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Remember Me-Gongaga Nights

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Reno and the crew set out toward the Turks' headquarters, but Reno gets tired of Scarlet and Cessnai fighting over him, so they spend the night in Gongaga. Very little sex, but I had to add it as ...

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Scarlet finally finished packing for James and herself, so they headed out. Cessnai was glaring at Scarlet as they headed for the outskirts of Midgar to head back to the Turks' hidden headquarters. Scarlet had to re-apply for her position in the field, taking away from that dickhead Tseng. Reno moved from walking between Scarlet and Shinra to on the outside by Vincent. They wanted Vincent back on the field more than they wanted Scarlet, so they were working on that. Vincent would have been working with Reno, Rude, and Elena, even though they were right below Tseng and his almighty-ness, which was a pretty good fucking deal!
“Reno,” Scarlet said suddenly. “We need to talk about something.”
“What is it?” Reno wondered.
“Your language,” she replied.
“Umm... What the hell are you talking about?” Reno asked, looking around those between them at her.
“That exactly,” she snapped. “You don’t need to be talking like that around a twelve-year-old!”
“I don’t care, Mom,” James said. “I’m almost thirteen! All of my friends started cussing when they were nine! Just give me my goddamned space!”
“That’s my boy!” Reno exclaimed with a large smile as James moved over with him and Vincent.
“You really shouldn’t damage your son’s mind like that, Reno,” Vincent said. “He’s liable to end up just like you. In jail for beating up the president’s son while having to-”
“Shh!” Reno interrupted. “No one knows about that but Rufus and you, apparently! James and Scarlet and Cessnai really do not need to know about that!”
“Fine, okay, okay,” Vincent sighed.
“Know what?” James asked.
“Nothing!” Reno said quickly.
“No,” Cessnai intervened. “What is it that we don’t know about you? That you’re a man-whore? That you’ve been cheating on me with that slut?” She gestured to Scarlet.
“No!” Reno exclaimed. “I mean, yes. I mean-GAH!”
Reno walked ahead of everyone in anger and frustration. It was getting dark and they were coming up on Gongaga.
“We’re gonna stop in Gongaga and stay in their inn,” Reno stated forcefully, not turning around to look at them.
Reno could hear Cessnai begin to tell him that he wasn’t the leader, but he blocked her out of his mind. That was just ruining everything in his life. Finding out that fucking a chick, even at the age of twelve, was the worst idea ever, cheating on his girlfriend, and just completely fucking up his life. He really had no idea that going to Gongaga would make his life suck ass even more.
They finally arrived and found the inn. At the other side of the town was a large house. Someone familiar was coming out of the front door, yelling at someone else.
Reno turned to them as said, “Go in. I’ll meet you later.”
They nodded and filed inside as Reno ran over to check out what was happening.
“I know you liked Aerith!” the young guy with spiky black hair yelled. “We just didn’t think we belonged together! She liked Cloud more! I’ll never hold that against them!”
“How could you let that spiky-assed freak take your girl?” a much older man, probably the young one’s father, demanded.
“I don’t own Aerith!” the young one exclaimed, sounding close to tears. “They’re my best friends!”
“But now me and your mother will never have children, Zack,” his father said as he calmed down a little.
“Zack?” Reno asked.
The spiky-haired boy turned around and blushed.
“Hey Reno,” he chuckled nervously.
“What’s going on?” Reno wondered.
Zack’s dad went back inside with an irritated expression as Zack said, “My parents are mad because I let Aerith go with Cloud. It really doesn’t bother me. I’ve always been different, so it doesn’t matter.”
“If you can’t stay with your parents, we have a room or two in the inn, and you can stay with us if you wanna,” Reno offered.
Zack nodded and followed the redhead into the inn. Every time Reno was even near Zack, he felt feelings that he felt when he was around Cessnai and Scarlet and even Aerith on some level of weirdness. It was strange. Reno had been trying to avoid Zack for some time, especially after he felt that the first time meeting him when he saved his life. That must have been it. That was what was fucking up his head. He didn’t have feelings for Zack, he admired him for his job and how he saved the redhead’s life. That’s it. Yeah.
“Reno?” Zack asked with amusement in his calm voice. “What’s wrong? You look like you’re gonna puke!”
“Because I think I am!” Reno managed quietly as they reached the front door.
Reno opened the doors and Cessnai was sitting at one of the tables, flirting with the bellhop. Reno forgot about Zack and stormed over to her. He recognized the bellhop as one of the former Turks. The one he replaced. He had shining green eyes and spiked-up black hair. His name was Charmant Chimère. He was French, if no one could tell.
