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Devise 10: Love's Fool

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The reason Earth holidays can be dangerous to a Zarkavian's health.

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Dooming Zarkavia

Devise 10: Love's Fool

It was another normal day for the toughest bachelorette in Ikbah, Nagare Ikioi. She went to get the mail and found one envelope. She returned inside her house, opening the envelope as she walked to the kitchen for some breakfast, then she stopped, her eyes glued to the letter, reading rapidly over the same lines over and over, as if unsure if she had read them right.

"Dearest Nagare, although you may not know me, I have been watching you for some time and have come to admire you. You are the ideal image of what a proud Zarkavian warrior should be, while also possessing captivating beauty. I currently stand on the 17th rank, I've seen you training and was impressed by your dedication. I hope you'll deem me worthy to stand by your side so that we may continue to improve together, honor the Zarkavian military and give way to the next generation of Zarkavian warriors. If you are willing to accept me, meet me at the park in the heart of Hos Niva at mid day so we may talk over a lunch date. Love, Geitou."

Nagare was literally jumping with joy in a very uncharacteristic way. However, her bliss didn't last long for she soon received a call from her brother and as soon as she replied, her hopes and dreams were crushed. "Hey sis! When I visited Arisell last week, I met this strange alien; he was somebody's pet I think. Anyway, he told me all about this holiday in his home planet when people play pranks on each other and by his calendar it would be today, happy April's fool day!"

"Did you say pranks? You wouldn't be talking about a love letter, would you?" She should have known it was too good to be true.

"Yup, I wrote it myself! Did you fall for it? Sis? Are you there?" The communication device had been dropped on the floor as Nagare hastily grabbed her spear and ran out to hunt down her brother.

xoxox xox xoxox

Earlier that morning...

"How did we get ourselves into this?" A young soldier in training spoke to another.

"I don't know, but we shouldn't have let Ryuusei trick us into agreeing to deliver his fake love letter. If we don't deliver it, Ryuusei will think we're cowards, but when his sister finds out it was a joke, she's going to kill him and if she finds out we had any part in it, she'll kill us too!"

"Let's just throw away the letter and tell Ryuusei we delivered it."

"Good idea!"

xoxox xox xoxox

Hos Niva central park... A strong and handsome Zarkavian man stood waiting from mid day until the late evening, but his lady love didn't show up. Heartbroken, he decided not to pursue her anymore...

End of Devise 10

Geitou is Japanese for risky attempt, trick or stunt. The Regnoran Galaxy and Zarkavians concepts are (c) Jessica M. Arisell and Derek are (c) Miri. Nagare and Ryuusei are my characters and the Zarkavian concepts belong to Jessica.
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