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Devise 11

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Devise 11: Unloved

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Because Nagare is so good at interpreting social situations, here's a "what if" that takes place at some point after Nico's Party and the Rescue Mission. It was inspired by Torino and Nagare's conversation while dancing. This is not directly linked to the actual plot of the RP. It's just a random scene I thought up. The Regnoran Galaxy, Saving Zarkavia and Zarkavian concepts are (c) Jessica M. She plays Torino, Zaf and Cici in the RP. I play Nagare and Ryuusei.

Dooming Zarkavia

Devise 11: Unloved

"So..." Ryuusei observed Torino with curiosity. Torino expected the younger warrior to ask him about something 'cool' but the question that came took him by surprise. "You like Nagare?"

"Wha-what?" Torino blinked at how direct Ryuusei was. He had just arrived to find Zaf hanging out with Ryuusei outside near the farm. He was glad that he wasn't hanging out with Nico, he found Ryuusei to be much better company.

Zaf went from looking at Ryuusei to looking at Torino, "do you?"

Ryuusei grinned, "It's just a simple yes or no? Do you like Naga?"

At that moment, Nagare arrived searching for Ryuusei, who was late for his training session with her. She correctly guessed that he was hanging out with Zaf, they seemed to hang out often these days. "Ryuusei!" She arrived on time to catch the latest repetition of his question. "Don't say things like that. Torino and I are only friends and nothing more."

"Really?" Ryuusei examined Torino for another moment, "what's wrong with this one? You always find something wrong with every man. He's strong, smart and cool, I wouldn't mind having him as a brother in law, then Zaf and I could be brothers too."

"And we would be sisters!" Out of nowhere popped out Cici, causing Nagare to become instantly annoyed, though she didn't show it, having become a little more tolerant after that run in with those pirates. None the less, Cici seemed to have an uncanny ability to insert her foot in her mouth without knowing it. "Of course, I'd have to be married to Zaf for that to work out," she winked at her boyfriend who didn't know what to do with himself.

Nagare seemed convinced that the fact that Torino had ask her to accompany him everywhere except to train or spar meant that he only wanted to be friends. Movies, concert, family visits, those were only friendly activities, plus he was always proper and respectful of her personal space like a good friend should be. If he had any other interest, he would have found a way to test her strength and technique, to evaluate her warrior skills and see if she would make a worthy bride. With that in mind, she decided that friendship was enough, especially if that friendship furthered her social connections to find a strong and smart man who was interested in her.

"That's enough out of you. Don't make things awkward for Torino, it's not like that at all." Nagare glanced at Torino who was, to say the least, rather displeased. 'I get it,' she thought, 'he's feeling guilty about hurting my feelings so I can't show I like him. I need to let him know I'm okay with just being friends.' She smiled nonchalant, "don't pay any attention to them Torino, I'm not attracted to you in the least, so don't worry. I can only ever see you as a friend."

"Oh... I see... then we'll be friends..." Torino gave a weak forced smile. He felt so unloved.

End of Devise 11
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