“What the fuck are you doing with my girl?” Reno demanded of Charmant.
“I did not know that she was taken,” Charmant replied in his French accent. “She told me that she was single.”
Reno looked at Cessnai with hurt in his blue eyes. He shook his head and stepped back outside. Zack seemed very confused. Reno walked out to the graveyard and sat in the corner. He watched the shadows dance in the moonlight. Closing his eyes, he imagined himself as one of those shadows. Carefree and happy. It was then that he realized that his life was never going to be free or happy again. He was responsible for a human being, he had a job that required him to kill people, and his girlfriend was really no longer interested in him.
“Reno?” some female asked.
Reno opened his eyes to find Elena. Her blond hair was gleaming in the light radiating from the moon. She looked like an angel.
“Hey Elena,” Reno said with surprise as he stood from the ground. “What are you doing here?”
“I was sent out with Tseng to find you, Cessnai, and Mr. Shinra,” Elena explained. “What are you doing here in the graveyard?”
“Thinking about how shitty my life is,” Reno replied.
“Your life’s not shitty, Reno,” Elena smiled. “You’re friends with Rufus Shinra, you have a son, you can get anyone you want, and you even know the Vincent Valentine!”
“How do you know all of that?” Reno wondered.
“You had a tracking chip installed in the back of your neck when you were in the jail cell,” Elena giggled as she touched the tip of her finger to it, reaching over his shoulder to do so.
Reno grabbed her arm, more gently than he had ever touched anyone before, and pulled her into his body.
“Reno?” Elena smiled. “What are you doing?”
“Thinking that you make me have the butterflies I only had when I was around Suisen,” Reno sighed.
Suisen was the one girl Reno had loved when he lived in the slums, before he met Scarlet. He had told her how he felt, but she laughed at him and turned him down. She had one violet eye and one yellow with straight, flowing cherry red hair.
Elena looked at him in confusion.
“I know that you like Tseng, but...” Reno admitted.
“I never said-” Elena began, but Reno cut her off by pressing his mouth to hers ever so passionately.
He held her pressed against him. She had her hands on his chest and he had his arms around her waist. Elena, at first, seemed surprised, but as about thirty seconds passed, she got into it. She raised her hands and tangled her fingers in his hair. They let each other go.
“You wanna...?” Reno asked, hoping she would understand.
“Oh, hell yeah!” Elena exclaimed. “I thought you’d never ask!”
They grabbed one another’s hands and ran back to the inn. They got their own room and sprinted there. Reno closed and locked the door. As soon as he finished, he kicked off his shoes and took Elena in his arms and kissed her. She began unbuttoning his pants as he unbuttoned her shirt. He slid her coat off as she untied her tie. She pulled her pants off and slithered back up Reno’s body after pulling his down as well. She took lifted his shirt over his head and kissed his chest. He pulled her shirt off of her. Reno unhooked Elena’s bra, so she let it drop.
“Do you have any kind of protection?” Elena asked suddenly.
“Uhh...Yeah!” Reno remembered.
He bent down and pulled a condom out of his pants pocket.
“You know what?” Elena said. “Fuck it! I’ll be right back.”
She walked into the bathroom and Reno heard a pill container pop. She came back out, pushed Reno onto the bed, and dropped the panties. She slid Reno’s boxer shorts off and jumped on him. That was the first time for Reno in almost three weeks! He rolled her over and lied on top. He pushed inside her and she moaned. That continued for uncountable, pleasurable hours. Afterward, they were under the covering, Elena lying with her arm and head on Reno’s chest.
“Reno,” Elena sighed.
“Yeah?” Reno asked.
“Did you know that I’m due to marry Tseng because my parents arranged it?” Elena wondered.
“That’s fucked up!” Reno exclaimed, looking down at her.
“I know,” Elena scoffed. “What I was going to say earlier was that I never said I liked Tseng. In fact, I hate his guts, but we were supposed to be married by now, so I had to act like it.”
“I didn’t even know about my son until I met up with Scarlet,” Reno told Elena.
“Is he cute?” Elena asked, looking up into Reno’s eyes.
“Adorable,” he replied. “He looks like me. I just hope he doesn’t make the same mistakes as me.”
Elena pushed herself up and kissed him softly. “If he doesn’t end up like you, that’d be a shame. You’re such a great man, whether you believe it or not.”
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