panted angrily. “Is Rufus Shinra in there?”
“Yeah, why?”
“He’s on a mission with me and we need to go!” Reno replied. “We need to get the fuck outta here, find Vincent and Cessnai, and try to make it back to Scarlet’s house to make a football game with my twelve-year-old son!”
The guy stared at Reno in deep thought. “Okay, you can go in, but only to get Shinra and leave.”
Reno nodded once and sprinted inside. The mansion was huge. He had a feeling he would be in there again very soon. He walked up the spiraling stairs to Don Corneo's office, which also linked to his room. The redhead banged on the door and was answered by Rude. Reno stumbled backward, almost over the railing, at the sight of the balding man that he had desperately tried to leave behind to ensure that he wouldn't be killed on the journey.
"What the fuck?" Reno breathed, exasperated. "What are you doing here Rude?"
"I come on missions here to make sure Corneo keeps his filthy hands to himself," the buff man replied. "Why are you here?"
"I'm here to get Rufus and go!" Reno stepped forward as if to challenge the man.
Rude stepped aside to allow the redhead pass. Rufus Shinra was on his feet, leaning against the back wall coolly with his ankles and arms crossed. Vincent seemed to be challenging Don Corneo to even touch Cessnai on the shoulder.
"Reno!" Shinra exclaimed and walked to the redhead.
"We need to go because I have a play date with my son and some of his friends and then we're leaving this hellhole!" Reno stated in one breath.
"SON?" Rufus, Vincent, Cessnai, and Rude asked squeakily in unison.
"I'll explain later!" Reno sighed desperately. "Let's just go!"
They nodded and followed Reno out, leaving Rude behind once again. It was almost four o'clock and they still weren't there.
"Explain the whole thing with your son!" Cessnai commanded.
"Okay, fine!" Reno growled, still moving quickly. "As you know, I fucked Scarlet about twelve years ago. Well, turns out that she found out after I left that she was pregnant!"
They all gasped.
"Didn't you use protection?" Rufus asked.
"Of course!" Reno raised his voice, offended.
They were silent the rest of the way there. Reno made it just before four and was even able to change into something a little more comfortable to play football in. After they played, Reno and James's team winning, Reno changed back into his clothes and lingered in the kitchen of Scarlet's house, staring at hers and his son and the blond as well.
"Do you have to go?" James asked sadly.
Reno smiled and got down on one knee to look at him. "Yeah, I do," he sighed. "I promise that I'll come back to visit, though."
"I wanna go with you!" James broke down crying.
Reno hugged him tightly, feeling tears come to his eyes also.
"If I come back to the Turks, I can bring him with me," Scarlet said quietly.
"Scar," Reno sighed, looking up. "I know that I probably gave you the wrong idea, but I have a girlfriend."
"I don't care!" Scarlet also began crying. "I don't think that I could stand that sad look on his face anymore!"
"Reno," Shinra said from the doorway, "it's time to go."
"Mr. Shinra, sir," Scarlet began. "I need to come back to the Turks."
Reno looked over his shoulder at the soon-to-be president of Shinra. He had a shocked look on his face. "Ummm... Okay..."
Scarlet smiled and ran back to begin packing for herself and James.
"Go say goodbye to your friends," the redhead sighed to his son.
James nodded and ran out the door. Reno stood and shook his head. That added two more people he was responsible for!
What did I just do? he thought.
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