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Devise 12

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Devise 12: Dweeb Shippers

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Dooming Zarkavia

Devise 12: Dweeb Shippers

Honestly, Zerenitia didn't understand. Somehow dweebshipping was now the cutest thing, a type of fan called shippers were all over the place and things were anything but peaceful. Thank goodness her mission was over and she was back in Zarkavia.

After her time on Earth, Zerenitia had learned not to take everything literally. She learned about the peculiar metaphors and sarcasm of Earth and eventually became capable of interpreting it skillfully. She had even gain a very basic understand of the concepts of fandom.

Then that strange package arrived. Zerenitia had never seen anything like it. It was amazing, it was unheard of, it was ridiculous. It was a box that whined. It whined and complained and pleaded for mercy all the way as it was delivered across the galaxy.

When they said dweebshippers, they meant people who supported her and Scott as a couple. She didn't think they also literally meant dweeb shippers. Alas, Earth's strangeness would never cease to surprise her, for there he was, a dweeb shipped in a box, all the way from Earth to Zarkavia, Scott.

End of Devise 12

Saving Zarkavia is (c) Jessica M. 2006-Present, Zere and Scott belong to her.
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